I have one story I can not explain, I have given up but still a skeptic. When I was in college in the summer I worked in a glass factory in the “basement”. Nothing weird, well lit, just the very bottom of the building. Anyway, we would stack pallets and when full a forklift would take them into the warehouse. You had to have your head a swivel, because there were many moving lifts, tow vehicles, and other assorted dangers. It was an old place, but like I said not ominous.

So one day, during the day, I was working just finishing one pallet and about to move to the other to start; I look up and an African man in overalls is standing about ten yards in front of me, staring at me. I stopped, not really scared, more Wtf. Then I noticed that although his head and body were normal, his legs seemed to fuzz out into nothing, and his clothes just seemed dated.

That’s all, because as I stopped for those few seconds looking at this thing, a large bulk 1000 pound pallet fell off a trailer into the area I was about to enter. If I did not see what I saw, I would not have hesitated, and would have been crushed. I like to think about this event, and not at the same time, it was weird.



When I was in 5th grade I was awoken in the middle of the night by this surge of energy. I looked to the foot of my bed and saw the ghost of my stepmom, whom I still believed to be alive. Without actually saying anything, she told me that she loved me and that everything would be alright. An overwhelming sense of ease that was not my own came over me, and I went back to sleep.

The next morning my mother informed me that my stepmom, who had been ill with liver failure, passed away overnight. I’ll never forget it.



I was once camping around the side of a mountain in the countryside with two friends. We were all rather merry, brought some whiskey along and so on, at one point (at about 2 o’clock in the morning) I decided to go for a walk on my own. The stars were out alongside the moon. It was a wonderful calm night.

I walked off into the direction of a forest, which was at the top side of the mountain. The forest was incredibly isolated, miles away from anywhere and it was made up of long thin pine trees. It actually looked really daunting, but for some reason I was drawn to it. I checked around, I was about a mile and a half away from my friends at the tent.

As I walked into the forest I started to feel really odd, I don’t know if it was anything to do with the buzz from the whiskey earlier, or just my brain reacting oddly to the horror-film external stimuli that I was being drawn to, but I felt odd. I continued walking, in a straight line, sliding between the pine trees, and pushed forwards, deeper into the forest.

Now it is at this point when something happened, and I still have no logical way to explain it. It certainly did happen, I’m sure of that. It wasn’t in my mind.

I was deep in the forest, tired, and getting rather claustrophobic. My torch was having a few problems, and so I decided to turn back, and meet back up with my friends at the camp, they’d probably have passed out now anyway. Now, as I turned around to head out of the forest, I heard a slight noise. It got louder and louder, and nearer and nearer. Then it stopped. Now at this point I was freaking out a little, but the noises were obviously just from deer or from wildlife, and so I paid no heed to it. I continued walking, but the noise returned, closer this time. I now stopped to listen for the second time, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I felt slightly off once again.

It’s important to visualise what this forest looked like, as it is an important part of what was to come: Incredibly dark and dense, pine trees close to each other, not a lot of room. The stars were barely visible through the heights of the pines, and there was a perpetual creaking from the breeze. If you were claustrophobic, you would not want to be there.

I heard the noise again. I turned around and shone my torch into the deeper part of the woods, nothing there, empty and unsettling, the old trees creaked again.

Then the noise returned. The noise of movement. It was getting louder and louder, closer and closer. A kind of sickly scraping across the dead leaves of the forest floor. It was getting closer, almost as if it was coming towards me. I shone my torch ahead, I stood deadly still. Then, across the yellow beams of my torch, about four feet in front of me, a human man ran past me. I remember clearly he was wearing some kind of suit, and he moved in a rather languid manner. He ran past me, I never saw his face. I shone my torch after him, I called after him in shock. I managed to follow him with the beam of my torch, but he ran with such speed and accuracy between the thick dark of the pine trees, that I had no chance. He disappeared, and I never got a chance to see his face.

It just really freaks me out whenever I remember this. I was in the complete middle of nowhere miles and miles away from society, at the back of a mountain. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t one of my friends. They’d have owned up after a while, I know that. The man in the suit remains a complete mystery to me. I checked the newspaper the day after, no crimes committed, nobody ‘on the run’. Just one witness, me, to a suited man running through a pine forest in the dead of night.



