There are few items that send chills running down the spine, as quickly as the mention of a Ouija Board.

Many people have their own unexplainable stories, and many more refuse to go near them.

Redditors were recently asked: To those who played with a Ouija Board…do tell. Here are 7 real and terrifying ouija board experiences…

The Separated Lovers

“Here’s a Ouija story that still freaks me out to this day, so I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. While stationed in Germany in the early 2000’s me and a group of friends decided to play the Ouija board in our military dorm rooms. Only four of us actually played while a couple more people drank and watched us.

After a couple minutes of us joking around we started asking more serious questions. We eventually got in contact with a teen girl who told us she was looking for her bf. She said that they were driving back from a Grateful Dead concert when they crashed their car and died, and she hasn’t seen him since. The road they crashed on was one we knew well; it connected two Air Force bases and was pretty curvy and dangerous, and a lot of people had crashed and died driving it.

After a couple minutes of small talk she told us she had to leave but asked us if we could please find her bf for her and gave us his name (I forgot it over the years). We eventually were able to make contact with him, and when we asked him if he knew Sheryl (the girls name) he said yes. She was his true love and he regretted not being able to be with her, and missed her very much. He told us to tell her that he’d always love her and that he was sorry. When we asked him what he was sorry about he just spelled out random letters until he eventually stopped communicating with us.

After around 10 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to get in touch with Sheryl and her bf again, we finally got in contact with an older woman. She seemed really sweet and nice, and she said she knew Sheryl. When we asked her why she was unable to find her bf she said it was because Sheryl was in heaven and her bf was in HELL. It was at that moment where the candles in the room flickered out, and we all jumped up and turned the lights on.

Needless to say everyone got pretty freaked out and decided to stop playing, and we never really talked about it after that. It’s been over ten years and it still freaks me out thinking about that night, but if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.”

The Sister

“My best friend’s family used to play with one all of the time, but because of some of the things that happened, she’s never touched one.

Her sister first started to use one when my friend was an infant. Strange things happened at that house. Her sister looked outside of the window one day (and this was in the middle of the day), and saw a black family, dressed in clothes from maybe the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th century, staring back at her. Another time, my friend’s family heard my friend crying. Her mom went to investigate, and said the reason that my friend was crying was because something was pulling on her limbs, and wouldn’t let her move. Other weird things happened, like paint popping off of the kitchen walls and things moving around in front of them. Her mom said that when she was pushing my friend around the house in a stroller while talking on the phone, she saw a red door pop up in front of her. No idea what that means.

Then they moved to a new house, and continued to use the Ouija board. Other weird things happened in that house, too, and I’ve always gotten an uncomfortable feeling from being in it (and this was when I was 9, way before I knew about any of the stuff that actually happened). My friend saw and heard things move around in her room, and her brother used to hear someone walk up the stairs, open my friend’s bedroom door, and close it. He assumed it was her, but he freaked out when he actually heard her voice the second time, meaning that the first instance wasn’t her. This was a regular occurrence.

I’m not sure of the authenticity of this next story, because it DOES sound fishy, and I don’t blame you if you don’t believe it. But her sister is not very intelligent (she spent two years in high school before she dropped out, and had only earned a gym credit), so I don’t know how/why she would lie about this. Anyway, her sister said that she was playing with the board one day, and when she asked who she was “speaking” to, she got a weird name. It struck her as odd, but she didn’t really worry about it. Weeks later, she watched a special on the History channel or something; they were discussing demonology. She recognized one of the names as being the strange one she had encountered through the Ouija board. :/ This was a long time ago, so my friend and I can’t remember the exact name. All we can remember is that it (supposedly) resembles a ram, and that we were able to find information on it on the interwebs.

Oh, and her sister is…sensitive? For several years now, every time she has a dream about a dying bird, that means something bad is going to happen to her family within the next few days. Every time she told them about it, someone died, got really injured, got really sick, etc. I’m sure that her sensitivity makes her using a Ouija board a different experience.

EDIT: I just remembered that her sister used to perform seances with her friends, which I doubt helped the state of that household. Sorry, I don’t have any specific details as to what went down during these seances, but because of how sensitive she is, I doubt that anything good came out of them. Also, since my friend’s brother moved in with their grandmother, she’s mentioned to my friend that she keeps seeing a little boy outside, on her porch. She did not see him before her brother moved in, and we KNOW that he still plays with that damn board.”

