Ever had something happen to you that’s so scary, the memory has stayed as vivid as the day it happened? Whether real or paranormal, the fear is long lasting…

People were asked, via r/askreddit: What is the downright SCARIEST thing that has ever happened to you, be it paranormal or otherwise?, here are 14 terrifying answers.


I was about 5 or 6 years old living in Dallas and I was in the nurse’s office when the tornado warning siren went off. The nurse ran out of the room towards the other side of the school, leaving me behind. The lights had gone off and I didn’t want to be alone so I went to follow her and ended up on this ramp that connected both sides of the school. To the right of me was the cafeteria and on my left was a wall with floor-to-ceiling windows.

It was so dark outside that I could barely see anything out the window. The sound of the siren combined with the intense wind scared me the most. By this point I was in tears and I just stood there for who knows how long because I was so scared. Then the vice principal came running up the ramp, scooped me in her arms and asked whose class I was in. I remember walking into the classroom and seeing my teacher with a flashlight in her hands huddled with the other students in the middle of the classroom. 16 years later Ms. May is still my hero.



So have you ever seen what you thought looked like a person out of the corner of your eye? But they disappear before you get a good look at it? Well while i was on netflix and browsing reddit when I saw a head peeking out from the stairwell, when I looked at it, it was still there. It slowly moved its head back behind the wall, I got a good enough look at it that it seemed to be charred/burned. The thing that creeps me out the most is that my puppy who was with me at the time looked at that spot for the next 5 min with his hair and ears perked up.



I was on a girl scout trip staying in this older house in Sandy Hook, I think I was around 11 or 12. We were all in bed, and for some reason I wanted to go downstairs. I remember hearing the parents talking in the downstairs kitchen, and I was walking toward where I saw a lit up room. Then it all disappears, and I’m standing in the middle of an empty dilapidated room – random crap, plaster on the floor, no furniture. I freak out and try to retrace my steps back to where I thought the adults were. I wonder around for a bit and finally find a staircase. Weird – the staircase was blocked by a couch at the bottom… then I realize I had been sleepwalking, and somehow managed to go up to the third floor where we were told not to go.



I was coming home really late one night and I backed my car into the driveway as usual. It was a cloudy, dark night and the porch light was off. The front porch of my house is old and made out of wood; it’s about 3-4 feet off of the ground with space to crawl underneath.

As I climbed the stairs, I felt my ankle get caught on something, tripping me up a little. I looked down and there was a hand grabbing my ankle. I gasped and kicked my leg back as hard as I could, breaking the grip. I then ran and frantically unlocked the front door.

I finally managed to open the door and get in. I was freaked the fuck out but I looked out the front window through a crack in the curtains while finding the number for the police department.

The cops showed up later but didn’t find anyone and they said they’ve never heard of this kind of thing happening before. They said they didn’t see any footprints or anything underneath the porch either.

This was a couple of years ago and I still live in the same house. I tell myself that it was some kids from the neighborhood fucking with me or maybe my friends (no one has ever admitted anything though) but I’ll never know for sure I guess. I did buy a motion activated light for the front porch since then.



It was about 10:30 pm and I’m laying on the couch jamming out through my earbuds and playing on my iPad. I close my eyes while listening to lithium by Nirvana, when I notice the song just cut out. I open my eyes and I’m outside, in the cul de sac at the other end of my neighborhood (about half a mile) wearing nothing but pajama bottoms in just below freezing temperatures just staring out into a cornfield. I walk back to my house, and when I get to my room I saw it was like 3am. Still no clue what happened, but I had apparently scribbled in my school notebooks and put out the fireplace during my little nighttime adventure. I had thought it was all a dream until I woke up the next day and my mom asked about all the grass I had shaken off my pants onto the floor, so that freaked me out pretty bad.



Me and three buddies were hanging out late one night in a car on a dark street… you fill in the blank… I picked this particular street because my grandma lived on it and I was very familiar with the neighborhood. I knew the families that lived in most of the houses on that block…elderly people. When we pulled up I surveyed the houses… everyone’s lights were off… we should have no trouble parking here for as long as we want.