This was told to me by my family just a few years ago since I was too young to remember. Anyway, my grandma was fighting breast cancer when it spread to her brain. We all knew it was the end. Just a few weeks later, she passed. My parents and I flew out to Washington (we live in Ohio) and I was only 3 years old.

We get to the funeral and everybody is an emotional wreck because my grandma was loved by everybody she ever came in contact with. I don’t know what’s going on since I’m still basically a toddler. We all go back to my grandpa’s house and my family is sitting in the living room and I make my way outside to play with my grandpa’s dogs. Apparently I came inside and asked why grandma was outside by herself. My mom tried to explain to me that grandma is gone and I won’t see her again.

I then proceeded to say “but mommy, she’s sitting in her rocking chair on the deck right now! she told me to tell you guys she’ll see you soon!”



In southwest Missouri where I’m from, as a teenager most people go out to see the spooklight. I definitely saw it when I went. It’s just a flickering light, but most attempts at a scientific explanation are flawed, and it’s been around since the 19th century. And some people say it’s actually appeared inside of cars as they drive by. Me, it was a flickering light you could see but would disappear as you get close.

So yeah, maybe it’s a ghost. Sure.




A few years back my family and I visited my grandparents in Mexico. I was told that when they were building the house that my grandparents live in, they found a bunch of bones there. I heard a lot of stories of weird things going on in the house from my family members that live there, but I didn’t wanna believe them.

So one night I was fast asleep when I get woken up by the sounds of dogs barking like mad outside, I lift my head up and when I do I hear someone/thing yell directly into my ear, they yelled so loud that my ear was ringing. My parents were both in the same room sleeping and asked if they heard anything, told me to go to sleep and that I just imagined it.

To this day I have never wanted to go back. That was just one of the paranormal/weird moments I’ve had.



This event happened while I was in college. We were hosting a house party and there were upwards of 200 people there. The house was built in the early 1900’s and creepy as hell when empty at night. The back bedroom was rumored to be where a suicide happened at some point in the house’s history. My best friend occupied this room and it was also the hangout spot as it was the largest room which could hold a bed and a couple of couches very easily. Well, since my friend was selling a little on the side, he always had combination locks on his door to prevent anyone from getting in during parties.

Well, here we were with all these people, and I am standing in the backyard around the fire pit. I can clearly see the back bedroom, and all of a sudden the light turns on. I look up, and think nothing of it at first as I thought maybe my friend went in to retrieve something. Then I see my friend talking to these girls about 20 feet away…. I run up to him and ask him who is in his room. “No one, that shit is locked down tight as usual” was his reply. I grabbed him and took to where he could see the window to his room. Sure enough, lights are on. As we are looking up at the window, a figure comes into view behind the closed blinds.

We both flip out and push our way through the crowd in what had to have left several people on the ground. 20 seconds later we are standing at his door, lock still in place. We both give each other the “WTF” look and he unlocks the lock and we go inside. Lights are off and the blinds are now up. Nothing is missing nor out of place. I check the light that was on and it won’t turn on. Bulb is completely gone from the socket. We both looked at each other in disbelief, “You saw what I saw right?” I inquired. “Ya….” was his only response.



I lost time once. This happened about 8 or 9 years ago and it actually confuses me still when I think about it.

Anyway, I used to work a swing shift from from 3pm until 11 pm, Mondays through Fridays. So my routine would be clock out, drive to the convenience store, buy some crap to shove down my cake hole, get home, get into some trunks or whatever, sit down, turn on the tv, eat and surf the net, and not pay attention to Jay Leno, while waiting for Conan O’Brien to come on at 11:35. All of this took about 20 to 25 minutes from work to in home on my couch.

Anyway, so one night, I get off work. Have to clock out right at 11pm. Do my usual routine. Get home and go to my room to take off my uniform, go to the bathroom to wash my face. I grab my food and sit on the couch, turn on the tv and some morning farm report is on. Check the channel. Yep, right channel. Where the fuck is Jay Leno? Don’t even think about looking at my watch or phone to check the time. I decide to just wait and see if Conan comes on after the farm report. I eat and sure enough, the motherfucking good morning news program is coming on. I look outside and it’s blue. It should be fucking dark out. I look at my watch and it’s fucking 7am. Double check my phone, yep 7am. I’m not even tired like I should’ve been if I was awake all night.

It was weird, man. But at the same time it makes me laugh thinking about me just standing in my room frozen like Robert De Niro in Awakenings all night lol then coming to and not skipping a beat. Time for some Conan!



