Most of us have our own creepy stories to share, things that scared the life out of us but we can’t quite explain. How about cops, who have to experience danger in many different ways? Like entering abandoned buildings, patrolling bad neighbourhoods at night…

On the forums over at, the question was asked if any cops had ‘Ghost stories’ on the job that they’d like to share. The original poster, crass cop got things started…

1. The Dark Figure

Anyone have any????…”on duty” ghost stories???

Quick one..
Traffic guy at my agency was catching up to a DUI suspect, no lights/sirens.
Suspect is easily 3-4 hundred yards ahead, @0330 hours, on a very long stretch of semi-rural road, left side lit by street lights, right side dark, both cars are moving fast, @80 mph or so.

Video shows suspect vehicle lose something from its rear, turns out it was his rear bumper. After it stops tumbling, video shows a black figure dart into the roadway from the left, (lit by street lights side), pick up or move bumper and then dart to the right side of roadway where its dark.

Video shows nothing on the right side of roadway when officer drives by area.

Officer did not see this occur at the time, but instead when he reviewed his video in the car to find out where the suspect lost his bumper at.
Yeah, he caught him.

Dark figure had no reflective type clothing on, as most joggers/dog walkers do in the area, and was definitely in the “right place at the right time”, as the officer most likely would have hit the bumper due to his speed.

Video showed nothing before or after, as far as someone on either side of road.

Officer showed me video several times but refused to “release” it….yeah, he’s kinda weird. Video is legit.

Just curious if any others have on duty stories or video.

crass cop

2. The Period Ghost

I’ll try to make this short.
Last year we were at Gettysburg and were going over Little Round Top after dark. There was one person up there in period clothing but no cars or anything else around. We went on down to the area of Devils Den, this a pretty good distance, and parked. I got out of the car and all of a sudden the person we saw walked past, said nothing, crossed a small bridge walked up a path toward a small lighted building and was gone?


3. The Haunted Quarters

The reservation I work at (as are most) is a very spiritual place. There are several ghost stories from the officers here. I have not experienced one “on duty”, but i lived in government quarters here for a time and it was what I call haunted.

There would be loud banging on the front door and no one there (I opened it once just a second or two after it occured), footsteps on the floor when your downstairs, one of my sons toys was rolling around, and another was talking even though it was shut off. My son would run terrified from his room every now and then, so I had yelled at whatever it was to stop scaring a 2 year old and it stopped for a while. Becomes part of life and eventually you “live” with the events.

Plus, across the street is an old jail during Sitting Bull times and the light s will go on and off, and figures will be moving around inside. Most of the buildings out here have a history and odd things happening.

One officer stopped to check on a stranded motorist and something was scaring the two women in the car. He drew his pistol when he heard running, but never got a full glimpse of it. He got them in his car and was driving away when he saw a figure keeping up with him at about 60! He said he went to a spiritual Medicine man and he said it had nothing to do with him, but had died and was mad at one of the women.

Maybe I should try and get ghost hunters out here to try and debunk them, eh?


4. The Vanishing Car

Late at night, saw a car parked in a school parking lot. One entrance/exit. Made a U turn to enter the lot, lost sight of the car for just a few seconds. The car just disappeared in those seconds. I will never forget it. Don’t know if it was a tired mind playing tricks on me or what. Gave me the creeps though.


5. The Keyholder

Myself and a buddy on my squad responded to an alarm. The incident location was an old office type building that had been converted to doctor’s offices. There was a pharmacy attached to it. Our dispatch received a motion signal from an upstairs office. Key holder arrives on scene and we go in to secure the building. The stairs were locked behind a door that, of course, the key holder didn’t have keys too, so we took the elevator up to the second floor (not the most tactically sourd option, I know).

Elevator opens to a pitch black hallway… except for one overhead light at the end of the hall. We start checking doors, and so far all are secured. We get to the last office, and sure enough, the door is unlocked. We make entry and observe it to be an unused office. The door opens to a sizable waiting room and reception area. There were about 10 or 12 exam rooms, all cleared with no hiccups.

We exit the office and immediately, something seems off. That is when I realize the overhead light at our end of the hallway that had been on was now off, replaced by another light over by the elevators. I look at my squad mate and he is completely white. I ask him what is wrong and he says, “Weren’t all those doors we just checked closed and locked.” I tell him yay, so. Buddy says, “Well now they’re all standing open.” Sure enough, all the offices down the hallway we had just checked were now standing open. Pucker factor sinks in at this point.

So we start clearing offices and securing offices. We finish the last office, and on our way out, just before we turn the corner to get into the waiting area, the main door just slams shut. Then, our radios start going nuts with some kind of static feedback. Now I just want to get the hell out of there.

We get back in the elevator and head down to the first floor to make contact with the key holder again. However, key holder is no where to be found. I contact dispatch and request a call back number for the key holder so I can advise him of what we found. Dispatch states that the key holder was still enroute to us and was advising an eta of 5 minutes. I advise dispatch that we had already been out with the key holder. Dispatch requests I give them a call.

