I sneezed and somebody said ‘Bless You’. I lived alone.



Female voice humming/singing in the living room a couple of years ago. My brother and I were the only ones in the house while my parents were away so we stayed up late. It was about 3 AM and he was in his room gaming and I was on my laptop. Once it stopped, both of us came out of our rooms at the same time and damn near shit bricks.



In college my friend put on a track of heavy breathing on his phone and slipped it onto my desk while I was asleep. I have trouble sleeping so I had blackout shades that made my room completely devoid of light. He slammed my door shut to wake me up and all I heard was the heavy, deliberate breaths of a madman waiting to strangle me in my bed. I couldn’t even tell you what I said because I blacked out due to fear but I know I cried.

My roommate was a fucking dick but damn that kid knew how to pull of a prank. That wasn’t the only time he fucked with me like that.




So it’s like 2am, on reddit on my computer, and I hear this huge bang on my door. Not just in my house, not just somewhere close by, but right on my bedroom door. So I get up, open my door, and stick my head out.

Nothing. No one there.

I was a bit freaked out, but I went back to reddit. Fifteen minutes later though;


Alright, this time I was a little concerned. So I got up and left my room, partly to check for the source of the noise, partly to go to the washroom. Eventually, I give up and go back to my room. I close my door, turn back towards my computer and…


At this point, I was freaking out. I was thoroughly convinced there was an axe murderer in my house. But it’s 2:30 now, and I exhausted. So I lay down and try and go to sleep. I’m slowly drifting off when…


At that point I just gave up. Clearly there was something outside that door that wanted me dead, but I was too tired to care. So I rolled over and went to sleep.

I’ve never heard that noise again since, but it’s 2:26 AM right now, and typing this story has me creeped me out a bit, so I think I’m going to go to sleep. I’ll update this post in the morning if I wake up with a stab wound.



Not me but my mother: she used to live in country Australia, about 10 minutes out of a small town on a 25 acre forest property, all by herself.

One night she was woken by a loud BANG outside, like someone kicking a door. thirty seconds later, and another BANG. Here’s where she and I are very different people – she got up, and went to find the source of this mysterious BANG, that continued once every thirty seconds or so. She left the house and found that the shed door was banging as if someone was trying to break through it from the inside. Again, I did not inherit her courage – she OPENS the fucking shed door to find… a very, very pissed of echidna. A little spiky creature, shorter than my foot, had wandered into the shed in the day and been accidentally locked in, and had decided that the logical way out was the lay siege to the fucking door in the middle of the night.



This is a post from an Irish forum boards.ie by user ottostreet. I have it saved to my computer because it chilled me to the bone and i wanted to pass it on.

The most vivid thing that’s happened to me is ‘the crutches’.

I was about 10 or 12, and asleep in my bed, which was upstairs and across a hallway. I was woken up in the middle of the night by noises downstairs. The house is quite big, and based on the layout of the house, I would have been the only one able to hear it, the other bedrooms are in a newer part of the house.

The noises sounded like someone on crutches walking around. It was all wooden floors in the house at the time, and you can’t mistake the sound of crutches. Just the sound of them clacking around in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. I was very scared, since I knew no one was awake in the house.

But, it got worse. All of a sudden, the crutches just….flew up the stairs. I could hear them on the individual steps, but…the speed of them was just not possible. It was two seconds from downstairs to upstairs, and then…ACROSS THE HALLWAY!

It wasn’t even attempting to be quiet, it just…exploded into my room. My door was closed, and remained closed. My door was a noisy creaky yoke, and it never opened. But, this thing, was in my room, and beside my bed.

Obviously, while the noise and crutches flew up the stairs and into my room, I had thrown myself under the blankets and was trying not to breathe with fear. I could feel something in the room. It clicked quickly around to the opposite side of my bed (the inner side) and…silence. I never looked, I never heard, but something was there, and looking at my bed.

I have no idea how long it went on for, but as quickly as it came, it flew back around my bed, and ‘through’ the door, and back downstairs. Silence in the house. I’m 90% sure I never heard it again.

I’ve actually had quite a few experiences, none as…definitive as that.



That question just brought back a flood of terrifying memories from many years ago.

My buddy Doug and I were camping up in Northern Ontario and we decided to go for a midnight canoe paddle on the lake. The night was warm and pitch black; overcast and no lights anywhere. The lake was totally still and quiet, so quiet you could hear the smallest sounds made by our movements as our paddles cut through the water.

Navigating by flashlight, we paddled out across the lake and went into a little shallow bay and then we stopped paddling, turned off the light and just sat there drifting and marveling at the total darkness and complete silence of the lake. It was like being in a giant sensory deprivation tank of a lovely warm summer night and we leaned back into our respective ends of the canoe to take it all in.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an absolutely horrid screeching ripped through the night putting an end to our little moment of serenity. It was a loud, piercing, blood curdling screaming of something in total agony and meeting its end.

“What the fuck is that?”

“I have no fucking idea… but holy shit”

We pointed our little flashlights in the direction of the noise but they were too weak to make out anything. We were close to shore but it didn’t matter; we couldn’t see a thing.

The screeching continued.

“Is it a raccoon in a trap? Or maybe a skunk or something being killed by something? I mean, what the fuck is that?”

“I have no fucking idea, but ho – oh – oh – ly fucking shit”.

And it went on and on and on screeching and howling and screaming blue bloody murder for what seemed like a very long time but was probably about five or ten minutes.

Eventually whatever it was died down. Died that is, or went quiet at least, its protests diminishing in intensity and frequency as we sat there listening helplessly.

What happened after that was even more bizarre. The next thing we heard was the sound of heavy feet moving quickly, snapping twigs and rustling grass as it ran. It seemed to be moving away from the kill scene and moving closer to the lake, i.e., toward us. Then there was a moment of silence just before whatever it was hit the water like a fat kid doing a cannonball off the diving board.


We sat there in total shock wondering what would happen next, half expecting whatever it was it to swim out, capsize the canoe and devour the pair of us in short order.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, everything went quiet again. Back to the total peace and quiet it was ten minutes before the cacophony began. We sat there speculating about what had really happened and what sort of animal or animals were involved. To this day I have no idea what it was.



I was laying in bed when I started hearing what sounded like someone’s foot dragging along the carpet towards my bed. I remembered being so scared that my ears were ringing and that I could hear my heartbeat from inside my ears.



I just got in bed but I wasn’t tired. I did a quick blink and a face showed up in front of me and went completely white, like it was being frozen. I then heard a woman scream into my ear. I didn’t do anything and just shut my eyes like crazy until I fell asleep.



So I was home alone and snapchatting with a friend.

When i took the photo i saw a greenish head in the background and heard like a sound of something teleporting.

I later that night i saw some light from the window, it was so bright that some people called the cops. Really creepy night.