First, a little background.

My family’s house is a 100+ year old apple orchard estate. The house was abandoned and renovated in the ’70s by a couple. They grew older and the wife was told she could no longer have children. Against the diagnosis of the doctors, she conceived and the two had a daughter. When the girl was 5 years old, she fell from a tree that is in our front yard. She died on the spot. The husband became severely depressed and locked himself in the study. The study is now my younger brother’s bedroom. This room went virtually unchanged when we got possession of the house. The husband was so depressed, that he hung himself from a large, old tree that is in the backyard. It is dead smack in the centre of the yard. The wife moved out and sold the house, after 20 or so years, to my dad in 1998. Since then, it has undergone a full renovation with additions, but the study has remained the same (My dad likes it for the wood panelling walls with built-in shelves. It looks very rustic). The two trees involved, the little girl’s climbing tree and the hanging tree, remain where they are. The tree where the girl died is thriving and beautiful, but the father’s tree is dead and ready to be cut down. Thing is when the couple lived there, the trees were placed under the law to never be cut down, so my father has no choice but to leave them standing. He says that he is afraid to cut them down anyway. He wants to remove the back one because it is a creepy eyesore straight from The Conjuring, but he is legitimately terrified that it will subsequently kill the beautiful tree in the front of the house.

Here is where things get interesting. I first would like to start off saying that I know for a fact that I close more doors than I open. I have many siblings, but the door that opens most frequently is the one to my older brother’s room, the prior master bedroom when the couple owned it, which is the only room that view’s the suicide tree. My brother lives in Boston, so he is never home. The room is never touched and the door remains closed…until about 3:00 AM every night when I wake up to go to the bathroom and it is cracked open about a third of the way. This happens most nights but isn’t much of a story.

The real experience is indisputable in my mind. I am sitting in the basement watching TV in the only downstairs room which has a door leading to the backyard where the suicide tree is. I am alone and it is about 1:00 AM. No one else is in the house. Out of nowhere, I feel my head being pulled by the right ear. At first, I didn’t think anything of it since I have four siblings. I about died when I remembered my solitude. I snapped my head around and the sensation stopped as I observed the continued silence beside the quiet television. I wait about 30 seconds before I decide that it might be time to leave the room when the large, old, wood-framed, comfy chair cracks in half. I run the hell out of there and straight to my bedroom on the second floor where I lock the door and leave the lights on.

My conclusion is that the father is a very mean spirit that constantly torments my brothers as our rooms overlook the backyard, but the little girl watches over my sisters which have bedrooms overlooking the girl’s tree in the front. My sisters are always telling stories of how they sometimes hear laughter from the front yard on quiet days. Our dogs absolutely love the front yard tree but refuse to even go to the backyard. In fact, none of us likes going deep in the back yard because it has a vibe about it that deters anyone and anything. It is strong and definitely there.

It is far fetched, I know, but what happened wasn’t a coincidence in my mind. Something physical affected me and you’d have to be a blind quadriplegic to not notice the signs I experienced.

EDIT: Here are some pics that I have that I took with my phone a while ago. I’m not at home, so I can’t really get better ones.

Another angle for perspective

Front yard tree


25 People Recount Their Most Memorable Paranormal Experiences


Alright, people. This one is going to seem far-fetched and full of shit, but I swear it happened.

When I was in the 6th grade, my Dad was in Iraq so I had trouble sleeping sometimes because I was worried about him. Because I didn’t sleep well, when I finally could sleep, I dreamt of some weird shit, man.

Best example: One night I was dreaming that I was watching the news with my Mom just like every night since my Dad had left a couple of months prior. In the dream newscast, the anchor was talking about a headline which said: “Columbia Explota” which translates to Columbia explodes. I woke up the next day thinking what a weird thing to dream about, is a whole country exploding? Impossible.

Jump forward exactly one month, February 1, 2003. I’m watching the news with my Mom that night when things start to get familiar, including the newscast. We keep watching and the anchor starts talking about the Space Shuttle Columbia and how it had exploded earlier that day. The headline shown to his side read, “Columbia Explota,” the whole newscast played out exactly as I’d seen it in my dream.

I know that many people have deja vu like this, but no instance has ever been so vivid to me. I typically forget about it until it happens, but in this case, it was different because I remembered the newscast exactly. Also, keep in mind that being 12, I had no idea that Columbia was a thing until it was on the news.