So, my first Grown Up house that was mine was pretty nice. I’m kind of a handy guy, so I could fix little troubles here and there. One day, I start to hear a smoke alarm – Change My Batteries warning. Single beep, every 30 seconds or so. It would go for a few minutes, then stop.

Over the course of a week, I realize I can’t find that damn smoke alarm that’s beeping. That Saturday afternoon, I go from room to room, looking for it. I can hear the beep every now and then, but always from another room. I try to be methodical about it, waiting in each room in turn (My master bedroom & bathroom, my office, and my roommate’s room, along with our living room, kitchen, and sunroom).

I can never pinpoint the fucker. Reliably, I can hear it in the living room, the most central room of the house, so I figure ‘oh, maybe it’s in the basement.’

Check the basement, nothing.

Back to the living room, now standing a chair to see if I can hear it any better/if there’s some echo distorting things.

Bingo. There’s an attic that’s more of a crawl space than anything else above a few of the rooms. It’s got to be up there. First, I check the opening in my office. I keep a lock box and my handgun up there. Both are in place, undisturbed. The beep is louder, so it must be in the ‘main’ attic space, as this is only a small branch-off.

I grab a stepladder and my Makita and go to the main entrance, an overhead panel in a short hallway off the living room (leads to Roommate’s room, her bathroom, and said office). I unscrew the heavy wooden panel (it’s like 3/4th plywood screwed into a frame). Fourth screw off, and I start to push the panel up. Takes a bit of force, as it & the frame are painted. But, it pops, and the panel is about 2 inches from the frame, into the attic.

Cue wave of creepiness. It’s mid-afternoon on a lazy late summer Saturday. Home alone. As far as I’m concerned, this is Midnight on Hallo-fucking-ween, in terms of ‘likelihood of extrantural horror.’

I twist my hand so that the panel is askew and step down. Can’t see up into little triangles of darkness formed by the skewed panel in the ‘hatch frame.’ I wait for the beep again. I do a 30 count.

Then another 30.

Then another 30.


Well, shit.

I step back up, un-skew the panel, and put the screws back in. Fuck this noise. I spend the next 10 minutes sitting in the living room, looking up at that panel, waiting. I avert my eyes every few seconds, checking other doorways (from the living room, you can pretty much the entire house). I was raised on horror movies, I now how this shit works. When you focus on just one thing, the Beast comes from the other direction.

Resident Evil 4 taught me to sweep my goddamn corners when entering a room. So, for those 10 minutes I do that.

No goddamn beep.

For the next 11 months in that house, it never happens again.



Many years ago I was home alone and reading a book in my living room. I heard a sound come from the back bedroom. Upon investigation I found a small porcelain figurine from my wife’s collection smashed against the wall on the opposite side of the room. I’ve often wondered how a figure could fly seventeen feet from the shelf, over the bed and into the wall all by itself.



I was laying on my bed reading a really good book. I was facing the wall and I hear someone coming up the stairs. We lived in an old house where everything creaked, but I could usually tell who was coming up the stairs. I thought it sounded like my mom. Anyway, the footsteps continue up the stairs and onto the landing. I am really into my book and only a few paragraphs away from the end of the chapter, so I don’t want to be interrupted.

The footsteps walk into my room and over to my bed. They stop right behind me, waiting.

I finish my chapter and turn over to look behind. No one is there.



Me and a friend were playing with a Ouija board in her room one night when we were 18. We heard this growl noise, got scared, threw the board, and hid under her blankets. We started hearing this clap clap clap sound hitting her walls. Too scared to look, we huddled together under her blanket. It finally stopped after like 5 mins and all these smarties she had in a package on her desk beside the bed had been thrown everywhere around the room.

There was no one else in the house except us and we were holding each other so tight under the blankets there’s no way she could have thrown them. It sounds stupid but it was effin scary at the time.



Was at friend’s new (old) house. It was built in the 1800’s and he’d lived there for a few months before I’d been over to see it. We were having a few beers and watching TV when he decided to go to the kitchen for more beer. About 30 seconds after he’d left the room I heard him call my name from upstairs. I got up, went up stairs, and all the lights were on but he wasn’t there. I went back downstairs to the kitchen and he was coming up the basement stairs and said he’d heard me call his name from downstairs.