I call dispatch and she tells me that there is no way we were out with a key holder. She states that the alarm company had only just made contact with one. Eventually, the “real” keyholder arrives on scene and I ask her about the man that had let us in the building (the first key holder). She asked me to describe him, so I did. She states that that sounds like one of the doctors that used to lease the office on the second floor AT THE END OF THE HALL. She then states that he had committed suicide at his summer home several days ago.

I still won’t go back there.


6. The Country Club

We have an old Country Club in my response area. It can be pretty creepy at night. The head caretaker is pretty mater of fact about it being haunted. He has been there long enough and seen enough that he’s indifferent about it being haunted. He tells us that he hears voices all the time when he opens it up at about 0500 hrs. I ran after a shadowy figure myself during an alarm call. It disappeared around a corner and wet grass showed our tracks very well, no other tracks were found once we cleared the corner. Other officers have shared similar stories of people disappearing around corners with nowhere to go.


7. Lovers Leap

Got a campground that is on a bluff. Ive had several (in the area of 7-10) different groups of campers tell me that they have seen a man and woman in older clothes walk through the campground to the bluff then just disappear.

I always blew it off as bs until i was walking through the campground with an older guy who had sold us a piece of the land. He told me that the bluff used to be called lovers leap because of a couple who had jumped off of it at one point.


8. The Cemetery

I’m not too fond of our old cemetery and I go in there with every take down, alley light and high beam on at night.

A while back an officer swore he saw a large fire in the cemetery from the road adjacent to it, called out fire dept and nothing was out there.

Two officers and a security guard searched an abandoned school here (a little girl was killed there a few years prior) after getting calls of shadows in the windows by neighbors. One officer jumped like 4 feet to the side after swearing he saw a face in an old mirror on the floor.


9. Checking In

In a department I used to work for an old lady with some mental disorder lived alone on a seldom-used dirt road. She died one alone one day and we discovered the body after her brother called in a check well-being on her. After everything was taken care of and the body removed, we left. For some reason for a few days after that we would get multiple 911 hang-up calls from that house. Weird.


10. Phantom Caller

There is an abandoned house in my district that Officers would get sent to for 911 calls.

Never anyone there, not even a phone.

Once the Dispatcher who received the 911 call from that house said she could hear a woman’s voice on the other end, but it was too fuzzy and she couldn’t understand anything.


11. Over the Shoulder

Before I was a reserve at my department, a former full time officer and another reserve took a call of an upstairs window, of an older house in the city, being broken from the outside, I think a rock thrown through it. The reserve was downstairs talking to the old lady that owned the house taking the report. The full time officer decided to go into the room where the window was broken and take a photo of the window for documentation.

Of course they still had the older polaroid cameras, he stood facing the window and took the picture… He put the photo in his pocket not thinking anything about it. Flash forward to when he takes the picture out to look at it.. and next to his head holding the camera there is a face looking over his shoulder that showed up in the window. When I was told this story I was a little spooked and thought they were setting me up for a rookie’s welcome but nope.


12. The School

There’s a school in my area that was constantly getting alarms at night. Finally someone put in a microphone and supposedly voices of children laughing or playing were heard, but it sounded weird like there was a “shimmering” effect to the voices.


13. The Hospital

A few years back, prior to sworn LEO, I worked as a Security Guard at a hospital. Sounds cool, and it was, except for the fact it was 9pm to 7am, I worked alone, and the hospital I guarded was abandoned.

A year prior, the hospital built a brand new facility to replace their 5 story tall, 1900’s building. When the employees and patients left, they left everything in place. It looked like the people just disappeared in a hurry. Partially full coffee mugs, uniforms hanging on coat racks, wheelchairs in the halls, everything as it was, with a good coating of dust.

I was always a 3rd shift kind of person, I don’t get night ‘jitters’ or scare easily. But this place could do it to the best of em. Every night I would walk (or ride a wheelchair) through the halls that were supposed to be empty/unused. Every night I would end up having to close doors and re-lock them. I would walk one floor, move up to the next, and continue on.

I got a little shaky when an hour after already walking a hallway, I would have to turn off the same hall lights and close the same doors AGAIN in the building. Or when I would be walking a hall and then I would hear footsteps on the floor above me, doors opening and closing, elevators moving from floor to floor, phones ringing, nurse call lights going on, etc.

There were only 3 times I got the “I hate this s#&%” feeling. 1st time I was checking offices on the 4th floor. There was a light on in a locked hallway (no surprise). This hallway hadn’t been renovated since the place was built, short of electricity, so everything was from the 1920’s. Unlock the door, flip the lights, walk out, re-lock the door, and turn to leave. Behind me I hear the “flip” of a light switch. Through the frosted glass I see the the lights went back on. I left the hallway alone that night.

2nd time was riding an elevator between floors. I was taking the elevator to the top floor, when at about #4 of #5 floors, I hear laughing and muffled talking. It kept getting louder as it got higher. Elevator makes it to #5, doors swing open, and absolute silence. Of course, every light was on on the floor, even in the patient rooms. I checked high and low, not a single living and breathing person in that place except for me.

