On a recent thread, redditor’s were asked What was the most paranormal experience you’ve experienced? Here are 10 of the most terrifying answers:


When the house we live in today was for sale, we went with our realtor for a tour. The 80+ year old lady who lived there at the time was there. She stayed in the corner bedroom on a bed and read a book while we looked around. After we left, my wife and I thought it was strange that she hung out in that room and not the master bedroom, that the bed in the Master didn’t look like it had been slept in in a while, and that the master bath had clearly not been used in a long time. Once we bought the house, the neighbor told us that the old lady didn’t like to spend any time in the master suite anymore because that’s where her husband, Ray, had died.

Fast forward a few years. My wife is out for the day so it’s just me, our 3-year old and our baby at the house. After putting the baby down for a nap I asked the 3-year-old to hang out in the bedroom while I got a quick shower. He had gotten one of these toys a few days before but had been having a lot of trouble figuring it out. I went in the shower and left him on the bed with that toy and a few others. When I was in the shower I thought I heard him talking to someone – maybe my wife had come home early – but when I got out it was still just me and him. Now, though, he was sitting on the bed, proficiently working the gyro toy. I told my kid I was happy he figured it out and he replied, “Oh it’s easy now that Grandpa Ray showed me how it works.”


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When I was 11 years old, I woke up one night and saw a man standing in my room, opening and closing my dresser drawers. He was tall, pale, and shiny, but he looked corporeal–not translucent or ghostly or anything. I couldn’t move at all, but I pissed myself instantly. I shut my eyes as tight as I could, but when I opened them, he was still there, opening and closing drawers. I kept my eyes closed for a long time, and finally, after what seemed like hours, he was gone. The next morning, a lot of my shirts and pants were tied in knots. I came to the conclusion that I had a very vivid dream, and perhaps my sister played a joke on me by tying my clothes in knots.

Flash forward 15 years. We had long since moved out of the house, and no one had lived there since. I stopped by one day with my mom and two aunts, who had lived in the same house when they were kids. When we walked into my bedroom, my mom and my older aunt start teasing my younger aunt about the “silver man” she saw one time. My jaw hit the fucking floor.



My uncle died a couple of years ago of cancer. A month later, my sister told me that she was having a dream completely unrelated to him, when suddenly he appeared to her, smiled and said “Hey I’m fine now.” She woke up crying because she felt that he was finally at peace.

A week later I was having a dream and suddenly my uncle appeared and smiled at me. I looked at him and said “Phil?” He smiled and shrugged as if to say “Yeah it’s me, you can guess why I’m here because your sister already told you.” I then woke up.

In all honesty, it probably was just my subconscious reacting to what my sister told me, but it was nice nonetheless.



We were supposed to visit my grandparents for Easter, and this dream was on the Thursday night before Good Friday.

My Pappy (who I adored) picked me up in his 64 mustang, and we drove to a large building (like a very skinny church). I got out of the car, looked back and he said “You go without me”. I walked in, and the hallway inside was lined with my family and friends that had been at my Aunt V’s funeral the year before, all standing with their heads down and their hands folded in front of them. I walked down the hallway to the end, where my Aunt D was waiting behind a large desk. She reached out and put her hand over my hand and said “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything”

I woke up early for me, and wondered about the dream. Told my mom. She said that since I had such a wonderful time at my Aunt V’s funeral (we believe that they are a celebration of the life lived) that it meant I would have a good time at my grandparents.

Right after school started, I was called to the office – It turned out my Pappy had a massive heart attack that morning and had passed away. They called after they took him to the hospital. He was letting me know that it would be okay.



My Grandma had a story of how she was getting ready for sleep one night, as a child, and her dad was elsewhere traveling by car. She was drifting off to sleep when she was awoken by what sounded like her dad saying “Vivian!” (her name) really loudly. She sat up in bed and said “Dad?” back, but remembered he wasn’t there and figured it was nothing, and went back to sleep.

Later, when her dad got home, he told her that while he was driving, he started to drift off, and he was about to drive off the road, when he heard her voice saying “Dad?”



I studied abroad in Italy my Junior year of college and lived at this old castle. The students stayed in what is affectionately called “The Croft.” Every night we would hear noises, like someone walking, but we would just assume it was the old wood creaking, or somebody going to use the restroom. One weekend the whole group, except me and two others, decided to go to Milan for the weekend.

