As an outdoorsman, I can tell you one of the creepiest things is when everything suddenly goes quiet.

Normally there are birds chirping, leaves rustling, rodents scurrying, trees creaking, but every now and then everything goes deathly quiet and it just makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.



Oh I’ve had this happen several times to me. The calm before a storm is real. One time that will stick with me is when I was out fishing with my dad. It was a pretty shitty day, and after a while we could see some pretty mean looking storm clouds off in the distance.

All of sudden everything got quiet. No more birds, no more wind. It was extreme quiet. The lake surface was smooth and we stopped drifting. We continued to fish for a few minutes when my dad froze and said “linkandnavi, do you hear that?” I stopped moving and listened. I did hear something. A faint rustling sound that was slowly growing in volume. My dad, as he is quite the outdoorsman and has most likely experienced this before, pointed toward a far shore and said “it’s the wind.”

I looked in the direction he pointed, and I could see the wind. Or more, I could see the effects. A line of disturbed water was moving toward us from the shore, and everything behind it was being whipped around. Trees would get hit by the line and all of a sudden look as if in a storm. The rustling grew in intensity as the line approached us. Still utterly calm where we were, my dad and I watched. This line of chaos raced toward us, and when it hit it was night and day.

A wall of air slammed into us, causing us to physically recoil, and we were instantly in a storm. At least no rain was present yet. The wind howling around our ears made the low rustling sound immediately transform into a harsh, continuous blast. Communication went from quiet voices to yelling toward each other. My dad yelled to me that we are leaving before it gets any worse. And so we hightailed it off the lake as it began to turn into angry seas.

Fun times.


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My brother and I backpacked off the trail (we realize how dangerous this is) deep through the mountains in North Carolina and found this gnarly cave. We decided to use it as shelter for the night and while we were making it feel like home, we heard this bell off in the distance. We were extremely weirded out considering how far off the trail we were and we haven’t seen another soul in hours. We began yelling to see if anyone or anything would reply. It began getting closer and thats when wielded our weapons. Finally, out of the fog, running at full speed towards us, is a soaking wet dog with a harness around his chest. He runs right past us as if he were late to work. He kept running up the mountain full speed and we never saw him again.

Edit: Here is what the cave looked like for those who are curious.



A bunch of cows at a friend’s farm getting torn open.

Me and my girlfriend at the time were at a friend’s farm doing some star gazing. Anyone in rural Australia will know how amazing the stars can get. Suddenly we hear this scream, nothing like I’ve heard before and some of the cows of the farm running.

Scares the shit out of us and we very quickly turn on the quad bike and ride away.

Next day we go out onto the farm, and there were a few dead cows and calves, torn open and to bits very close to where we were.

Where the farm is, there isn’t anything capable of doing anything like that remotely close.



Driving in the middle of nowhere in central New Mexico. On a dirt road that leads to an abandoned mine. We come upon a car (maybe a early 60’s Ford Fairlane). The car had US government license plates and I counted 11 antennas on it.

We have to slow down to pass it and I look inside and I see two men dressed in thin lapel black suits with white shirts and thin black ties and regulation “high and tight” haircuts. The driver lifts a walkie talkie up and start saying something into it (the walkie talkie is very large).

We drive by in silence and just stare at them. Me and the driver don’t say anything to each other for a couple of minutes as we are quite stunned. Then we both start talking, “Did you see that?”, “Who do you think they are?”, “Why does he need a walkie talkie if they have all those antennas?”, “Didn’t they look like they are from the 60’s?”.

After less than a mile we decide to turn around and maybe talk to them. We race back to where they were and they are no longer there. We decide to try and catch up to them and we drive like hell all the way back to town. We never saw them and there were no other side roads.



One summer I was on a three month spelunking trip, we were slated to explore 13 caves that were only lightly documented. One in particular was 12 chambers deep before we came upon the small opening for the water source that created this particular system. I was the only one that could fit so I was the first choice to head down it. About 150 down and around a few corners I found myself at a small opening into another larger chamber.

The only way I could make it through this opening was hands forward only pulling myself with my fingers inch by inch. I found myself with my chest pressed tight in the opening when I heard a noise echoing in the chamber. I realized that it was my heart pressed against the rock so tightly I could hear my heartbeat echoing in the cave. Well i managed to pop through and as I turned back to mark the hole I came out of, I looked down and saw the lower half of a human jaw.

I suddenly felt panic, I imagined this hole was like someone sticking a hockey puck in their mouth: it would go in but it wouldn’t come out. I basically grabbed the jaw bone, and lept through the hole, tearing my spine all along my back. This was one of the creepiest things I have found in my lifetime.



I was hiking in an area that was known to be the location of a Native American battle of some sort. I was hiking ahead of my husband when I heard drumming – very lightly – not like a woodpecker or anything but an actual drum beating out a tune. I figured it was a hippie or someone living in the park.

I asked my husband if he heard it and he didn’t. I thought he was fucking with me, he claims he was not and acted a bit concerned about the fact that I was hallucinating drums. The sound faded as we walked up over a big hill. Still creeps me out a bit.



Went for a midnight walk with my bf and dog about 4 years ago after we moved to a new apartment. We went walking around a really popular lake but this was like 12:30 or 1 am. Anyway we get near the end of the walking path and we pass a senior couple slowly walking past. Okay, weird they should be asleep they’re so old. Then we continue walking and my dog stops at a park bench to pee and there’s a fucking old man sitting there silently.

Holy christ! spooky, come on dog. We walk a little bit further and I swear my memory is not cloudy here but there’s got to be a dozen or more old people just standing and slowly walking around this part of the path! Some are sitting and some are in couples.