3rd, and worst of all, was just an average night. I’m on the lower level locking a door in a corridor. The door had a glass middle but on the backside it was covered by white tape. The room it led to it was dark and the hallway a few feet behind me was partially lit, so the glass acted like a perfect mirror. Everything normal, key in, lock clicks, turning the key… When behind me I see the full outline of a person walk past me in the hallway. Clear as day, just a full shadow of a person walk past. I froze only for about a second, and then ran into the hall after the supposed ‘person’. No one, just silence.

Awesome gig, but after a year it felt like I should’ve been an exorcist with all this stuff happening. The other guards that worked on the days opposite to mine had the same stuff happen, except they always saw nuns walking into rooms just outside of an old rectory/chapel on the 3rd floor. Better nuns than something else I guess.

Stop Resisting

14. The Boy

Stop Resisting,

Your post brought back a memory of a ghost story my FTO told me back during training. He used to work as a security guard at the hospital a city over from us. he has 19 years at our dept so this was well before then. He stated that he was doing rounds in an empty floor of the hospital during the night. i believe he said the floor used to be a cancer ward, but was being remodeled or something like that so it was empty. He saw a door open and decided to check inside the room. While he was in there he heard what sounded like the wheels that are connected to an IV holder being rolled across the floor in the hallway outside the room he was in.

He heard it for a little bit and by the time he checked the room and stepped out he heard it no more and there was no one in the hallway. He went down and casually mentioned it to his supervisor who instantly asked him he saw anybody rolling the IV holder. He said no that by the time he got to the hallway the noise had stopped and he’d seen no one in the hallway. The supervisor told him that supposedly there had been stories of a young boy that had been a cancer patient years in the past. The boy had died but supposedly still walked the hallway with his IV holder rolling on the floor. He said patients had seen the boy at their doorway or in other parts of the hospital and when he was questioned would just walk away. The supervisor also said that everyone that had seen him would die within a few days. My FTO said he never heard that noise again while working there.

unknown if it’s true, but he told it to me with a straight face. As for me last weekend I took my wife to the city I work in. She’d always wanted to see the “haunted” cemetery so I took her and stayed until a little after dark. I like to say I do not believe in ghosts, but its still in the back of my mind. Since that night I cannot stop having realistic nightmares.


15. The Night Watch

Anyways I am a security guard and occasionally work nights at a state office building. A few months ago while working 3rd, I was at a desk going through paperwork when one of the elevators down the hall dings and opens. I get up to check it out and see that no one is around. As I am going back to my post it dings again, this time the hairs on my arms stand up and to my amazement hear footsteps running down the hall away from me. I am officially freaked out by this time but I go back to station and continue with the paperwork to ease my mind. About a hour later I have to do my rounds which include taking the service elevator to the 8th floor and checking on the boilers. I get the info I need off the boilers and start down the hall back to the elevators.

As I near the elevator I hear a door opening and slamming three times around the corner. I stop in my tracks, identify myself, and ask whoever is up here to show themselves and identify. A couple seconds pass I heard the door slam again and footsteps running down the hall, I peek around the corner and no one is in sight. At this point I S@#T a brick, run as fast as I can to the elevator and get back to my post. I stayed in that chair until my relief showed up in the morning lol. I told him what happened and all he could say is “Yeah, that happens around here sometimes” I have worked there numerous times on 3rd but have not had another encounter yet. Sorry for the long post just trying to put you there.



16. Missing Person Call

When I was a municipal cop, I was sent to a missing person/runaway juvenile call. The town I worked in was inner city and poor, but it was one of the better streets in town and the family was squared away (the husband and wife were both educators). While I was taking the report of their runaway teenage daughter in the family’s living room, an older daughter who was in the room pointed toward a hallway and yelled, “Grandma!” The husband ran into the hallway yelling, “Ma, Ma!” The husband returned to the living room, and asked, “Officer, did you see her? Did you see my mother?” I told him I had not, and asked him why it was remarkable that his mother had walked down the hallway. The husband replied, “She died last year. We see her walking around the house all the time.”

I took the rest of the report while standing on the front porch.


17. Missing Patient

I am an EMT in north-New Jersey.

One night while on call, we got dispatched for a check the welfare of a 50 y/o man that lives alone in one of our apartment buildings. We arrive with PD, and we both go in to find him unconscious on the ground. We start treatment, PD goes to talk to landlord and original 911 caller.

We deduce that he fainted, and as he is gathering his senses, I step out to talk to the original caller to see if they know exactly what happened.

I get back to find my partner, looking confused, looking around the room. Our patient is gone. And so is my adult re breather mask.

Apparently, my partner went into another room to catalog the medications our patient was taking, and came back to find our patient gone.

Weirdest thing that ever happened to me. Still don’t know if PD ever found him. Didn’t want to know.


18. The Eyes

I work for a Tribal Police Department as well, and believe me the spirits here can get to you. There is a section of Florida road between Dade and Collier counties known as the Western Camps; Dade-Collier airport is located here.