Not sure if this is what you’d consider paranormal, but to a 6th grader, it was super creepy.



When I was in high school, I got the flu very badly. I had such a high fever, the doctors were worried about seizures and/or brain damage.

In the hospital and after they were able to get me to a semi-human temperature, they wanted to x-ray my lungs for damage. I went to walk to radiology, but my doctor saw me, panicked, and said I should not be standing, let alone walking. So they plop me in a wheelchair and roll me down.

My nurse situates me near the machine and tells me to wait there for her and then we’d get started.

She left the room, and I was just kind of looking around waiting. I saw another nurse, very pretty with dark hair, in the room. She told me to go with her. I shook my head and said no, that the other nurse said I needed to stay here. Pretty Nurse asked if I was sure, and I said yes.

My nurse came back in and began to get me ready for my chest x-ray. It was then I noticed that the door she entered from was the only one. Pretty Nurse was gone.



A few years back at my movie theatre days, I was speaking with my supervisor and a woman comes out and says the sound cut out in the middle of the movie which was Avatar. I go up and check it out with her (I was determined to become a projectionist) and we peer around the projector to the audio controls.

Now, if you don’t know about projection booths, they’re very dark and noisy with doors that need to be locked at all times.

She adjusts something and looks at me with this dead stare. She tells me that the volume knob was all the way on zero, which someone would have had to turn down because it takes effort to adjust that knob. We freaked out and ran downstairs and told everyone who would listen about it.

Now fast forward to about a year ago. I’m by myself in charge of half the theater (half the theater and managers office are across on a newer side) and I’m dealing with concession lines. I get a guy complaining that there is no sound in the theater 4 (project x) which is normal for the pre-shows and I explain it’ll be on when the movie starts. About 5 minutes later I’m still helping guests and he says the trailers are on and there’s still no sound. As soon as I’m finished, and annoyed, I go and check the theater and sure enough there’s no sound. I run up the stairs into projection room 3-4 and the first thing I notice is the light bulb is out near projector 4.

The room itself has a creepy vibe to it, first of all, there’s only one working door, the broken door can only be opened from the outside.

I go over to check the volume and my heart sank, the volume knob was all the way down. I put it to about 3 1/2 and booked it to the door when it suddenly SLAM! Right before I reached the handle. I twist the knob and kick it open and fling myself down the stairs to the lobby. 10 minutes later my manager comes after I repeatedly asked for back up with the concession lines and I honestly don’t think he believed me.

There’s no way the knob would have turned all the way down by itself.

This might not sound terrifying but if you’ve worked at a movie theater, you know the feeling of something creeping up on you down a hallway.



Taking this seriously, I once had a very strange moment which I still can’t pin down as paranormal.

I usually have no trouble sleeping, I’m quick to pass out once my head hits the pillow. Yet, one night this year I couldn’t sleep at all, rolling and turning in bed constantly. At around 2:00 AM, there was a strange urge for me to open my eyes and lookup.

I turn my head to the ceiling to see two women, dressed in all white, just smiling at me. Naturally, my heart skips three beats and my natural instinct is to punch up. But nothing. Realizing that I’m awake and aware, I turn my head to the right for 5 seconds thinking that it might have been one of those weird mind tricks where images kind of follow your eyes – but it didn’t.

I turn my head back, and the women are still there. They didn’t look intimidating or scary, comforting actually. Like it was a smile of someone who knew me. For another 10 seconds, I just stare at them until they slowly fade away. It took me another 3 hours to fall asleep after that because of the rush.

I still don’t believe in the paranormal, but I was completely awake for that. Maybe it was a hallucination? I don’t know. But it was damn hard to explain to someone the next morning.



There’s a woman living in my parents’ house. We would accidentally stumble upon her in the wee morning but she would turn around and disappear. It seems like she’s afraid of us. Sometimes when we watch tv, she would move from one room to another very quickly that we only see a blur. We call her the sarong lady because she’s always wearing a sarong that people in the olden days use when taking a bath in the river. For some reason, she never scares us. We always reacted as “Oh, that sarong lady was here again” which is strange to me.

In 2010, we stopped seeing her. We sometimes see blurs of someone entering a room but never a full figure anymore. However, we started hearing dining table chairs being dragged. We ended that by putting a thick carpet.