But nobody is making a sound

My boyfriend and I kind of drag each other and the dog through the mess of old people and briskly gtfo of there. I contacted the local folklore ghost guy but he said he hasn’t heard anything about that area. There’s no old folks home in that part of town and certainly no seniors home is going to sponsor a senior’s walk on the lake at 1 in the fucking morning. Still freaks me out.



Girlfriend, her sister and I were out driving around one Summer night. We wound up at a small lake and stopped to just enjoy the quiet and the moonlight over the lake. My girlfriend says, “What’s that?”, pointing out toward the center of the lake. There was a small patch of what looked like fog just sitting there.

As we sat and looked at it, I realized that it was expanding almost imperceptibly. My GF sister asked, “Is it getting bigger?” I said it was, and we kind of just laughed and watched it.

Then it started getting much larger much faster. In about 30 seconds it was very dense and about 100 yards across. It was also about 75 yards from shore. We got into the car but didn’t leave yet as we were mesmerized by how fast it was growing.

As it got closer to the shore, and more dense, we then got properly creeped out enough to high-tail it out of there. As we drove out via the winding road, we could see that the whole lake was engulfed in fog and it was lapping over the shore but not quite advancing past it.

We decided to mark that lake off of our “go back” list.



When I was probably 15, I was spending a fall weekend at my best friend’s house. She lived on a dirt road off of a rural county road in the middle of nowhere. It was probably about 3 AM, and we were bored, so we took a walk.

This being the middle of nowhere, there was hardly any light pollution, and you could see thousands of stars in the sky. It was a clear, cool night, and we were just walking along, talking, our eyes totally adjusted to the dark.

All of a sudden, there was a blinding white flash; so bright, I couldn’t see anything but white for a split second. As suddenly as it started, it was over, and my friend and I were sitting in the middle of the road. We both must have dropped right where we stood. It was quiet again, and the sky was still clear. Sitting there in the road, totally stunned, we confirmed that we had both been blinded by a super-bright light for half-a-second, that had apparently knocked us over. There had been no cars, no accompanying sound, just a light so bright we couldn’t see anything else.

We got up, went back home and went to sleep. My friend and I drifted apart over the years, but ended up working in the same building years later, and we met up for coffee. She brought up the incident, and still remembers it the same way I do. We never figured out what happened.



There’s a small graveyard near my home in Michigan. About two years ago a group of my friends and I went ghost hunting there. It was a warm night, clear skies, and I was raring to catch a ghost on my friend’s camera or tape-recorder. Even a cell-phone video would do.

The cemetery is less than an acre, so it didn’t take long to scope out. We broke into groups of two and three and traversed the grounds. I wandered with a few people, changing from group to group. I felt restless. Usually when we were ghost hunting, we cracked wise, but nobody was saying much.

A group near a tall monument, at least seven feet high and shrouded in vines, called us over. There seemed to be a cold-spot about the size and shape of a very tall man. I waved my hands through the air. It did feel a bit cooler, but that could have been my imagination. Everyone began taking pictures, claiming they could see a figure in the digital photos.

I hung near the back of the group, not seeing anything. I still felt disquieted. I didn’t want to be here.

That was when a cold shock squeezed my hand, right between the web of flesh between my right thumb and forefinger. I cried out, yanking my hand away. It hurt. The cold radiated slowly off my hand, and I retreated towards the gate. “I’m out. Something grabbed me. I’m out.”

I was quickly followed by the rest of the party: not so much because of my encounter, but NOBODY wanted to be in there anymore.

It wasn’t until the morning the bruise showed up.

Deep in the meat of my hand: not a bad bruise, not bad enough to turn black and blue, but definitely there. Yellow and painful, right in the spot where I’d been grabbed by that cold hand.

I haven’t been back.



Tornados, pretty much everything about them. I live in Moore, Oklahoma. That town gets hit like fucking crazy, I was in the May 20th and May 3rd tornados.

Many people who haven’t been around tornados think you can tell when one is coming but you can’t see or hear it. 30 minutes before an EF5 obliterates your home the skies are blue and it’s just like any other spring day. Out of nowhere the sky turns black and nature goes silent. Dead silence until the alarms sound.

After the tornado hits the skies clear almost instantly, the sun comes out and nature comes back alive. Birds start chirping, dogs start barking and the sky turns a beautiful shade of blue. It’s eerie. One minute it feels like the end of the world and the next it’s like nothing ever happened. The only evidence is the complete destruction and devastation surrounding you and that’s when the screams from the rubble start.



While on a trail ride (you ride your horse through the woods), my friend and I came across a bunch of animal bones arranged in circles like some sort of weird ritual. It definitely wasn’t anything that would have happened naturally. It was far away from any houses and in the middle of the woods – really creepy.



I was driving home from a friends house in north Texas one night on narrow country roads. Right as I turn down one arched in trees, I see a flash of something fly from the ditch towards my window.

It was all from the corner of my eye but it looked bigger than a dog, smaller than a horse, grey, and possibly hairy/furry. It slams into the side of the van, I scream, slam on the brakes, and look behind me in the rearview. It’s laying on it’s side, back to me, about 20 feet directly behind me. It looks less animal like now. More human like. Now, worried I’ve hit someone, I get out and start walking back there to see if they’re ok.

By the time I round the van, nothing is in the road and the brush and trees on the opposite side are rustling like something just ran through them. I got the fuck out of there.


Source: What is the creepiest thing you’ve found or experienced outside that you can’t explain?