It never dawned on either of us that there was only one stairway up and down. I’d have seen him go up the stairs, and he’d have seen me pass him in the kitchen to go down to the basement. We stood in the kitchen dumbfounded, not knowing what the hell just happened. While neither of us had ever experienced anything supernatural, it made us both channel our knowledge of ghost stories and Discovery Channel specials on hauntings, and we determined there was an entity in the house that wanted to separate us for whatever reason. And it succeeded. It got us alone at opposite corners of the house.

That was months ago and I have not been back.



In my room there is a weird sort of square hole above my door right where the ceiling meets the top of the wall (they’re in all the rooms in my house, I assume for circulation? I’ll edit in pictures if this comment gets any attention).. so one day my older brother and I were chilling in my room (I was probably 10, making him 18 at the time) when we decided to see if we could throw a football through the hole, after a few failed attempts one of us made it through the hole.. but not even a second after the ball went through, it came right back through from the other side as if somebody caught it and chucked it back with perfect accuracy. We were the only ones in the house at the time and it’s hands down the creepiest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Edit – http://imgur.com/a/ZSBPw



I’ve heard some stories and had a couple myself, all in my friend’s grandparents house that was built in the 1700s. There are believed to be two spirits in the house: an old man and a little girl.

The first thing was pretty simple, and it was just a feeling of being watched on the second floor landing, right before the staircase to the third floor. I’m a full believer in ghosts, but I do try to bring logic into these experiences to try and explain them. One of the things I learned from the show Ghost Hunters is that the feeling of being watched is usually not ghosts at all, but rather high EMF levels due to old or faulty wiring. Because the house is almost 300 years old, that’s reasonable, and that feeling may be nothing more than just poorly insulated wires. However, when I told my friend’s mom about the feeling, she freaked out and started yelling “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,” repeatedly and ran out of the room. I caught back up to her and she told me a story of an experience she had in the same spot. She was repainting the walls, and found on the floor a piece of wood that fell out of the ceiling trim. She set it on the windowsill about twelve feet away from where she was painting, and went back to work. She dipped the brush in the bucket and painted a section of the wall, but when she went back, the woodchip was in the paint bucket, twelve feet from where she left it. She was the only one in the house, nobody else could have moved it. She rarely goes to the third floor because of that experience.

Another experience I had was my sister and her friend (and my friend’s little sister) were in the living room of the house, and on the wall is a Civil War era cap-and-ball rifle with a powder container hanging from it. We saw them coming out of the room, and they told us that the powder container was swinging back and forth slowly. My friend and I went in to see for ourselves, and saw it swinging just like they described. That could be explained by an AC vent or a draft, but what I can’t explain is something we found out later. On the shelf on the mantle we saw a small Yankee Candle that had been slid across the shelf, and saw the fresh tracks in the dust. The girls at the time were too small to reach the shelf, so they could not have done it.

Now it gets really creepy. I was outside while my sister and my friend’s sister were in the pool. They kept looking up at one of the second floor windows claiming they saw a little girl looking out of it. I looked up to see, and debunked it as just the design of the bed headboard. As I was explaining what it was, they started screaming bloody murder and told me to turn around. I looked up at the window, and the curtain had been yanked all the way to one side and was being held there, as if someone was looking out. A person could not have done it, because the headboard meant that nobody could reach the curtain, and it was not the AC, because the vent was on the opposite side of the room. Also, if it was the AC, it wouldn’t have been pulled all the way to the side and held in place.

And finally, I actually saw the alleged old man that resides there. I was outside in the same place I was when I saw the curtain get pulled open, but looking at the second floor window on the opposite end of that wall. Looking in the window, I could see the silhouette of an old man in a top hat, and I could even make out his eyes and mouth. It was not a person, because I could see the door to the room behind it, and it wasn’t fog on the window because it was too clearly defined. I looked away for a moment, looked back, and it was gone.

Those experiences were all had three or more years ago, and the activity apparently stopped altogether once the renovations to the house were completed. My friend’s grandparents have since sold the house and moved to Tennessee, but there was definitely some crazy stuff going on.



My mother was not the best of people. She was 19 when she had me, and was completely unprepared to be a parent. She would lock me in my room for hours on end, so that she wouldn’t have to pay attention to me, often forgot to feed me (because I would get spanked or slapped if I made noise to remind her that I was hungry), and I was generally a miserable child. She also tried to drown me in the ocean as an infant.