There are a few things. In Malaysia, ghosts aren’t usually people who used to live in the house. We believe in different entities. I don’t really know what exactly is in my house and I don’t want to ask. It’s just a fixture, every house has something. When we’re at my parents’, my mom told my husband that if he wants to smoke late at night don’t do it in the living room and when I’m at his parents’, his mom told me don’t venture into the kitchen after midnight(this is after an incident of me seeing my husband closing the door of the kitchen bathroom when he was actually in the living room).



This happened to me when I was VERY young, maybe like four or five. My mother and I went to her friend’s so they could visit with each other. I, being so young, am not very interested in adult conversation, so they let me watch tv in the living room while they talked at the kitchen table.

The house we were in was a trailer home, so the kitchen and living room was practically one room separated by a counter. There was also a hallway leading to the back bedrooms.

So I’m sitting on the couch watching the television when I see some movement from the hallway out of the corner of my eye. I turn to look and a massive black dog that I’d never seen at this house before comes slowly and silently walking into the living room. I’m telling you, this dog was bigger than a great Dane. Its legs were thick and muscular and its paws were bigger than my face. As it got closer this unbelievable sense of dread filled every fiber of my being. The dog glanced at me and that’s when I noticed its eyes were fucking red.
However, it didn’t seem to take much interest in me. It simply walked past me, stopped, and stared at my mother and her friend. I vaguely remember wondering why my mom never noticed the dog amidst my overwhelming despair. After a few moments, the dog turned around, walked down the hallway, and the further it got the more the cloud of hopelessness lifted. I was so relieved I had to try my hardest to choke back tears.

Now when I think of it, I realized that my mom and her friend probably couldn’t even see the dog.



This will probably never see the light of day but fuck it, will feel good to type.

I am a sceptic in general and don’t buy into any paranormal mumbo jumbo. Something happened to me in college though that I can’t explain and it is so fucking weird that I make it point to remind myself a few times a year that it actually happened. I’m afraid that I’ll forget that it really happened and eventually convince myself that I just don’t remember it correctly. In any case, here’s how it went down:

I was sleeping over at my girlfriend’s house and for a few nights, I had been having a similar nightmare. The fact that I was having nightmares was in and of itself odd. I rarely remembered my dreams at that point in my life but suddenly I was having them all the time. The dreams themselves were terrifying. I don’t remember all the details but I clearly remember the source of my fear – it was a very tall spindly figure with thin arms and legs and the head of a dog. It looked kind of like an Egyptian Anubis. I remember that it would sort of “dance” towards me in my dreams with its arms waving wildly above its head, almost like one of those fucking air-driven advertisements that they put in front of car lots to get your attention as you drive by. Sounds retarded when I type it, but it was scary enough that it still fills me with a sense of dread when I think about it 15 years later.

All of that is explainable… until this one night.

I was having the dream again and woke up right around the time I usually did; only this time I awoke not just with residual terror but also with an overwhelming sense that something was very wrong and I was in imminent danger. I looked over at my girlfriend just in time to see her eyes snap open. We look at each other and we just know… get out… we flip on the lights (here’s where I begin to doubt myself and have to constantly remind myself… yes, that DID happen) and freeze. All around the room are my girlfriend’s hats. There’s one on the lamp, a few on the floor, one on the exercise bike, one on a desk. When we went to sleep they were all in a box. We stood there a moment in shock all the while inside my head I am still feeling “GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!” We didn’t say a word, just looked at each other both white as a sheet, turned and got the fuck out her apartment, not even pausing to put on shoes.

We didn’t sleep over there again. I never had that dream again. To this day I have no idea what the fuck to think of that – but I don’t want to forget it either.



My grandfather passed away in 08. He was a big fan of opera music and would blare it in the morning if they ever had any grandkids sleeping over. About a week or two after his funeral, I was lying on my bed when I began to hear a scraping sound. I looked at the direction the sound came from to see a clock radio on the top shelf of my desk turn toward me, sliding across the desk, to face me and it started playing all by itself. The music it was playing was opera music.



I don’t believe in ghosts but I still can’t explain what I saw.

Last summer I was on the sofa watching TV late at night. I looked over at the hallway across the room and saw my sister walk into my parents’ room in the dark. I didn’t think anything of it and kept watching TV. Maybe half an hour later I got a phone call from my mom, saying she and my sister were on their way home.

Bolted into my room and shut the door. The terrifying thing is that I was so sure that my sister was home. To this day I could swear I saw somebody not 30 feet away from me.