Anyway, while on midnight shift I was patrolling this area and called an area check. My radio worked absolutely fine. Just then, that commercial for the movie “Fourth Kind” played on my FM radio… I immediately became spooked. A couple of miles down the road, I called another check and got nothing but loud static. Since I was near the end of my check, I decided to turn around, and when I did I froze. Tons and tons of eyes staring at me from in the water, in the trees, and on the road. I couldn’t tell whether they were alligators or what not, but I flew back East to familiar territory.

Another officer who works with us said he was doing the same check and heard someone knock on the back window of his patrol car while he was stopped. He stepped out of the vehicle with his weapon drawn, but saw absolutely nobody.

I hate going out there.

The SSheriff

19. A Series of Events

On one of our zone checks, there’s an old insane asylum, where epileptics, the retarded, people with cerebral palsy, and other things used to be locked up long ago, in less enlightened times. The road up to the place is just gravel-topped, and the forest is thick and heavy, right up to the shoulders of the road, with the branches hanging over… It’s eerie as hell up there. The gates are padlocked…

I was doing a twelve-hour stint in the jail, as part of my training. This jail was built in the 1800’s, and is still in use. It was a Sunday, so they had the med-call. One by one, the prisoners that were being given medication, or were scheduling physical exams were brought in, and then the cell blocks were locked, again. One of the jailers and I had just finished locking the last block, and I saw a shadow cross the floor, heading towards the nurse’s station. I ran around the corner, thinking that someone was sneaking back into the nurse’s station to steal medications, or something. I got there, and the nurse’s station was empty. The jailer saw me tear-*** down the hall, and when I explained what I’d seen, he chuckled, and said, “Oh, you saw Ms. Rose.” There was no explanation or back-story given, except that she was the resident ghost, and several people had seen her.

I used to be a bartender for the VFW, when I was stationed in Japan. Camp Zama used to be a Japanese army post, but the US Army uses it. Many of the buildings are left over from the 1930’s and 40’s, and still in use. The VFW bar was on the second floor of the building. You went up two flights of outdoor stairs, and when you entered the foyer, there was the old movie theater, with a bunch of old couches and stuff stacked up in the alcove where the doors into the old theater were.

Turning left down the hall, you went through a couple of swinging double doors and into the bar. The only two people with keys to the place were myself and an old grizzled fella’ who was the proprietor. At the end of each night, we’d put away all the bottles, knock the balls off the pool tables into the pockets, put all of the chairs on top of the tables, and then lock up.

We’d come back the next day and find chairs down, balls on the tables, bottles and glasses on the bar… We just always accepted that we had ghosts.

My wife and I were living in the city of Togane, on the Chiba Peninsula, and we’d be lying in bed and hear someone sloshing around in the downstairs bath, hear footsteps on the stairs, hear voices and laughter in our garden….

Of course, there was never anybody there. I’ve always been a skeptic, and then found myself becoming an agnostic, as far as ghosts are concerned. I am a believer, now. There are things for which there is no explanation.

One last story: I was stationed at Camp Zama, and worked for three years at the Army clinic, there. Every couple of weeks, my sergeant and I would load up a big oxygen cylinder into the ambulance and carry out to Mr. Everett, who was an old retired fella’, who’d worked for the Dept. Of Defense and lived in Army housing on base. We’d switch out his cylinders, load the empty into the back of the ambulance, and then I’d sit and talk with Mr. Everett for a bit, since he was more or less a shut-in and had no family.

I’d accrued 45 days of leave and was told that I’d have to take a block of leave, or else I’d lose it, so I took a thirty-day leave. When I returned, I continued going about my duties. After about a month, I realized that we’d not been out to see Mr. Everett. I asked one of the Japanese nurses about it, and she said, “No one told you? Mr. Everett was medevaced to Hawaii, and he died of congestive heart failure. No great surprise: I’d seen his X-rays and his heart was the size of cow’s heart… I was saddened, though. He was a cool old guy, and I’d enjoyed talking to him. His voice was very gravelly and very distinctive because of his COPD or emphysema….

About a month later, I was sleeping at my girlfriend’s place, and I dreamt I was in a shopping mall that was all done in aqua-blue tile. In the center of the promenade, there was a massive fountain, over the top of which, was an ornate stained-glass window set into the ceiling.

The loudspeaker crackled and Mr. Everett’s voice came, “Those who are not an ‘A, B, C, or D,’ please leave.” In the dream, I knew that the letters were job designators for those in the medical field, so I stayed. Everyone else in the mall filed out. It was totally silent and I was the only one left. I could hear the rushing of the water in the fountain…This dream was THAT real!

The speaker crackled again, and Mr. Everett said, “I just wanted to say thank you….”

I awoke with tears streaming down the sides of my face…

There is no doubt in my mind that he came back to thank me….