I had the driver park in front of my grandma’s friend’s house on the corner. My grandma’s friend, a lot like my grandma, was an old woman, who went to bed early. No family lived with her, no husband. Knew her most of my life.

Anyway, my grandma’s friend lived on a medium sized lot and her house was up on a small hill. The hill was small, but it was pretty steep. A nightmare to mow.

I’m sitting in the back behind the passenger seat. The car is still running at this point… we hadn’t been there for more than 2 or 3 minutes…we had just begun our “activities” when I catch a glimpse of something moving in the passenger side-mirror. I look out the window and what I saw scared the fucking shit out of me then and it still scares me to this day, over 10 years later.

I saw the silhouette of a person… laying on their stomach… doing an army crawl REALLY fucking fast on the side of the hill and it was headed right for us. This thing was moving QUICK. I’m telling you, I don’t know how it’s even possible on flat ground to crawl that fast, let alone on the side of a hill… it wasn’t going down the hill, it was moving parallel along the side of it…

Anyway, I screamed for the driver to “GO! GO! GO! NOW!!! GO!”. This thing had covered some serious fucking ground in a matter of seconds. It was within 5 or 6 feet of my door when we squeal-tired the fuck out of there. As we got to the end of the street and turned onto a main road, the driver and my buddy next to me in the back were yelling. “What the fuck, man?!” “Was it the cops?” I couldn’t speak I was so badly shaken up. It had only been 10 or 15 seconds since we bolted down the street… I just wanted to get as far away from that road as possible… I couldn’t process what I had seen… I didn’t really want to… that’s when it happened.

I looked to my good friend, “P” in the passenger’s seat up front and he had an absolutely terrified look on his face. I blurted out, “you saw it, too! Didn’t you?” He didn’t say anything. He just kept looking in the side-mirror and then back to the dash board. By this time my other two friends were pretty mad and emotions were starting to escalate.

I told them I saw somebody or something crawling toward the car really fast. I asked “P” to back me up… all he did was nod and then he asked us to drop him off at home… I wanted him to tell us what he saw, but he refused. All he would say is that he saw, “something.” At the time that was good enough for me. I was just relieved I wasn’t the only one who saw it and was freaked out by it.

To this day I don’t know who or what it was. I hated going to my grandma’s house at night after that. And I never really wanted to be around her friend after that, either. The thought of a 60 something year old woman army crawling that fast at 1:00am scares me even more… bluhhhhuhuhuhuh…

TL;DR: I saw something truly nightmare-ish and I wasn’t the only person who saw it.



I was traveling down a back road coming back form a soccer game (I was 10) and we looked up through the sunroof and saw what looked like a giant black plane flying low ,it was so close it was only just over the treetops. But you couldn’t really hear it even when we turned the radio down. After what seemed like a hour ,which was most likely only seconds it disappeared. We weren’t even close to a landing strip so it couldn’t have been that. I still have no idea what it was.

Another would be that all of my relatives when sleeping over at what was my great grandparents house had the same dream of a witch like woman beckoning them to come here I had the dream and freaked out then was told after that my aunts ,uncles and even mom had it.



I was watching The Exorcist when I was 16 and my grandmother came home and told me to turn it off because that was the last movie my grandfather watched the night he died. About twenty minutes later I saw him rocking in the chair next to my couch and no matter how many damn times I pulled the blanket over my head he stayed there until he looked at me, smiled and vanished. Still can’t watch that movie to this day without freaking out about it and that was 18 years ago.



A house I lived in a couple of years ago I would hear a kid running around at random spots in the house. I could tell it was a kid because of how light the footsteps seemed plus every now and then I’d hear a kids laugh. Me and my ex would stand in the kitchen and would suddenly get cold even though it was in the high 80s in the house due to the shit a/c unit there. We moved out shortly after, hearing that plus random cabinets etc shutting themselves now and then didn’t help.