St. Augustine, Florida. I was visiting a friend who lived in a very old house. It was creepy enough that the house would creak and sometimes the temperature felt like it would plummet to chilling even though it was warm in the other room.


Early morning, taking a shower while my friend went downtown to pick us up coffee and all of a sudden the radio upstairs goes off.

It was very loud, no music, just static. I figured it may have been an alarm going off but, still, I was scared. I go into the upstairs bedroom to turn off the radio and I can’t figure out how to make it stop. It was on top of a heavy antique dresser and the plug was behind the dresser so I couldn’t unplug it. Instead, I found the volume knob and turned it all the way to zero.

Cool. I go back to the bathroom and not even a minute later the damn radio goes off again. This time it’s louder than before.

I didn’t go back upstairs. I went outside and waited in a towel for my friend to come back.



I could never explain this, but one night I was walking to the car with my parents after a bite to eat. We ate at a restaurant in the crowded downtown area, where the nightlife was booming and many young people came to the party. Basically, the district was contained to an outside center that contained many bars and restaurant hot spots.

Anyways, as we were crossing the street with a few people, a heavily inebriated man jostled his way through the crowd. His shirt was unbuttoned and he was clearly manic: slurring random sentences, shouting. And I could never forget his face; the man was completely gone. Wide-eyed and smiling, his grin consuming his face like a flesh-eating virus.

I was like 13-14 at the time, and pretty sheltered at the time, so I gripped my mother’s hand and hid behind her until he passed. He stumbled and literally disappeared from my periphery in a split second once I decided to stay close to my mom.

Immediately after he was gone, I mentioned to my mom how creepy he was.

Her reply?

“What man? I never saw a man.”

It still boggles my fucking mind to this day because he was so loud and making the biggest scene. like, what?!



My grandfather’s company (does timber, mining) was setting up an office in a relatively remote part of a 3rd world county and found a house that was dirt cheap, even for 3rd world country standards. Obviously, there was a catch. The villagers in that area told him not to purchase it since the house was haunted and everyone who had ever lived there died violently. He decided it’s just some superstitious bs and got it anyway.

So the guy setting up the office will live on the top floor of the house with this family and the lower floors for the office. He moved in with his wife and 3 kids. Anyway, my grandfather suddenly got no news from him for the longest time. Since this was in a remote part of a 3rd world country, he wasn’t too worried since he just assumed they lost power or something. He finally contacted the local police to go check on the guy since he was completely unreachable.

They found everyone dead. Apparently the guy killed his wife, kids and then himself with a machete. Yes, not a gun. A fucking machete. He actually hacked himself to death. It wasn’t one of those cuts on the wrists to let everyone slowly bleed to death. Everyone was hacked down, including the guy himself.

The description of the scene had to be an exaggeration since I’m assuming the sight of 5 decapitated bodies, including 3 kids, were scary enough to make people see things, so I won’t bother putting it here since I’m not sure what’s true and there were details that people could not have possibly witnessed. Let’s just say I stopped paying attention after I heard the phrase “magic machete”.

I was told the entire room was covered in blood, including the ceiling. Some people were saying the blood on the ceiling had to have gotten there because the spirits “threw the bodies around”, I had to explain about blood pressure and got tons of weird looks.

Now, the weird part, if this isn’t weird enough, was that he managed to barricade the door with the bed, with his wife and kids on it. And it’s one of those gigantic old beds that are extremely hard to move. The locals say this is evidence he was possessed by spirits. I say moving to the middle of nowhere in some 3rd world country drove the guy nuts and crazy people can do all sorts of crazy shit and even perform crazy feats of strength.

Anyway, my grandfather had to pay a few bribes to make sure nothing gets to the press (not hard, middle of nowhere) about the entire thing and get the police to classify the deaths as “natural” (no idea how they’ll explain that, 3rd world countries are awesome). He tried getting other volunteers to set up the office. Even if they haven’t heard all the gory details because of my grandfather’s gag order, everyone knew the previous guy died. No one volunteered. He “promoted” one guy, gave him a fancy title and told him he’s in charge of setting up that office. The guy quit.



When I was younger my mom was volunteering at a hospice/ nursing home that used to be a TB sanatorium and I came along because I didn’t have anything better to do. You can ask anyone around. The place is haunted. I was bored and into the paranormal, so one of the managers took me up to the 6th floor, which was never renovated and is totally shut off. You have to have an elevator key to even get there. The place looked exactly like a haunted sanatorium should look. There were heavy metal doors with bars over the windows. It was dark, the walls were peeling and there was junk everywhere.

