Camping is a great way to explore the outdoors and for some outdoor enthusiasts, the sheer thoughts of camping and roasting marshmallows brings a gleam of joy to the eye. However, for some, camping awakens fear and uncertainty as to what exactly surrounds us in these big dark woods. Read these 10 Scary True Stories About Camping that might stop you from packing up your gear and heading for the woods once again.

10 Scary True Stories About Camping


In March I and my boyfriend went camping in the woods (central Scotland) heard shrieking sounds in the bushes which I fully believed was our friends who had planned to meet us, as this was how they have always greeted us in the past, but they never came out the bush.

I decided I didn’t wanna camp any more because there was a slug in the tent, so we packed up, walked through the woods in the dark, there were snapping twigs behind us the whole way till we got to the exit of the woods and suddenly running footsteps behind us, we both ran screaming and got to our friend’s house (the one who was meant to meet us) and he was lying on the couch in his jammies still, was gonna get ready to meet us later. So I don’t know what those shrieking sounds were and I don’t know what chased us but all I know is that now I gotta sleep with the lights on, even 3 months later!!

10 scary true stories about camping


My friend and I were camping in Utah near Ogden and we were hiking around the base of Ben Logan mountain. It was at night which was dumb and we got super lost. We sat on this rock to take a break and saw this storm down over this lake like many miles away but just super beautiful mountain range etc.
So we are watching this storm and it’s almost like the clouds are pouring over the mountain then back over like really really fast then we saw what at the time seemed like ufos within the storm but would have been ball lightning but they were really bright orbs just sitting there for 10 to 15 minutes not flashing or moving then would disappear. But the next thing we saw were these other lights that came over the mountains right above us and basically looked like a bunch of stars moving but it was blocking out the real stars in between the points of light that were moving.
So basically looked like a 100 to 150ft big black/invisible ship silently floating above us. Again we couldn’t make out the shape but you could see stars disappearing as it went across them then reappear as it went past them. We were in awe. Eventually found our way back told our friends it was super crazy.


So a different friend of mine who is into ufos and star gazing like me went down to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis which is kinda right next to the airport. We were in the dog park area if you want to Google. So we get there a little bit before sunset. There are all these old ruins from back when it was called Fort Snelling like old school rock outposts. We found one and sat down on it.
We hadn’t seen each other in a few years because I moved out of state so we are just catching up. By this time its night out, there are tons of stars out and we are smoking hash star gazing. As we are looking we see this really really bright star/planet we think. We are guessing as to what star/planet it is because again we star gaze a lot so we kinda know what’s what. So we watch it for about 5 min it’s not moving so we go back to smoking and chatting. Maybe another 5 to 10 min I look back and the light is gone from the place it was which was east from us above the horizon.
Then we see this super bright light coming thru the tree line and it’s over the Mississippi River. It was like going back and forth almost like it was messing with us like we would move left to get a better look it would move right, move right it would move left. Then this shit happened….we are in the field area and there’s a bunch of trees separating us from the river with the light directly over the river all of a sudden we see this super bright light come up over the treetops.
One super bright light on the front of the craft which was acting like spotlight like it was going back and forth scanning the ground. So the spotlight in front 2 dimmer lights in back so basically a black triangle one. Probably less than 100 yards away. Completely silent about 40 to 50 ft long on either 3 sides. So it comes over the treeline like scanning the ground we are freaking out like stunned I say ” we are totally getting abducted right now dude” was shaking and shit.
So then the spotlight lands on us and we could feel it like it was electrical pinches and goosebumps. Once the lights hit us then they cut it off so it was just 3 dim lights on all its 3 points. It slowly turned away from us and we could see like this “exhaust” coming out the back that I can only describe as billowing invisible rainbows? It looked like if you drop oil in water and you get that kinda iridescent rainbow look to it.
So it slowly flew away from us and flew over the airport the wrong way like it made an x with the runways. We watched it slowly go to the horizon sit there for a while then went out of eyesight. By far the craziest ufo I’ve ever seen. It’s really strange tho because that week in Minneapolis there were supposedly doing test flights for a stealth bomber plane but this wasn’t a stealth bomber even those make some noise especially that close. We looked up videos of the specific plane they were testing and definitely wasn’t a bomber. I honestly think there were probably military in that ship and it was probably man-made ufo like tr3b or something.


The summer after my second year in High School I went up to Pike National Forest in Colorado for a Summer Field Biology camp. It was pretty cool because I had never been camping prior. I had a small 2 man tent that I shared with my buddy from school. We had met this kid at camp and instantly became really good friends, his parents were loaded and his tent which was about ten feet from us was huge, like a 10 person tent.

The night before this incident a huge wind storm blew through the valley, and absolutely annihilated his huge tent, mine was fine because it was low to the ground. Anyways, for the rest of the time, he slept in our already packed tent. I slept closest to the door of the tent because I always had to pee in the middle of the night, and didn’t want to have to climb over people.