The Stalker

“I had a ouija and we would play with it a lot. The spirit was named Paul, and he said he was 18 when he died, he died in my hometown in the 1800s, and he said his mom killed him.

He started getting overly talkative and obsessed with me. My initials are KLM, and he would circle the letters over and over until I got on the ouija. He started telling me that his mom is in hell and I have to get her out. She said I had to find a guy named Logan W. that’s a priest in the Midwest US and that he’s god’s helper. And that I’m the only person on earth that can help him.

Then he tells me that he’s inside of me until I die.

I gave the ouija away. If I’ve ever been around a ouija since it’s been Paul and he’s asking for me. I won’t even be on the ouija. Just in the same room. I don’t even go around ouijas now.”

The Demon

“I’ve shared before, but i will share again. My step dad is the kind of man that doesn’t lie, ever. Which is why i believe his his story about a Ouija board experience he had when he was younger.

He said he had friends over and had a Ouija board and they wanted to play. After a bit of playing around, they made contact with a……being that said it was a demon. His friends were asking it questions but he said the thing pinpointed him. It told my step dad it would visit him again later after midnight. Thoroughly freaked, they put the board away. My step dad fell asleep and with dead seriousness, said he was woken right after 12 by it. Now the demon had told them its name by my step dad refused to tell me, he was genuinely afraid. Anyway he said this thing woke him, it was sitting at the end of his bed, grinning. He said it was small and evil as **** looking, just grinning at him. The thing told him his first child would die and it left.

My step dad said afterwards that he tried to get rid of the board, he first threw it out with the trash. But it didn’t work. He said a few days later, a little black boy that he had never seen in the neighborhood, showed up at his door with the board. He handed it to my step dad and said this is yours and left. So now super freaked, my step dad tried to burn it, but it wouldn’t catch fire, the fire kept dying no matter what he did. So then he dug a very deep hole, put the board in it, placed a bible on top and buried it. He’s not seen the board since.

As far as what the demon predicted, it came true. His first wife miscarried at 3 months.

I wholeheartedly believe my step dad’s story, and it’s why i never got a board or messed with one plays they are very banned in my parents home.”

The Cemetery

“Some of my friends and I brought a Ouija board to a pioneer cemetery in the country and were able to contact one of the women buried there. Normally I would have suspected that one of my friends was moving the planchette, but here’s what happened:

This particular cemetery is out in the cuts, so there was no lighting, and the moon was not full enough to illuminate anything – our flashlights were our only source of light. We walk through the cemetery, set up the board in a clearing and start asking questions. At first it does nothing, but soon starts to move and we get a name: Eliza.

I’m still very skeptical and am wondering which one of these jokers is moving the planchette. Someone asks how old she was when she dies, the Ouija board says 54. We ask if she wants us to stay. She says yes. One of my friends starts shining his flashlight on the gravestones around us, none of which anyone has looked at, which I know because in order to read them properly one would have to shine a light directly on the gravestone. One of the stones closest to us reads Eliza Taylor, 1862-1916. Needless to say, we freak the fuck out and hightail it out of there.

A few days later, I google the cemetery and find that some people have reported seeing some lady in a period dress beckoning them over to the grave of the woman who we think contacted us. Fucking creepy.”

The Unbreakable Board

Last summer I stayed for a couple of weeks in parish with a priest who had a case that involved a ouija board. A young man came into his office a few months before we talked and told Fr. x that he had been to three other churches and they had turned him down or didn’t believe him, so he was went to the catholic guy. His grandmother had gotten him a ouija board about a year ago. He began playing with and got into contact with “something.” He began to feel the urge to use the board more and more. It got to the point that if he wasn’t using it multiple times a day he would begin to become extremely ill, like loss of physical strength to do anything except grab the board. It was at its worst when he began seeking help with churches, primarily because his parents didn’t believe him.

Fr. x went to his house, trying to explain to the parents that the supernatural is in fact real and there is proof in what is happening to their son. After a half hour he convinced them to allow him to bless the home and take the ouija board. When he got back to the parish he attempted to burn the board. However, it simply wouldn’t burn. This is even after pouring gas on it. He then tried to tear the board up, but couldn’t even make a scratch on it. All of this disturbed him because it was cheap board, like something you buy at a toy store. In the end he ended up saying a minor exorcism, blessing the board and then tried to burn it. He said it went up in a matter of seconds.