So as we’re walking around we hear a series of loud bangs coming from the end of the hall, so of course, we go to check it out. We never found anything except another padlocked door that couldn’t possibly have slammed. Then, when we decided to leave, we got into the elevator, turned the key, hit the lobby button and waited. The doors shut and the elevator moved (they were old like everything else, they shook quite a lot). When the doors opened, though, we were still on the 6th floor. Confused, we tried again. Same thing. Doors shut, the elevator moved, still on 6. Even the woman I was with was starting to get a little worried at this point, but on the third attempt, we finally made it back to the first floor. I wish I still had the pictures I took. The place still creeps me out.



I have a very good friend that has 3 ghosts that are on his property: a dog, a farmer, and a maid.

I was at his house out in the middle of nowhere. We were watching The Ring with his family late at night and the dog jumped in through his closed window off the porch.

Later that night, we went walking around his property and heard sheet metal moving and distinct hammering coming from his barn. We had been in there previously in the day and when we went back the next day, things had been moved and no one else had been there.

Finally, that night he was awoken in the night by his sheets and covers moving. He first thought it was his mom and told her that he was hot and not to cover him up. When he looked to see his mom, he saw the maid vanish away.

He is a very trustworthy friend and I have personally seen the Dog and Maid and heard the Farmer.



When I was young, 12 or 13, I went camping. I don’t remember anything except 1 night. We were all gathered in the kitchen (there were about 20 kids), and I remember looking out the window into the pitch-black forest and seeing 2 perfectly lit windows in the distance. Close enough that you would easily see the structure in the daylight. It was a large 2nd story room that spanned both of the windows. In 1 window, a presumably old woman was in a rocking chair gently rocking back and forth, and a child was running from window to window playing. I remember purposely looking for this structure the next day and could not find anything.

Also, the windows weren’t obstructed by any trees which suggested that it was easily viewable in the daylight. Still kinda creeps me out when I think about it.



Had a couple of experiences. My most recent though…

I was chilling in my room browsing the internets. All of a sudden I heard slow chimney music, I thought it’d be from a music box I had (although I hadn’t even touched that thing in years). I didn’t panic at first but the music continued for a good minute and I booked it to the living room. I came back a few minutes later less freaked out and checked the music box…

The wind up for it was completely unscrewed.

The creepiest part about it; I found out it was previously owned by a now-dead relative. My dad told me once the man died, weird stuff would happen all the time with various electronics turning off and on, weird recordings, etc.



I’ll provide some backstory before saying what happened. So to start it off when I was 3 my mother died of a heart attack after someone ran a red light which scared her since she was driving me and my brothers. She was somehow able to put her foot on the brakes and keep it there even though she had passed. We then buried her in the graveyard that was beyond our backyard. My bedroom had a view of the backyard so I would always look out it and think of her. Also, my bedroom had two twin beds but only I slept in the room. fast forward probably a year or two and I had decided to go bed. I was having a tough time sleeping and I was facing the wall and when I turned over towards the other twin bed there was a slight glow in the outline of a woman with long hair and all, and once I turned towards her she turned towards me and her arm that was closest to me hung over the side of the bed as she looked right at me. Being so young I was terrified and just turned back to the wall. It wasn’t until later I began to think it was actually my mom watching over me and it now comforts me thinking about it.



I took home a friend one night and on my way back, I stopped at my local graveyard to see if my friends dad was working the night shift (we have people patrol at night to keep grave robbers out) and he wasn’t there. I didn’t see his or any other vehicle there, and then I heard someone talk. But it wasn’t your normal ghost talk where it was all breathy and weird. It was just like someone was talking outside of my truck. So I was about to speed off, kinda freaked out, and my truck died! I had a full tank of gas and it just died. I thought it might have been the battery but I had just changed the battery earlier that week. So I sat there in complete silence as my truck rolled to a stop in the parking lot. Then after a minute, I started it back up and it ran fine the rest of the way home. Maybe it was just a coincidence but it was pretty creepy.



