Redditors using the sub reddit – /Askreddit were asked the question What is the creepiest and/or most unexplainable thing that has ever happened to you or someone you know? Pretty soon a huge amount of responses began to flood in, each as disturbing as the other. Here are some of the best responses…. good luck getting through them.

1) The Grey Demon

One night i had a pretty severe nightmare where there was a grey cloudy demon that was scuttling around my house. I woke up in a sweat when it jumped on me.

About 2 minutes later I’m trying to get back to sleep when i hear a yell from my brothers room, i was already up so i asked if he was alright through the door. He said he was fine.

Next morning, i asked him what woke him up last night and he pretty much explains the exact same dream that i had.

2) A Mirror to God Knows Where

For two years my mum had a recurring nightmare in which the mirror at the end of the room, facing my parent’s bed, would turn transparent and there would be a man standing behind it. When redecorating, they removed the mirror from the wall, to find a hole behind it, with a small empty room, leading to nowhere.

3) The Invisible Passenger

Got lost with girlfriend at night in Waco, Texas. Roads were deserted. No people. No cars. Then saw one lone person standing on the corner as I made a turn. I heard a friendly male voice in the vehicle, as if sitting in the back seat, say to me, “You’re going the wrong way.” I noticed I was, indeed, going the wrong way on a one-way street so I did a U-turn. The road took me directly to the main highway. Asked my girlfriend a bit later if she heard the voice too and she burst into tears because she had been so freaked out by it she thought she was going insane or something.


4) A Little Help From A Friend

When my wife was six years old she fell into a well. She couldn’t climb her way out and started to cry. She heard a girl’s voice tell her not to worry and directed her to a group of stones that were jutting out far enough for her to grab ahold. The voice told her to climb out and she did.

When she got out there was nobody around and she ran home. Told the story to her mother only to find out that a little girl had drowned in that same well many years ago.

5) The Silent Visitor

I remember when I was in Mexico with some of my cousins we started a bonfire outside an abandoned warehouse. Reaching nightfall we got the fire going and we settle down around. We talked and laugh and what not. It wasn’t till one of my cousins noticed an odd human like figure standing in a distance. This person or thing was wearing a blackened dirty white gown with their hair over the face looking down.

We all stood up and got behind the oldest cousin (two of my cousins and me) I remember asking in Spanish who they were and what they wanted. The fact that it wasn’t responding got us uneasy. Shortly afterwards it started to glide towards us. My blood shot cold seeing that. We were in disbelief and frozen. Once we snapped back we started running and screaming back to the ranch. No one know what that was really nor did return there when night fell.

6) The Haunted Souvenirs

One summer my brother went to Ghana and came back with a bunch of souvenirs. He went back to school and left them all with my parents. My parents used to live in a two story bungalow, where my brother and I had bedrooms in the basement directly underneath theirs. One night around 2 am, I woke up to hear heavy footsteps right above me… I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep.

Because he was such a loud snorer my dad would sleep in my brother’s room as well. In the morning my dad asked my mom what she was doing walking around at 2 am. She denied that she was, but I backed up my dad because I heard it too. She continued to say it wasn’t her, and the next night it was same thing… heavy footsteps at 2-3 in the morning. My dad and I attempted to recreate the footsteps, used hard-steel boots, but nothing came close to the sound.

I started having weird-ass dreams. In them I felt awake and would see a big dark figure in the middle of my room that would move closer to me, then when it would reach out to me I would wake up to more footsteps. I once had friends over after a party, who all between 2-3 am asked if there was someone in the house… I couldn’t really give them a response other than “oh yea those are just the ghosts.”

Finally we decided to try to move all the souvenirs my brother brought back, which included 6 African masks… when we really looked at them, there were a few that were terrifying, like really demonic looking, so we put them in the garage. This is what really got me…. For the next two days, birds would fly into the glass of my parents’ bay window in their bedroom and die. We had to pick up like 15 dead birds. It only stopped when my dad got rid of the masks…

We blame the masks, but I still have no clue why this shit went down.

7) The Sick & Crying Roommate

A few years ago, I lived in a little cottage style house that was built in the 1920s. It was a charming house and I loved it, but weird things happened in that house. The first thing we noticed was that we couldn’t place anything made of glass on the counters in the kitchen and turn our backs, because the jar would fall to the ground almost instantly and shatter. I tried putting the jars on the backside of the countertop, against the wall, but they would still somehow fall off and break as soon as I left the room.

From the first month we moved in, I would hear vomiting noises, coughing, and sobbing coming from the bathroom. My roommate had stomach issues that year, and no one would answer when I asked if everything was okay, so I just assumed she had the pukies and wanted to be left alone. This went on weekly for about ten months, and one day my roommate and I were hanging out and she asked if I was feeling okay. I said, “Yeah, I’m fine, why?” “I heard you throwing up earlier this morning, and I was worried about you. Why were you crying?” “…Uh… I thought that was you.” We were the only ones home that entire week.

We realized that we thought the other person had been sick and crying in the bathroom for the entire year, but it was neither of us. We never figured out where the sounds were coming from.


8) Interior Design From The Other Side

This happened to my uncle before he married my aunt and became part of our family. He lived with his previous wife and two kids in a house for most of their lives, and his wife suddenly became terminally ill and died a few months later. Throughout her entire life, she was a very kind person, but she hated the green curtains in their living room more than anything. She would apologize about them when guests came over, talked about how much she hated them whenever they went to home improvement stores, and tried to keep them out of view as much as possible. I’m not sure why she or my uncle never got around to changing them; could have been financial problems, distractions, couldn’t find ones they liked, etc. But they never did. The green curtains remained.

The night she died, my uncle and his kids spent the night with her in the hospital and returned home the next morning. They said after being in the house in silence for about an hour, those green curtains came crashing to the ground. My uncle and cousins didn’t know whether to be absolutely terrified or laugh. They immediately threw them in the garbage and later picked out new ones they thought she would like. I have no doubt that she took it upon herself to finally get rid of those curtains.

9). The Reciprocal Visit

A couple of years ago I was out for a run with my dog. Over the fields behind my house. We came across this old abandoned mansion. It hadn’t been lived in in at least fifteen, maybe twenty years. The rich guy who owned it had went bankrupt and now the bank owned the house.

I decided I’d take a look through the house. It was pretty cool. Run down but it looked like someone had left in a hurry.

I decide to head home. Once I get back I go for a shower. Afterwards I walk into the kitchen and start to make a sandwich. I bring it over to the table and there it is. A post-it note. “You come into my house, I come into your house.”

Naturally I freaked out. Got my dog and got out of my house. Phoned my parents who then passed it onto the police. They said it was likely squatters and some guy had followed me home but it was nothing to worry about.

That was the last we heard about it. No way I’m ever going back to that house.

10) A Knock & Goodnight

In high school my best friends mom died in a tragic car accident. He found out in the morning and was obviously sent home. When I found out what happened I snuck out of a side door, went to my car in the senior parking lot, and drove pedal to the floor all the way to his house. Myself and some of our other close friends spent the rest of the day with him to try and comfort him the best we could. So as the day winds down a few of us decide were spending the night so he doesn’t have to be alone.

So it gets pretty late and we’re all getting ready for bed and we hear two knocks on his bedroom door. His step dad and all the other adults that were staying had already gone to bed, and when we opened the door, sure enough, no one was there. Here’s the kicker; every night before his mom went to bed she’d knock on his door two times. Her way of saying goodnight I guess. To this day we all swear that it was her just telling him she was OK and saying goodbye.