She passed away in a car accident when I was almost 11 years old, and the next year, my dad moved my whole family to a different state. I was relieved, as I had been relentlessly bullied for my entire school career up to this point. I saw this as my chance to start over, change my personality and hopefully have friends.

I did make friends, and at a sleepover one night, one of the girls pulled out an Ouija board, and we started to play. We had no less than four or five girls with their hands on the planchette, and another was writing down the letters as they were spelled out.

I had been playing with the planchette, but I got up to get a glass of water. When I came back, I took over the writing duties. This means that during this time, my hands were nowhere near the planchette. The board was on the floor, and I was sitting on the bed.

One of the girls said “Are there spirits present that have a message for one of us?” The planchette started moving rapidly, back, forth, up, down, and I was writing down letters as quickly as possible.

The message? “Claudia says hi magoo”. Claudia was my mother’s first name. Magoo was her nickname for me as a child (because I could never find the things she asked me to find). There is no possible way that any of those girls knew EITHER of these things. Those girls swore that my face turned white when I re-read the message. All I really remember was throwing down the notepad and pen, and running back home (thankfully, only two blocks) at midnight in my nightgown, with the other girls running after me. They managed to convince me to come back to the party.

We burned the Ouija board in the outdoor barbecue pit that night.



The house that I currently live in is haunted. Nothing incredibly intrusive, just enough to constantly have us questioning and double checking things.

When we first moved in to the house, we noticed things missing a lot. It was my grandmother’s home, and a lot of renovations and painting needed to be done in order to make the home modern. When we painted, we would use a screwdriver to open the lid. My husband put the screwdriver on the floor next to the can, but the next time we went to use it, the screwdriver was gone. It turned up two weeks later, laying in the middle of the floor.

We have a lot of strange shadows in the house. One morning I was taking a shower. There’s a window directly across from the shower, and in the mornings, it lights up the entire bathroom. I heard someone walking up the stairs outside the bathroom. I assumed it was my husband, and I was slightly confused, because I thought he had already left for work. I heard the bathroom door open and close, and I saw someone walk past the window across from me, blocking out the light briefly, then they headed past the shower to where the toilet is. After a few minutes of not hearing any noise, I poked my head out of the shower to check on my husband, only to find the bathroom empty.

The only part of the haunting that I would consider strange are the time s where we will actually see someone in our house who shouldn’t belong. One of our ghosts is a woman in a lavender dress who spends her time in the bedroom down the hall from ours. Sometimes we will see her standing in the doorway of her room, watching us. Needless to say, no one wants to spend time in that room.

The other ghost is a man in a black suit. I usually initially assume that he’s my husband, as I always see him leaving a room as I’m walking into it. It’s only when my husband ends up being in another room that I start to wonder who exactly I was seeing.



In my dad’s old house, we were told by all the neighbors the place was haunted. We never really had an issue so shrugged it off.

One night my dad had a guy sleeping over (he’s gay) and the guy woke up freaking out saying a blonde haired man was sitting in the closet. My dad saw nothing but the guy still got dressed and left.

About 6 months later, we were having a christmas party with my dads family, and my nanny said she was feeling ill and wanted to lie down. My dad offered her his bed and said if she decided to sleep over he would sleep on the couch.

She went to bed and the rest of us kept talking and eating, having a gay old time. About an hour later we hear her scream and we start running for the room as she is running away from it. We ask “What happened?” And she says there was a man in the closet. The rest of the guests just shrug it off and kind of exchange glances like ‘yeah, right.’ but my dad and I are like “What did he look like?”

“Big” She said, “And blonde hair.”

He moved out 6 weeks later, but never slept in the room again.



I had a good friend in high school, and would somehow always know when he was about to call me. I would reach for my phone, and a few seconds later it would start ringing. This happened pretty consistently, but only with him. Strange.



Not me, but my grandmother. Her and her sister grew up in London in the 1930’s they somehow got ahold of a Ouija board. So they played with it, never said anything too spectacular happened. Then my grandmother’s sister started having weird dreams and she would draw symbols she saw in these dreams and hang the pictures around her room. one day they had Egyptian men working in their house.