BCSD Frank

20. Screams

Growing up I was an avid deer hunter, and I lived near a heavily wooded timber (roughly 700 acres) that is just infested with whitetails. By the grace of God, the landowner let me hunt on it because I did work for her. The timber is split in the middle by a county road. On the north side is an old tiny cemetery that is basically “full”. On the south side is a larger, more up to date cemetery. Morbidly enough, I have two plots there…lol

Anyway, in the early fall, just after school started (I was in high school at the time), a girl I went to school with (Tanya) died in a car accident. It took a day or so for anyone to find her, sadly enough. She was buried in the cemetery roughly a month before deer season opened. One morning I was in my stand early. The cemetery was roughly 300 yards away from my tree stand. It was quiet as could be, and I’m just biding my time until legal light when the most god-awful scream filled the timber. Loud, long, blood curdling scream. It scared the holiest of **** out of me! I froze and every hair on my body stood on end. Then I could distinctly hear a female voice faintly screaming “help me”, over and over, for a good minute. Freaked out doesn’t even begin to describe it and I sure as heck wasn’t about to go wandering through the timber in the dark looking for someone. All I had was my bow. I sat tight and convinced that if anyone/anything came down the hill from the cemetery was gonna get shish-ka-bobbed! I sat until it was light enough to see clearly and got the hell out. 2 of my buddies and I walked that whole area later that day and found nothing. I’m fully convinced to this day that what I heard was Tanya’s screams during & after her crash.

Sgt. 10-42

21. The Phonecall

Back in ’87 an A-7 Corsair crashed in to the Ramada here in Indianapolis. The story was there was a Boy Scout Troop staying in the hotel. One of the boys placed a call to his parents after the crash and said “Dad tell mom I’m fine, everything is alright, don’t worry….” and the line was disconnected. The parents were already watching the news and saw what was happening and drove to Indy to get their son. When they arrived the Chaplin from Wayne Fire broke the bad news that their son was killed in the crash. The father said there is no way because he spoke to his son after the crash on the phone. The Chaplin explained their son was found in the lobby where the majority of the damage and fire took place. He was found by the pay phones.

Later it was determined that a call came from a lobby phone, 20 minutes after the plane struck the building.


22. The Morgue

One of the first nights after I finished FTO, I was doing our security checks. Obviously if something is unsecure, we have to clear it then secure it. Everything was going fine until I reach an old 3 story WWII morgue turned supply building. The corporal I was with refused to go with me so I was stuck clearing it myself. I heard so many footsteps behind me even though absolutely no one was in the building with me, cold gusts of air in the middle of August and lights turning on and off when I am on the complete other side of the floor in 5 minutes I was in there. Also it is situated right next to train tracks that they used to bring the bodies in on. You could hear trains stopping right outside of the building and when I went to look, nothing. I came out pale white and told the corporal what happened, thats when they decided to tell me that it was actually an old morgue. Still to this day refuse to go in there at night.

Two other stories revolve around our headquarters building. The first one is, while they were renovating the building, only we had keys to the doors. Well when you have to make a head call while at our gate, that’s where you go. One night at about 01, someone needed to go. He walked in to the building and saw someone standing there. He looked at him and he was just standing on the stairs in the old green uniforms like the ones from the movie Full Metal Jacket. The sentry asked him the basic questions and the Marine just turned and walked up the steps. The sentry went to follow him asking for backup and heard a door slam before he got up the stairs. He stayed at the top of the stairs until back up arrived and 4 people cleared the entire building. Never found anyone.

Also, our headquarters building has our medical clinic in it. Once again at night, someone needed to go in there and heard a baby crying from the medical corridor and saw the light on in there. When he made his way down the hall the light wasn’t on and as he got to the door, no crying. So he walked back down and the crying started up again. He never went to the bathroom…


23. The University

There’s an old mansion called the Sealy House in Galveston and it is part of the University’s property that I used to work for as a University Cop. It was basically converted to a bunch of offices and different things, there was even a recording studio in one of the rooms. So I get an alarm there one evening or night and as I’m checking this monstrosity, I hear music start up so I make my way to the recording studio and as I get closer the music stops. I close the room door and continue checking the place, and I hear voices, can’t quite figure out where they are coming from. As I make my way back out of the mansion, I notice that many of the doors that I closed were no wide open and the music has begun again. I cleared the alarm as false and left. I can’t say I wasn’t spooked but I was also intrigued.

Fast forward to August 2005, we moved into our new home, my daughter is 10 months old. The house is older and according to our realtor, and a neighbor, it was owned by an older couple. The woman died first of natural causes and the husband followed about 6 months later. One day, I pass by my daughter’s room and she’s sitting on the floor and the dog and cat are right next to her. They are all looking up at the corner of her room just staring and the dog is letting out a low growl. I call my wife over and she grabs my daughter and runs from the room. Late one night, my wife and I go to bed and we are laying there when the corner of the bed at the end goes down, as if someone has sat down. We look at each other and reaffirm that we are both lying down and then sit straight up only to find there is nothing there… least, not anymore. While I was at work one night, my wife had an experience in which our daughter was crying so she went into her room and found my daughter standing up in the crib and the crib was vibrating…and while we had one of those motors to do such a thing, we had not connected it yet. The other incident that I can remember is my daughter was in her room, looking up at the corner and I asked her what she was doing. She replied, “he angry”. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I said, “who sweetie, who is angry?” She said, “the man, the man angry.” We later learned that the older man who lived her previously fell off a ladder while in my daughter’s room, and he slammed his head, which apparently precipitated his death. We’ve had some other weird things happen, like when painting our kitchen cabinets, certain stains that were there would not get covered up no matter how many coats of paint we put over it……. Sometimes I still feel a presence so to speak but nothing major has happened for quite some time.