Anybody who thinks these boards are just games are grossly mistaken. Personally it seems to be too much of a risk. The grave dangers far outweigh any perceived benefit.

The Relative

I’m a “lurker” on this subreddit, for the most part. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of talk on here about Ouija boards being bullcrap and “bunk”, so I thought that I would share a story that, to me at least, refutes this. Honestly, I suppose if I hadn’t had the experience that I had, that I would think they were just toys as well. Certainly in the time since this story happened nothing even close to it has ever happened again, and I’ve tried multiple times with multiple people. Also, I live with a serious skeptic; my husband. He has told me that he would never believe this story if he didn’t know me so intimately, and knows I wouldn’t make it up, and if the story hadn’t been corroborated by other members of my family who are well beyond trustworthy, so I do understand that some disbelief is going to come in to play here. All I can say is that all of the following is entirely true and you can either take my word or not.

So, this happened when I was about 16 years old. I’m 38 now, so that puts it about 1991 or so. It was New Year’s Eve. My parents had a party to go to and, for some reason I can’t remember right now, I wasn’t going out. My older brother and his partner, along with my oldest sister, all decided to come over and stay in with me. Even at 16 my parents didn’t care if I stayed home and got drunk with my much older brother and sister (8 years and 13 years older than I, respectively), so the four of us proceeded to get entirely wasted. Accompanied by a procession of mixed drinks and champagne, we watched the ball drop on TV and did the usual NYE stuff, but after a while we started to get bored and look for things to do. We played some cards, but after a while that got boring as well. I suggested playing with the Ouija board. My friends and I had bought a Ouija board to play with a few weeks earlier and, since my parents were the most “liberal”, I was the one hanging onto it at my house. We’d done a little messing around with it, but the usual teenage bullcrap and accusations of pushing the planchette. Nothing had happened up until now.

Being drunk and open minded, the other three agreed and we got out the board. At first we contacted a spirit that claimed to be named “Naomi” and my sister remembered my great grandmother’s middle name had been Naomi (she’d hated her first name) and we chatted with the spirit for a while. Nothing momentous was said and certainly not anything that would make your hair stand on end. My parents came in and we stopped playing while my brother had to help haul my drunk mother to bed. After that, my sister and my brother’s partner were getting drowsy and both of them decided to crash for the night. My brother and I, however, decided to stay up and keep playing around with the board for a while.

It was nearly 3am at this point. At first, we didn’t get anything at all and we sort of stopped asking questions, just talking with our hands resting on the planchette. Then, it began to move. We asked “Who are you?”. It answered “Eugene”. An unlikely name and we were still fairly drunk, so we laughed at this quite a lot. Eugene seemed like a very nerdy and silly name for a ghost. We asked “Why are you contacting us, Eugene?” We received the answer “Afraid.”

That seemed a bit more serious. We asked “Why are you afraid, Eugene?” It replied “Music. Music.” over and over. Nonsense. Then we got a series of numbers. Puzzling. My brother had the bright idea to turn on the radio to station indicated by the numbers. To our surprise, there really was a station there. The song “Don’t Leave Me Stranded” by Heart was playing. The board immediately started saying “Heart. Heart. Heart.” I thought my brother was just playing off of what he was hearing and was screwing with me. Then it started saying “Don’t go. Don’t leave me. Don’t go. Church. Church. Afraid. Don’t go.” over and over and over. We assured it we weren’t going to go, but it dwindled into nonsense after a while. It was getting really late (early?) and we decided to go to bed.

The next morning, which was nearer to afternoon, we were having New Year’s Day breakfast when the phone rang. My dad answered it and went off into the bedroom to talk. We were still eating when he came back out and said it was my grandmother on the phone. Apparently her brother Eugene in Arizona, whom we weren’t even aware of the existence of, had had a heart attack the night before. He had died multiple times on the table during the night and had to be revived. We were stunned. We told my dad the entire story and he was flabbergasted.

A day or two later, my grandmother called again to update my dad, and he told her the story. She was stunned into silence. She said that, when Eugene had regained consciousness, the first thing he had said was that he was so afraid for his soul because he hadn’t been to church in 20 years and he wanted to go to church immediately and have a preacher come in. It was almost as if we had been some sort of lifeline for him that night.

I, myself, am firmly agnostic. I don’t know what’s out there, but I do know, because of this experience, that there’s something. I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal ever since.