Upon entering the girls’ room they saw the symbols and quickly turned to leave. My great grandmother asked what was wrong, why were they leaving? The men explained the symbols were evil and meant terrible things would be brought upon them. My great aunt was made to take them down. Idk not super scary, but kind of perplexing for sure.



My ex’s twin sister was 1500 miles away. They had a connection where they would know what the other was going through. Often we’d go to my ex’s place and her sister would have left phone message of our date.

“You drank punch tonight.”

“Somebody got lucky!”

Kinda creeping, really.



A couple of stories here.

At my Mum’s house we would often hear strange noises/see things that we couldn’t explain after trying to find logical reasons, but we never really bothered about them, even though most seemed to occur around me or in my room. However, one experience shook me and my Mum up.

One night, about 11pm, I was sat at the dining table in the living room, on my laptop whilst Mum watched TV on the other side of the room. As I’m sat there I hear someone scream “Bitch!” directly next to my ear. I jump and look at Mum and ask “What the hell?!” She heard nothing at all. So a few minutes later, my hearts still pounding and I decide I need a drink. I get up to go to the kitchen and walk past my Mum. At the time I was in my PJs which were basically tiny shorts and a vest. I’m just about to walk out the room when my Mum shouts my name in shock. I walk back, half thinking she’s just heard something, and her face is pale, completely drained of all blood. I follow her eye line down to my legs and both of my legs were scratched. Not just red scratch marks where I could of subconsciously scratched them but long, deep, bleeding, in groups of four nails, from my knees to my ankles. We counted no less than 7 “groups” of scratch marks. The strange thing was I never felt a thing. After 3 days, however, the scratch marks had faded entirely. No scabbing or scarring to speak of.

The second story was when I was 17 and my boyfriend (let’s call him John) slept over. He slept over one night a week regularly but he always seemed exhausted in the morning. One day I was quizzing him about this and he told me he found it difficult to sleep due to the old lady that sat on a rocking chair near the door. I had never seen anything but the corner he mentioned always made me uncomfortable. I would sleep with my back to it at all times, the duvet pulled up over my head. A few years later and I’m staying at my Mum’s with my kids. My little boy, who was 3 and honestly had never met this ex boyfriend or heard the story, was put in that room for a nap. I heard him playing for a little while before he suddenly went quiet. I decided to check on him, fully expecting him to be crashed out, only to find him sat on the edge of the bed facing that corner. I ask what he’s doing and he says that the lady is telling him a story. Now, my son being 3 seems to mix up imagination, memory etc fairly often and refers to things I know he did in nursery or played earlier in the present tense. So thinking that he is playing or possibly remembering something, I play along until he says “Yes, she likes telling me stories. She feels lonely and even John couldn’t hear her! ”

Queue heart attack. My son had never heard my ex ‘s name (in reality his names a fairly unusual name I honestly doubt my son could of heard anywhere) and I had most definitely not told him the conversation of an ex who saw a lady in that very corner.


A few years ago I fell asleep on my couch and had the strangest dream that a young woman I had never seen before visited me. I knew she was my Great Grandma but I had never seen a picture of her when she was any younger than 50, but I knew this 20-something year old was her. She sat down and had a conversation with me about my eldest child and then told me that I would very soon be having another. I woke up with a start to find that I had been covered with a blanket that I know had been in the tumble dryer. Nothing too strange there, just a very vivid dream and my husband probably couldn’t wake me up so just covered me and went back to bed. So when I go up, he’s not in bed. I check my son’s room and he fell asleep in there with him. I shrug it off go back to bed. The next morning I thank him for covering me up but he looks puzzled. He had gone up before I had fallen asleep and I had heard him check on our boy, but apparently he never left the room as he woke up and wanted cuddles. OK, not so strange, I probably sleep walked to get the blanket. However, I can’t shake the dream. I tell my Mum about it and she has to contact a relative, who digs out a picture of my Great Grandma as a young woman and sends it to my Mum. It’s definitely the woman from my dream, right down to the floral printed apron she wore. Getting stranger. Anyway about 3 days after the dream I can’t shake the “you’re pregnant” message. I become obsessed, doing pregnancy tests everyday for two weeks, all negative until about day 13. At my dating scan I am told my conception date was the day before I had that dream. It blew my mind. That’s my favourite happy unexplainable story.