24. A Haunted House

Years ago I moved into an old Victorian. The house had been the home of the original builder, and then his son lived here until he died at the age of 101. The family that I bought it from had lived there for the three years since the old man died, and was willing to give me immediate occupancy. When I first looked at the house I noticed that every single room in the house had a crucifix on the wall, and that several rooms had framed prayers for safety and protection on the walls as well. As my wife and I walked through I joked about the crosses being there to protect the home owner from specters and such, much to her annoyance, as she believed in that type of thing and I did not.

Well, we bought the house, and moved in. At that time I had a very large GS dog, and he lived until shortly after my daughter was born. During the six months or so that he was still alive after she was born, he would always stay by her side. Then, old age caught up to him, and he died.

When my daughter was about three, she started crying one night. I went in her room and asked her what was wrong. She said, and I quote, “They won’t let me sleep.” I said, “Who won’t let you sleep honey?” and she responded, “The old man and the big dog.” I asked her where they were, and she pointed to her left by the wall. I asked what they were doing, and she said something to the effect of, “The old man is mad because he lives here, but the big dog is my friend.”

I took her to my room, and turned on all the lights.

She never mentioned it again, but one day when she was five she went through a family album and pointed to the picture of the GSD. She said, “That’s my dog… I miss him, he was my friend. He died.” My wife and I just looked at each other, and never said anything to her about it.

Not exactly a ghost story, but it gave me the chills the night it happened.

The second weird happening was in the daylight, and I am not exactly sure what it was. I was helping my wife with the chores, and she asked me to carry something down to the old cellar. I grabbed the item, and walked down the staircase. As I rounded the corner a “man” ran directly at me. He was dark and feature-less, and moving very quickly up the stairs. I dropped the box and put my hand up to push him away. Only he ran right through me. I spun around and no one was behind me. I went back upstairs and my wife said the stereotypical, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” I was totally freaked out. I searched the whole house, and went back and measured the room to either side of me on the stairs. There was no way an adult could get past me without a major collision. To this day I don’t know if I fell into some type of dream state; or if the pot smoking of the ’70’s was finally catching up to me, or if it was something… else.

Third one…

My wife and I were in the basement putting water proof paint on some of the exterior walls. We heard someone coming down the stairs from way up in the house.. “thump, thump, thump.. tread, tread, tread,” My wife’s eyes went wide, and she whispered “Who is that?” I shook my head as the steps continued down, and I searched around me for a weapon. I grabbed a hammer, and started slowly up the stairs toward the first floor. This whole time I could hear the steps coming steadily, and quickly, down the stairs. Each flight has six steps and a landing, except the last flight which has eight. I heard the steps come down right above my head and down the last landing toward the doorway that I was behind. I held that hammer tighter than the doorway to the first plane that I ever jumped out of, and leapt around the corner to face the burglar, right as he reached my doorway… and no one was there. There was no more noise, and no one in the home. I had my wife go outside and get the neighbor (also a cop) and we checked the entire house (after I got my pistol!). No one else came in, or left, and there was no one in the home.

Again, not exactly a ghost story, but it scared the heck out of me.

The last one also happened on the stairs, only it was my wife who related the story to me. It started with a phone call to me in which she was whispering that she was scared and that she thought someone was in the house.

At that time the town we live in had no PD, and the county sheriff would have taken longer to get there than I would have. So I jumped in the car and went home at Mach 6. On the way I kept her on the phone, and she related the story to me. She said that she was in bed reading when the dog, also a German Shepard, suddenly stood up and walked to the landing. She said all of a sudden she heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and the hair on the dog’s back stood up. She said he was staring at the stairs and growling, and that as the footsteps got louder the dog tucked his tail and began backing up, still looking at the stairs and growling.

She said the footsteps stopped, and that the dog gave a little “Wuff” noise and then lay back down in her doorway.

A quick check of the house showed the doors and windows were secure, and that the alarm system was good.

After she went to bed I gave the dog a biscuit and then went back to work.

Ghosts? You decide. As for me, I still love the home, but sometimes I still have to steel myself before I turn off the lights.


25. The Barracks

We kinda have had the same thing happen in the barracks here. Two of the guys that I used to work with who’ve long since left on different occasions seen a man in their room. The first guy was sleeping one day and just woke up and was paralysed. All he was able to see was a man holding him down, he couldn’t speak at all and his roommate was in the bed right next to him sleeping. All of a sudden the guy just turned around and walked into the head, he went to check and the head was still locked on from the inside, absolutely no way someone left, and his door was locked and his roommate never heard or seen anything. He switched rooms right after that happened and had a crucifix over every door in any room he ever lived in.

