I live in the city of Yonkers outside of NYC. The Son of Sam was a resident here and supposedly was caught up in a local devil-worshiping cult that operated out of a park nearby. It is said that the Son of Sam took the fall for a cult who were all involved in the murders. Supposedly there were politicians and police officers also in the cult so that they needed a cover-up. It makes for an interesting story if nothing else.



There’s a creepy old man that kidnaps you near the old abandoned movie theater if you stay between the hours of 2 am and 5 am.



A couple of towns over from me there is the Little People’s Village. It’s a spot in the woods with a bunch of miniature houses made out of stone. The story is there was a guy who went crazy, then killed his family, and made all these houses for the voices in his head. There is also a throne, and it is said that if you sit in the throne, you will die within 7 years.


10 People Reveal Their Local Urban Legends


The albinos of Hicks Road, San Jose, California.

There is an albino community that lives there. The sun hurts their skin, so they only come out at night. When you drive down the road, your car lights also hurt their skin, so they hide behind trees. The albinos will chase your car. There is often a white van parked along the road, and the driver will try to get you to help him fix his car, only to kidnap you, rape you, kill you, etc.

I mean, none of that stuff is even remotely true, but it has been an urban legend for several decades now.



In the village that I grew up in (in the 1990s), there was this odd guy who always used to cycle around. As I remember he was in his 30s and would wear slightly dirty jeans, and a leather waistcoat over a dirty t-shirt. He looked a bit like a troublemaker, but no-one ever saw him walking, much less speaking to anyone or making trouble, he was just always cycling around.

By both adults and children he was known as ‘Herbie Cat Killer’, and the story went that he would steal pet cats and torture them to death. He also wore a necklace on which he strung cat teeth (this last bit was the piece of tangible evidence which made the story ‘true’, though I think it was more a Crocodile Dundee look he was going for, and the teeth probably weren’t feline.)

Fast forward a few years and something terrible happened in the village that would reveal Herbie’s true motive for cycling around all the time. A 16-year-old girl from my school was murdered (it was horrible, really) and during the early days of the investigation, Herbie disappeared. Naturally, people were suspicious but then the guy who actually did it was found pretty quick and Herbie went back to his old habits.

Anyway, it all came out after that (indiscreet police + village rumour mill) that what Herbie was actually doing was cycling around and keeping track of when families went on holiday. He would then tell local gipsies (there were a lot of camps around our area), who would then break into garages and steel tools, motorcycles and other stuff, cutting him in on the profits.



Probably the Triclops. He was some form a mutant man created in a lab during (WW2?). The Triclops stands well over two meters tall, has skin made of silver, is incredibly strong, nocturnal, and lives in the catacombs. He eats chickens and other small animals, sometimes the remains of his meals can be seen near the various entrances to his underground domain. Sometimes if it is quiet enough you can even hear him underground.



Some Jewish guy apparently hung himself in my school’s gym during WWII. He was a pianist. Since then, a piano is frequently heard playing inside the gym, even I heard it myself a few times. Surprisingly, our school doesn’t have a piano.



Sorta kinda an urban legend from my area…

Lansingburgh, New York (The Old Highschool)

The legend has it that early in the 1900s a teacher went insane and slaughtered as many students as he could with an axe in room 243. This room is haunted at night by the ghost of the teacher, ranting and raving and waving his bloody axe and by the students running and screaming in panic.



Not my current local area, but my home town has this myth of “The woman in white”, who was a noble during the 16th century and was locked in and left to starve in the basements of the building that is now the town hall. People always told tales of encountering the phantom… In the toilets. What a great way to ruin a legend.



Hilton Head Island.

There is an abandoned Light House on a corner of the island. It was abandoned because a long time ago a slave hung herself and after that, some freaky shit started going down so people left. If you go there at night you can see a shadow of a figure hanging, bouncing off of the lighthouse and you can also hear her laughing.