Another, more unsettling, story yet again involves “John”. Remember I said that he would stay over? Well after our earlier conversation we were lying in bed one night. I was asleep, I remember vividly having a nightmare where something was chasing me. In my dream something grabs my ankles and I awake with a start and immediately I am dragged down the bed until my hips are aligned with the end, sort of bent over it. I claw my way up the bed in a panic only to find that John is sat bolt upright staring at me. He had been awake the whole time and witnessed it. It wasn’t like a muscle spasm but one, long, fast, fluid movement were I am pulled at such speed my knees hit the floor with a huge bang and bruised up for weeks. We could never find an explanation for it.



Astrophysics degree here. I was a student at the time. Always a skeptic. I believed there was life out there somewhere but I always laughed at people who claimed to have seen UFOs. My main thing was telling them “In this day and age, you had many ways to record it and you didn’t?”

Well one night I was babysitting my then 10yo brother. I went out for a smoke on the balcony. I was on the phone talking to my friend Leslie. I look up and see this giant black triangle in the sky. I mean it was HUGE. Like 1/3 of the visible sky huge. It was hovering and moving slowly. No sound. Then it took off in a split second. Why didn’t I film this? As I was talking on the phone to Leslie, I saw that thing, my jaw along with my phone dropped to the floor. I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. I was completely stunned.

Since I discussed this many times on here and there’s usually someone posting photos of military craft, no it wasn’t military nor was it that small. I’ve researched it, I’ve read stories, I’ve looked at photos and I’m still not sure what to think. I wasn’t drunk or high and my brother saw it too. I can honestly say this experience changed the way I looked at my studies, the sky, the world, and most importantly it changed me.



Sorry about the enormous post.

My house is haunted and my family is aware of this and has acknowledged it for a while.

Before they did though… I was the one with the most experiences with the ghosts in our house. My dad, brother, and sister had almost no experiences. My mother had one solo but she didn’t admit to it for a long time. All the following experiences happened over the ~10 years I’ve lived here. Prior to the first real experience, I would often hear silverware rattling in the kitchen, or footsteps late at night. At first, I thought it was my dad, as he often gets up for midnight snacks. Apparently sometimes it was… and sometimes it wasn’t.

My first experience: My bedroom is directly across the hall from my parents’ room. My bed faces the door, so if I sit on my bed, I can see into my parents’ room. They have a window directly opposite my door/their door. One night, I think the first or second year we’ve lived here, I wake up and I see a very tall male figure standing in their doorway, outlined by the light from the window. I was freaked the fuck out and, as little kids will do, I hid under the covers for a while. Peeked out, he was still, so I hid again. Eventually, I dozed off. Woke up a little later and he was gone. The next morning, I woke up right away, wondering wtf had happened. I went through your general debunking shit. No, we were not robbed. No, it was not my dad standing in the door, etc. Honestly, he wasn’t even tall enough to be that figure, but I asked anyways. Scared the shit out of me, and my parents didn’t believe me for a long time.

Another: I was standing in the kitchen, which has a large-ish window that looks out onto our backyard. It was fairly late at night and everyone else was in/getting ready for bed. I was warming up a hot-pack to keep my feet warm and I happened to look out into the dark. I could see a man wearing a white shirt walking across the backyard. I freaked and dragged my dad into the kitchen. He ended up checking the backyard thoroughly, and found nothing. He also pointed out that our dogs(we had three at the time) would have been barking if someone was in our backyard.

My parents have the master bedroom, and I like their shower better than the one down the hall, so I shower in there. As you walk out of the bathroom, towards the hallway/my bedroom, there is a closet on the left side, same wall as the bathroom. I walked out after a shower in my towel, and I fucking see this tall man in a white shirt leaning out of my parents’ closet looking at me. Out of all the experiences I had, this one is the one I was the most frightened by. I screamed and bolted past him into my bedroom. My parents came to see what I was screaming about(we have centipedes a lot, they thought it was a centipede) and found me, shaking in my towel on my bed. They check the house, and their room. Once again, they found nothing.

Sometime after this experience, my mom told me about hers: She woke up early one morning and was laying in bed, trying to wake up a little more when she sees the outline of the chest of to the head of a tall man walk past her bedroom. Now, my parents’ bedroom window is really high off the ground. I am 5’6 and I can barely, standing on tiptoes, peek over the window sill. So to see that much of someone through her window, they would have to be insanely tall… or floating.