Another guy was sitting in his room on his laptop one day and felt like someone was looking at him. He looked up and saw the man and instantly looked out of place, the man was wearing 70’s era clothing, so my buddy questioned him and the guy said nothing walked into the head and into the shower and vanished from there. He was hysterical for 2 days and wouldn’t talk to anyone.

One more story we have is one night our patrol car was out driving and to get to one part of our facility, long ago you had to manually open a gate, drive through then lock the gate behind you. Well it was 0-dark-thirty and no one was out and he went open the gate and he just glances behind his vehicle and sees a girl standing there looking at him. He then gets in his car to drive through and as he did he looked in his rearview mirror, she was about 3 feet from the bumper. He sped away leaving the gate wide open and didn’t go back out there all night.


26. Cemetery 2

This one was told to me by a Columbus officer that works the West side. In the Hilltop area of Columbus (not a place to go without a gun… you could end up as a ghost!) there is a cemetery called Camp Chase. It has over 2000 confederate graves packed together and surrounded by a large stone wall. In the center is a statue of a civil war era soldier, and a large rock with writing on it.

The officer that told me this, said that he often chased kids out of there, as they would sneak in for a quiet place to light up a doobie or to drink a beer. He said one night he stopped his car down from the gate and heard some teenagers in there playing around. He said that he decided to scare them, and started to look for a quick way around the back, where he might be able to sneak in undetected.

He said he heard one of the boys say, “What was that?” and numerous follow up comments from the other kids. He said he stood still as he was afraid that they had heard him. He heard them say it again, and one kid start to whimper. He then said they started to yell, and he could hear a girl crying, so he dropped the idea of scaring them and ran around to the front gates. He said that as he ran in, they came running out past him, yelling all the way.

He told me that when he got inside he shined his light all around, and didn’t see anything. He said he then walked over to the side of the wall where he had heard them, and smiled, because they had abandoned their beer and their penthouse magazine.

He said that right then he saw something move out of the corner of his eye, like a flash of smoke between the stones about 15 stones away. He said he shined his light over there, and started to walk toward the area, thinking that maybe one of the kids had stayed behind. He said he then saw the flash of grayish smoke about 10 stones away, again to his left, even though he was now heading toward where he had originally seen it.

He said he did a quick 360, shining his light all over the place. About that time he heard a woman’s voice, but he couldn’t make out the words. He said the voice just sounded alternately sad and angry. He told me that he kept spinning around, and that he saw the “misty form” moving as fast as a college sprinter, in a tighter and tighter circle around him. He said that in two quick revolutions it went from about 5 stones away to about 2, and all the while the voice of this woman kept getting louder, at this point like a hysterical crying.

He said that when the thing went around him the last time he tripped against a stone while moving backwards, fell, and dropped his light, which went out. He told me that he just had the most horrible feeling, like if he didn’t get up right then a pair of hands was going to grab him from the grave he landed on. He said he jumped straight up, and ran as fast as he could, through the gate and across the street.

He told me that it took him ten minutes to work up the courage to go back to his cruiser by the wall.

I’ve been in there, and I think it is a neat place. I would go back again. Then again, I haven’t been chased by a gray, wailing, mist creature.


27. The Baby

Used to work as a armed security guard for a homeland security bought town called Playas. The town was started in the 60’s for miners to live at. After the smelter closed, all the miners left and the government bought the town to train people. Town had about 500 buildings in it. A few structures in the middle, like a store, bowling alley, bar, school complex, most of the buildings were small houses, and only about 40 of those actually had people living in them. So it equaled about 250 abandoned buildings and houses that hadn’t been used in 40+ years.

Here’s the wiki on Playas. You might of heard of it on the news.,_New_Mexico

FIRST DAY of work, me and my trainer finish the entire shift of checking doors and buildings. We get to one of the last ones, which is a abandoned medical clinic. It’s about 2300 hours. The two of us are joking around and laughing, we check the main door to the clinic, it’s locked, we check the rear exit, and it’s open.

My trainer at this point looks pretty weirded out, and he gets REAL serious all of a sudden. We agree to clear the building and go in. Everythings fine, just a bunch of empty offices and patient rooms. We get to the end of the clinic, where there was an old Xray room. Complete with all the equipment still there, just covered in dust. A steel Xray bed was in the middle of the room. The room had a BAD feeling about it. Like when you enter a room where there’s a lot of tension going on? We clear it, and head out.

We start to exit the clinic, joking again. I put my hand on the door knob to exit the clinic, and THE SECOND I put my hand on it, we both hear a baby crying REALLY LOUD in the Xray room. We rush back into the Xray room….Nothing! Whatever, probably a rusty old air conditioner or something? We exit, and end our shift.