I fell asleep on the couch at around 6-7 pm and woke up at a 4 am in the middle of my backyard when it was raining.



About 5 years ago when i was still with my ex at the time, there was one night she spent the night at my place, she always told me she felt like there was someone in my room but obviously it was just us two. she said that one night i woke her up from my sleep talk and it sounded like i was talking to someone, she asked me “who are you talking too?” and apparently i replied her “that person over there, can’t you see?”, she woke me up straight away and i slightly remember talking to someone at the time.

btw i should prob fill in that there’s a graveyard near my place but its like pretty far away.



In the summer of 2010 I went to visit my family in Durango, Mexico. It was me, my sister and my father. My dad grew up in a small town near the border of Durango and Torreon, Mexico. It was a small ranch town that we called El Rancho (the ranch). The houses were made of mud brick. A 2nd world little village that lived off cattle and limited imported supplies. We stayed about one week in a village with family. The house belonged to my grandparents. My grandfather passed away 1 year earlier. My grandmother was disabled.

One night I was lying in bed. My sister and cousin shared a bed across from me. I had the sheets over my face to protect me from mosquitos but I was not asleep. My sister and cousin (girl) were sharing a bed and got up to use the restroom together. They exited the room. A few seconds after they had left the room.. I FELT MY BED SHAKE!….the vibrations I felt emitting from my mattress came from the right, bottom corner of my mattress. I quickly pulled the sheets away from my face only to discover there was no one else in the room….I went looking for my sister and cousin and explained what had happened. They were not disturbed by the events. I refused to sleep alone….someone or something shook my mattress that night….I have never felt such a force…..it was as if something was trying to grasp my attention.



Paranormal: when my grandmother was coming to the end of her life she had a serious brain tumor that was messing with her vision and memory. She came to live with my family because she couldn’t take care of herself anymore. Honestly she was very paranoid and there were a lot of creepy experiences I had with her, but in particular she would always mention this little girl who lived in our house. The little girl would come to her crying and my grandma would want to know why no one was taking care of her. She was frequently worried that the girl was being neglected or abused and said she could hear her crying from upstairs. Not really paranormal, but I always was thinking what if the girl is real and only she is lucid enough to actually see her…



I live in Charleston SC, so the house I rented last year was built in the mid 1800s. things would often fall off the counters. we would hear crashing noises all the time and when we went to go investigate, stuff would be lying broken on the floor, even though no one else was home. the weirdest occurrence of this happened when my roommate and I heard a noise from the kitchen, and when we walked in there, a painting was in the middle of the floor (about 7 ft away from where it was hanging) and the water was running.

one night I was laying in bed about to fall asleep and I got the sense that someone else was in the room. my stomach dropped and my hair stood on end. I got extremely anxious and suddenly my body felt like there was an electric current going through it, and I heard a distinctly human voice right next to my ear. it was a man’s voice, speaking complete gibberish. I was paralyzed with fear and ended up sleeping on the couch that night.

unfortunately this started happening more often. about once a month, right as I was falling asleep, I would get a sense that something wasn’t right and I would hear voices. One time, I heard a woman laughing. Another time, I heard someone say “my name is Evan”. sometimes it was just gibberish. On 2 occasions I felt like my body was moving when it actually wasn’t. One time, my body felt like it was levitating and another time it felt like it was being dragged across the floor, while I also could feel my body laying it my bed. it was very odd.

I stopped telling people after the first time because I thought they would either think I was crazy or mentally ill. I honestly thought I was either schizophrenic or possessed. I was so fucking scared to even go to bed. I then found out what sleep paralysis was, and all the symptoms fit. the electric current feeling running through my body, the hallucinations and the temporary paralysis. I was so relieved to have a medical explanation. however, I had never experienced it before moving in that house and I have since moved out, and have not experienced it again. I’m a very logical person and am happy to accept sleep paralysis as the answer but part of me feels like it was something more.