I’m watching tommyknockers late at night with my friend. We live on the 2nd floor of an apartment. The sliding door blinds are open and the lights are on in the living room. So you can see everything in the apartment reflected off the sliding door. The tv is near the sliding door. We are in an intense part of the movie and I see what I assume to be my live-in cousin arriving through the front door in the reflection of the sliding glass door. I don’t turn around initially because we’re in the middle of an intense part of the movie. The tense scene is over so I turn around to greet her. No one there. So I turn around to check the reflection in the sliding glass door.

The shadow of a person is still there. In the reflection, it looks like someone is standing behind us. I just see an outline of a person. I don’t see features or anything. So then I turn back towards the door to try and figure out were that shadows coming from. Nothing there. My mind is not caching up to whats going on. I just remember feeling confused. I look at the sliding door and back to the front door a few times before my mind clicks as to what I’m seeing. Finally, I just keep my eyes on the shadowy figure in the reflection it steps side to side as though shifting its weight from one leg to the other than steps into the wall.

My friend is seeing everything I am seeing. We are both looking back and forth from the sliding door to the front door in unison. It was the creepiest feeling once we started to digest what just happened. Your first reaction is to try and find a reason why you saw what you saw. Was there something outside? A shadow coming from across the alley from another apartment? We searched for a legitimate reason for that shadow. We could find nothing.



I fell out of a high window as a two-year-old. I vividly remember being on the back of our couch which was against said window and it was open. I stood up, leaned out and toppled head over heels. Once I flipped facing upwards, I felt as if a pair of hands caught me and set me on the ground. I remember, as a toddler, feeling worried when I fell but feeling safe once I was “caught”.

My parents rushed out and around back of the house to find me laying there as if nothing happened, not a scratch on me to be found and no explanation for my safety. This was about 8 footfall.



I predicted the death of my grandfather a few hours before he died. (i was 7 years old)

It was in the evening and I was very sleepy I remember I had this sudden feeling something bad was going to happen to my granddad, though I only met him a couple of times. I told my parents he was going to die, they told me not to say such things and that he is fine. A few hours later they got a phone call from the hospital who told my parents he had a suffered heart attack and had passed away. My parents still remind me regularly of this, saying it was the closest thing to paranormal they have ever witnessed.



About a month before I graduated high school my maternal grandmother had passed. After I graduated my family paid for a trip to Cancun. The first night I was there I had the most vivid realistic dream I’d ever had. My grandma and I were sitting at a bar and she said ” it was his time to go” that was it. So I woke up in a cold sweat and ran down to the phone bank in the hotel and called home. Because I thought maybe something was wrong with my great grandmother who was 92 at the time. My aunt answered the phone and told me everything was fine and to enjoy my vacation. But when I got home a week later my whole family was waiting for me to get out of the cab. I knew something wasn’t right. Come to find out that my stepfather had committed suicide about an hour after I had left to go to Cancun. No one wanted to tell me because they didn’t want me to have to fly home alone all distressed. It really fucked me up.



When I was younger I used to be very close to my grandma, on my dad’s side. Unfortunately, I don’t remember her too well, due to how young I was. But nonetheless, we apparently had a close, special bond.

As a child, I was a very good sleeper. With the exception of a few rare nightmares from time to time, I was generally very good about sleeping through the whole night.

One night, when I was 5, I woke up in the middle of the night bawling my eyes out, uncontrollably. Clearly my parents took notice and were very concerned since I was usually so good at night. My parents kept trying to ask me what was wrong, and I could offer no explanation. I was terribly upset, and it took a fair amount of time to settle me down and put me back to bed.

As soon as my parents laid me back to bed, the phone started to ring. My dad picked it up and was informed that my grandma had just passed away, at about the time I awoke in the middle of the night.

Although I don’t recall any specific, special paranormal event, my family has believed strongly that my grandma came to visit me when she passed. We always said she came to say goodbye, and our bond was strong enough, that I was able to feel her presence.

Similar situations had happened to my mom when she was younger. She sensed when her nana, whom she was very close to, passed away. And when my mother’s dog passed.



My sis had just died (brain aneurysm), I was pretty down, so I just went for a walk and saw a bookstore, I just love to read so I thought that it would be nice to buy a book and distract myself a little bit.

The first book that I put my hands in, told a story of a dead girl, telling how the other plane was, and how she was dealing with the experience of living without her family and how she missed them… now the interesting part, the girl had the same name as my sister, the same age, died of brain aneurysm too. I cried in the bookstore, because I know it was her who did this. I loved her so much, we had an incredible connection. I miss her, but I do know she is alright!


Thank you to the contributors on Reddit.

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