A week later, I’m on my own to check all the buildings. I get near the end of the shift, check the clinic.  THANK GOD! Both doors are secure! As I’m walking away with a smile on my face, my radio squelches…and I hear the SAME BABY cry over the radio. Needless to say, walked back to the main office with a pucker factor or 10.


28. The Park

At the park I work at there is a lighthouse on a bluff. There is a tour company that has a nightly “ghost tour” that stops there and at the two cemeteries in the park. Every year they come up with more stories about the ghosts that haunt the area. All but two of the stories are baseless. One of the stories about the lighthouse is that back in the 70’s a ranger was doing a security check and saw a little boy standing in the parking lot. When the officer approached the boy he ran towards the lighthouse and stopped and turned around. The ranger walked toward him and told the kid not to run and that he wasn’t in any trouble he just wanted to know why he was there. The kid turned around and ran across the lawn and through a stone wall (about 10ft on the other side of the wall is the bluff) and disappeared. One of the ‘ol-timers says that the story is BS but he refuses to go up there at night.

I can attest that at night the place has a creepy “vibe” and I hate doing security checks (so I do them when it’s still light out). I have heard stories that many people have heard music coming from the lighthouse at night. One of the keeper’s families all played an instrument (7 kids). One night I swear I heard something inside so I checked all the doors and window shutters and got out of here asap.

I’m surprised there aren’t more stories about ghosts in the park, it all use to be farmsteads, an Indian village (and confirmed burial ground), two cemeteries, an observation tower where a lady jumped from back in 2005 (?), the golf course where one of the grounds keepers back in the 70’s saw and interacted with UFOs/aliens (but I think he was trimming a different kind of grass), and a lot more stuff that is stereotypical.

When I was about 3-4 my older sister came into my room because she woke up and heard me talking. She saw me sitting up in my bed and I was talking as if I was carrying on a conversation with someone. She asked me who I was talking to and I said “the man sitting at the end of my bed.” I’m glad I don’t remember that one. We had a resident ghost at that house. We figured it was Mr. Krause the former owner who’s room was now my room. I always heard footsteps in my room and had a couple other odd instances but nothing malicious.

WI Ranger

29. The Shadow

I was sitting in the flat of a hill, monitoring traffic. It was about 2-3am. Where I was sitting; its a well known spot where an unsolved murder victim was found about 26 years ago. No other officers would sit here, even though citizens are constantly doing 15-20mph over the limit in this area.

As I was sitting there I saw a shadow cross the back of my unit, coming from the passenger side. Almost immediately afterwards the shadow came up the driver side of my unit then across the front. Mind you its completely dark in this area, and the only lighting around me is from the moon.

Thinking the worst, I turn on all my lights to light up the area to see if I can see who, or what is around me. —– Nothing.

I figured it was time to leave that area. Once I got to a lighted area I stopped and realized that my camera was recording from where I hit my emergency lights. I reviewed the footage and you can see where a figure starts from the driver front of my unit, then for a half a second the entire camera goes black, as if someone put their finger over the lens, then it goes back to normal.

Needless to say, I haven’t sat back in that spot yet.


30. A Haunted house

Two weeks before I joined the military, I was staying with family members until I enlisted. One of those family members is on my mother’s side. I was staying with my aunt and her daughter, my cousin. I was working for the post office on 3rd shift, so I would sleep from about 7am to 4 pm before I had to report back to work. We knew the house they lived in was sort of haunted, but I blew it off. One day, while my mom was visiting, we were playing cards in the basement. Upstairs, we heard a door close and footsteps on the stairs. I thought, WTF? Went upstairs and saw no one. My aunt said, “Oh that’s just the ghost”. Freaked me out, but I blew that off too. Then one day while I was sleeping, I woke up to the front door closing. It was about 3 pm, so I thought it was my young cousin coming home from school. I heard her come up the stairs leading to the room I was sleeping in, so I said “Hey Tiffany, make me a turkey sandwich, Homie”. No answer. I get up and look, no one is in the house. Ten minutes later, I see Tiff get off the bus.

With no where else to stay…I joined the Army the next day…two weeks early..scared the crap out of me..

I am a firm believer that if you speak them into existence, you are inviting them into your life. I have seen a lot of ghosts and my mom has told me a lot of stories. Alot of spells and “I’ll cast a root on you” stories from my youth. A Lot of witchcraft. I once had an aunt who was into spells and such. My grandmother got into an altercation with her once. My great grandfather surrounded the house with some type of powder and said she would never enter the house again. Over the next 40 years of living right next door, she never entered the house, I noticed this even as an adult, she always had an excuse why she wouldn’t come into the house, She would only come to the edge of the yard…

I also had another aunt. My mother relayed this story, but I do believe her. She said as kids, they were sitting in the back seat of a car before going somewhere. Out of the blue, the child (my aunt) would be smacked as if an adult had hit her. She even had the handprint on her face. No one else was in the car. My grandfather had to take her to a type of witch doctor to have whatever it was removed from the child. My mother said she saw this first hand. It is said the smacking did not stop for years afterward. Just out of the blue, a vicious smack. My aunt died very young, 20 something..