Now, the tall man is the ghost that has been actually seen the most. There are two others, a woman, and a little girl. No one has actually seen the woman, aside from a friend of ours who claims to see spirits.

The woman seems like she’s actually a nice ghost. She’ll walk up behind you in the kitchen/dining room, and touch your shoulder or back or elbow. Just a gentle little touch, and when you turn around expecting someone to be there, there isn’t. She’ll come up and lean on the back of the computer chair, which is one of the rolling ones that reclines a little. You feel it lean back, and when you look, no one is there. Her leaning on the chair has happened to my mom, dad, and myself.

After I got my laptop, I put it at the end of the dining room table with my back to the wall. This means no one can sneak up on me while I’m redditing, since I can see the entire room from where I sit, including the entrance to the kitchen from the hallway. For a while after I got my laptop, I would stay up very late, just piddling around online. My little brother liked to get up and come see what I was doing quite often. After a while, I no longer bothered to look up when I saw him come in out of the corner of my eye. One night, I saw him come in, walk to stand slightly behind me, and I felt him put his hand on my shoulder. I could even feel the warmth from his hand. I figured he wanted something, so I took my earbud out and turned. I’m sure you can guess by now that no one was there.

As for the little girl, I’m the only one who has seen her and then only two or three times. She seems shy and a little mischievous. As I said, I can see the entrance from the hallway to the kitchen from where I have my laptop, and I’ve seen her crouched in the hallway watching me twice. Both times, as soon as I make eye contact, she’ll run away down the hall and vanish. Once, I saw her crouched on the other side of the screen door to the garage.

A few others: My entire family was in my parents’ room, and we all heard a chair being moved in the kitchen. We did not have pets or anyone else in the house. The chairs do not roll, you have to pull them across the floor and they make a noise we are all familiar with. After this happened, my mom admitted her experience to everyone.

This year, my brother was home alone and had a fan set up in the kitchen doorway, to blow cold air down the hall, since our AC is in the kitchen. He says he walked out to the kitchen to make mac’n’cheese and the fan had been moved to point a different direction. He replaced it, put the noodles on the stove to boil, and went back to his room. Later, he walked out again… and the fan had been moved again. He was pretty freaked out. Apart from the chair thing, he’s never really had any experiences with our ghosts.

When I was around 15, 16, I came to the conclusion that our ghosts are benign and not dangerous, so I haven’t been scared of them in a while. I still want explanations as to why our house is haunted, what ghosts are, etc, but I guess I will have to wait for those.



Me and my friend were hanging out in his basement and he had like one of those rolling closet things you’d see at a hotel to move your luggage. There were 4 empty coat hanger on it and he actually made a joke about the thing saying his mom won’t throw it out and that the coat hangers haven’t been touched in years. Literally 2 minutes later, one of the empty coat hanger did a perfect spin around the thing, as if someone pushed it trying to get it to do a perfect flip over the rack. We were the only ones home, windows closed, no wind or anything. He literally ran up stairs to his room and told me scary shit always happens in his basement and he keeps trying to convince his parents to move out cause the basement scares him (he’s 21).



My family and i moved into this older rental house. I absolutely hated it, but we were poor and my opinion doesn’t matter. Every night id come home from work and the windows in the room my little sister and i shared, would be wide open. it was in the middle of winter, and i couldn’t figure out why my family kept opening the windows. After a week of coming home to those windows open, i asked around the house to find out who left the windows open ad get them to stop. But after asking everyone, nobody had even gone down to the bedroom in the basement where i slept. That night i had a dream about what i believe to have been the spirit in the house. He looked like the lead singer of disturbed but a thinner frame and shorter. He wore all black and had a black trench coat on. in my dream i asked him if he kept opening the windows. He told me yes, and when i asked why he told me it was because he hated me. My little sister said she dreamed about that guy, and even saw him in the house.

There were times i could feel someone staring at me while i slept. It got to the point where i couldn’t sleep. I could hear a man’s voice in my head telling me to cut myself/kill myself. If i was with my boyfriend, it would tell me it was waiting for me. My dad would try to cleans the house, but the thing would follow me everywhere. I was never alone. One night, when i was having some snuggle time with my SO i saw its face and i screamed. My SO didn’t see anything. All through this time, even if the street lights where on, the whole entire block would seem black. Everything continued until we moved 6 months later.


Source: Have you had any experiences with the supernatural, or incidents that cannot be logically explained?