So the night this all went down I woke up, no idea what time it was, went outside to the forest, peed and crawled back into the tent. I was laying there for a bit, there happened to be a lightning storm overhead, cloud to cloud. As I was watching the light illuminate my tent I started hearing whispering. It was a female’s whispering back and forth. I tried to hear what it was saying, but it was inaudible.

The whispering started to get closer and closer until it was right next to the tent by my right ear. It just stopped. I didn’t hear anyone walking, or anything. Then all of a sudden the lightning lit up the tent and there were shadows of people casting onto the side of the tent. I about shit myself… That’s right when the chanting began. It sounded like a different language, and all female’s, a bunch of um. I just closed my eyes and slipped under my sleeping bag and put my hands over my ears.

The next day after breakfast we all went back to the tent to get changed and the new guy who was now staying with us says “pretty wild last night, right?” To which I responded “the lightning?” He’s all “no, the fricking scary-ass chanting… I think this place is cursed or something”. So, it wasn’t just me, but it did help that someone else heard it and we could talk about it. Now every time I go camping I stop drinking all liquids 2 hours before I plan to sleep so I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.


I was camping in a campground on a mountainside with my friends. Around 10 pm I went to a well with my friend to fill our water supply (8 bottles of 1,5 L capacity), when we’re getting nearer to the well suddenly the air become so hot and heavy. like there’s something lurking above us and pressured the air around us. Without saying a word we look at each other and ran back to our tent. 100 meter feels like an eternity on our way back to the tent. We’re both feel the fear and then told our other friends to help us fill that water in the well. When the 4 of us come to the well things went back to normal. sorry for my bad English.


I used to be in the Girl Scouts when I was younger, and one time our troop went on a camping trip. It wasn’t in a campground but there was a restroom nearby. During the night, I had to use the restroom so I walked(barefoot, mind you) down a small hill to the restroom which had a very bright light inside. The entrance to the restroom had no door. So as I entered the restroom, I saw 20 scorpions in a semi-circle in the middle of the restroom. I was so scared. Every scorpion’s tail was curled towards the front, and they were totally motionless. I don’t know if this is how they sleep. I quickly used the restroom and got out of there as fast as I could, hoping and praying I wouldn’t step on a scorpion as I made my way back to the troop on the dark trail.


My family and I were camping on a sight close to the edge and one day during our stay we all started hearing this guttural howling noise coming from the cliffs. It was like nothing I’ve ever heard before. We were curious so we took the long walk to the cliff to see if we could identify it.
As we got closer it got louder and louder until it was drowning out any other sound, we could barely hear each other when we were yelling to each other. The sound seemed to be travelling up the cliffs from the beach below but it was like a mixture between what I would describe as a mechanical sound mixed with some giant thing roaring in anguish. We all had inexplicable feelings of dread and booked it out of there as fast as we could.
The noise did not get quieter as we descended back to our tent, it stayed at its deafening loudness. The strangest thing was that no one around us could hear it, we asked around and observed people through the day and night but nothing. We were the only ones who could hear it and that was impossible considering how the volume made the ground feel like it was shaking. It was one of the strangest things we have all experienced and I can’t help feel like it was a mass delusion or something like that.


I was in a mountainous recreation area well after dark by myself with no flashlight or camp equipment. Had planned on meditating/fasting all night. About 10:00 I decide I’m hungry and start walking down off the ridge I was on. There is something big in the dark. I hear its footsteps in the grass. It sounds big and heavy. I got really scared and started talking to it, pleading it to leave me alone telling it I was going down the hill, that I just wanted to go passed, didn’t want any trouble.
I started singing some kind of song, found two rocks and started banging them together. I made it passed the place I last heard it moving which was only about 14′ from me. I had heard it shift it’s weight only, it was still there. My forceful talking/shouting hadn’t scared it at all. I had to stay close to its position because I was on a steep ridge. Something not afraid of me out there could only have been a bear or something paranormal. If it was a bear, why did it let me pass? I don’t know. I banged the rocks together all the way down the hill so it could hear me moving away. Curious if people think this was a bear or not.


I went camping a few years ago with some friends and we were followed by something that none of us could explain. It left human-like footprints, but with three toes, and we heard some howling that sounded like nothing that lives in East Texas. We also had weird stuff happen to like my phone answered a call even though I left it in my car five miles from our campsite.


Sitting around a nice big fire with about 15 people and we are telling stories. Comes to my turn and I tell a story about one of the canyons we can see from these folks property. Its nighttime of course. My story is a true story about me and my friends getting caught in a windstorm in that canyon, and trees were falling down left and right, big 30-40 feet lodgepole pine trees. As I am telling my story a huge gust of wind blows into the yard where we are sitting, which had been calm all night. The wind is so strong sparks from the fire are blowing around everywhere and almost reach where everyone is sitting. It rather interfered with my story. It kind of blew out and my story was done. Nobody really said anything about it but I thought it was weird.