Well, one evening, as I lay in bed reading a book and waiting for my friend to get back from the library, I distinctly heard the sound of the croft door open and close. I then heard halting steps on the stairs; these were not subtle creaks, but obvious footsteps, so I assumed it was my friend or his girlfriend coming back, so of course thought nothing of it. Then the steps began to sound closer and closer to my door, but I heard no voices and an unexpected chill crawled down my spine. I felt nervous, so I yelled, “Is that you, Dave?” The steps stopped outside my door, but again no one spoke.

I was starting to become terrified when I heard My friend and his girlfriend walking down the path outside and I immediately stuck my head out my window and called out to them and asked who was in the croft? They replied that no one but me was in there. I did not even hesitate; I jumped out my window, and the moment I was out I heard the door to my room slam open and heard what I can only describe as a whispered scream of rage. No one in the group ever believed me, but I asked the Castle’s cook about it and she explained that there were ghosts in the croft, three in fact.

One little girl that liked to play pranks, one weeping woman, and one malicious man with a hate for the living.



Growing up, I used to spend the night at a house that was (in my opinion) haunted. My friend lived there with her family, and they all thought nothing of the sinks turning themselves on and off at night, sporadically. Not a drip mind you, but a fucking full-on sink for 3 seconds and then nothing. It would wake me up every time and scare the shit out of me. Other haunted shit in this house:

  • The tv turned itself on sometimes, and changed channels by itself. One time we laid in the bed upstairs, talking, and the tv turned on and started slowly flipping through different channels of static.
  • My friend’s bedroom was the bonus room, so she had the door to the attic in her ceiling. If we stayed up talking too late, we would hear warped wood start creaking back and forth across the door. SO scary, when you’re all of 14 years old.
  • WORST THING. This was the thing that made me officially stop going over to her house. One time the whole family packed up and went to Sam’s club to go shopping, and as a bored 14 year old I came with them. The mom locked up the house as usual, we shopped for 30 min tops, and came home. When her mom went inside, she tried flipping on the lights. Didn’t work. She said “I wonder if the power’s out?” and tried other lamps. Nothing. After a swift check of the house, it was discovered that all the light bulbs in the house had been moved to the four corners of the living room. I don’t know why, but I remember crying when we discovered them. For some reason it was deeply scary for me.



My father. Whenever somebody dies in his side of the family, a crow comes to him in his dreams and squawks the person’s name. It happened the first time to him as a 6 year old when his dad died, and then ever since.

Once every couple years he gets up in the morning, says “the crow came again”, takes the day off work, and just waits for the call. I haven’t seen him be wrong yet.



My grandfather had cancer for about 6 years. Towards the end of his life, he told my grandmother that if he made it to heaven after all that he had done, he would send her a rose. Now, he had always tended to a huge rose garden in front of the house and so this was his signature. A few months after his death, a lot of my little cousins were running around the house. They were about 1-2 years old at this time and the house is pretty massive so they disappear and reappear. Isabella went missing for about 20 minutes. After a while of searching for her, she came out of my grandmothers bedroom (where no one ever went in) with 1 solid red rose. She came up to my grandmother and handed it to her, telling her that Papaw wanted her to give it to her for him. He had made it to heaven.



My stepmom died about 4 years ago. My father took it really hard. He had never been particularly religious, and I was never sure about his view on the afterlife or anything related to it. After she died, he would ask for signs all the time. He just wanted, like people do, to know she still existed somewhere.

He had gotten a chain to put her wedding ring on so he could keep it with him, but it kept falling off. He lost it on a baseball field once and my whole extended family had to scour the thing to find it. He eventually had to get a chain that had no clasp. It just barely fit around his head. He put the ring on it and had it soldered back together so it could not come off.

He went to bed one night and I woke up to him yelling for me to come in his room. I ran in and he points to the pillow next to his. The ring was sitting on it. He said he woke up and it was just sitting there. The chain was still around his neck, unbroken. I have no idea how that could be possible without some kind of paranormal fuckery, and I’m grateful to my stepmom for giving my dad that peace of mind. That incident really helped him.