When I was about 17 I was at my friend’s apartment building, which his parents owned. We had an apartment to hangout in on the top floor and used to go to the roof to smoke. That night, we were about to go up, but I had to pee, so I told him I’d meet him up there. After I was done, I went up the stairs to the attic portion that was connected to the roof. There were no lights, so we always used our phones to guide us. It was an old building and the attic was creepy and cluttered all the time. As I made my way to the roof door, I saw a shadow pass by me. I followed the direction it went thinking it was my friend. I kept saying that I knew it was him and to stop playing around. It passed me a few more times, when I heard my friends voice from downstairs. He got a call from his gf and was in another room talking to her the whole time. I have no idea what that shadow figure was and I still refuse to go back up to the roof at night after that.



My house has always had unexplained things happen in it. These all happened in the last couple of weeks-

I was sitting on the settee watching telly when my dog started wagging its tail looking behind me, then something touched my hair, I looked behind me expecting to see my dad messing around and saw a huge black mist like shape, I don’t remember getting past it but suddenly I’m next to my mum telling her what I’ve just seen and on the verge of a panic attack. Then my head is yanked backwards by my pony tail and my hair falls free around my shoulders, the bobble (hair tie) hasn’t turned back up yet. My mum and I got the fuck out of there until my dad came back later that day.

A few days ago something laughed a really sinister laugh in my ear and pushed me. My bf heard it too and thankfully stayed with me since my parents were out of town.

The other night something hit my ribs when I was in bed, It made a hollow thud, I thought it was my bf elbowing me and told him to be more careful as it hurt, he said it wasn’t him and that he heard it too, I have a dark bruise on my ribs from it.

The other night we heard a woman crying or laughing (couldn’t tell which, it was a very haunting sound) at the bottom of the stairs, my mum and I were sat in the front room only a couple of feet away from the noise,.

My dad had perfume sprayed at him and then the bottle fell off the shelf. We keep smelling really strong baby powder around the house even though no one in our house uses it.

Then the usual footsteps and cupboards being opened each night. My dogs, especially the old one seem to go really waggy and fuss something that isn’t even there quite a few times a day.

It’s gotten really bad this past few weeks, It’s the first time I’ve seen something and the first time I’ve felt it actually touch me. It should quieten down though soon, it usually only does it for a month or so and then sometimes nothing will happen for months or even a year.


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When I was younger I used to live near thick woods. I used to dress very, uhh, uniquely, yea very unique. Like I would wear Halloween costumes anytime and stuff like that, I had a weird fascination with masks. Anyway one day while wearing a spiderman mask and playing in the woods I see a person wearing a leather jacket and oddly coloured jeans. I tried to follow them but lose them in the forest after about 30 minutes of trying and then go home.

Fast forward about 7 or 8 years I don’t live at the house near the thick woods anymore but my grandfather does and I visit him periodically. I decide to go walk around the forest for old times sake so I put on my black leather jacket and tie dye jeans and go walking around when I see this small person wearing a spiderman mask following me around, since I know this forest like the back of my hand I lose them quickly.

About an hour later I realize what happened and feel genuinely scared of what happened. Strange shit happens in northern B.C.



Ok I straight up don’t believe in this stuff, but there was something that was incredibly creepy that is still in my head forever.

My sister, brother, and I were at my house watching tv and then we hear the front door swing open, with heavy footsteps trudging around the house. My sister rushes us into the bedroom closes the door, locks it, we get in the closet and she calls the our parents and the cops. We kept hearing the footsteps around the house, and then they started climbing the stairs towards our room. After about 10 minutes the cop’s show up. The front door was indeed open, but there was no one in the house. It was fucked up. It’s also never happened again.

Another one is my mom has this creepy ass mannequin thing that is supposed to form a corset or something. I went to the basement and saw it where it usually is and turned around to get my golf clubs, and then I turn back towards the thing and it moved a full 5 feet closer to me.



I used to work nights as a security guard at this posh community in south Florida. Pretty cushy job. It basically consisted of riding around in an SUV all night and fighting sleep while listening to the radio. The property was huge and the rear of it was situated next to a water treatment facility and a massive swamp (we would have to call animal control to get gators out of people’s pools constantly).

One night i’m doing my rounds and a large section of the fence on the perimeter of the property separating it from the swamp and the water treatment plant was utterly crushed. It looked like a herd of elephants came through there. I radioed into dispatch and called the other guard on duty to come over and take a look at it.

When he got there, we both stayed in our trucks (I’m no fool… seen too many horror movies). We both agreed to go back to the dispatch office, write the incident up, and call the cops to make a proper report to the authorities. When the cops finally got there, we escorted him back to where the damage was… or should i say ‘used to be’. the place was pristine. No downed gate. No tracks. Nothing.

Fortunately, the cops were cool. They didn’t think that we intentionally wasted their time because my partner and I were so sincere about what we saw. I have no idea what to make of that incident, but there were a few others at that place before I finally got a better job. Glad I don’t work nights anymore.



When I was young, I lived in a small house in the middle of nowhere (out in the country). I swear things would be moved across the room.

For example, I specifically remember laying my water bottle down on the kitchen table and running to the restroom in the middle of summer. When I got back, the bottle would be somewhere else, usually the table or sitting on the floor. Both my parents were outside.

Shelves would be open when we got home, curtains pulled down when they were up, light bulbs blew up often, and at night you would hear walking in the living room even though everyone was in bed.

Parents worked hard and bought a house a few years after but we still use the place for storage (and allow other family to store things there, it’s safe).

My father’s brother went there one day and ended up calling our new house. He explained something is not right in that house and we can’t get him to get his stuff from there anymore. He refuses to even go on the same road where the house is. My family thought it was silly but we kind of knew why.

About five years ago when I finally got my license I offered to put some boxes of things from my grandmother in the house. Drove up to the house remembering my childhood but got a rude wake up call..

When I entered all the shelves were opened like usual but there were scratches on the inside like something wanted out. I thought a possum or something found a way into the house. Went around the corner to what use to be my mother’s bedroom to drop the box and leave, then all of the sudden I heard a weird noise behind me.

I thought I pissed a rodent off and did not want to get bit, but when I turned around there was a black outline of a person, it seemed like it was staring right at me. I put the box at my feet while keeping my eyes on this “thing”.

It stayed there only 5 more seconds until it faded. I remember stepping over the box and running out of the house, locking it, jumping in the vehicle and taking off as fast as I could. Everything said to get the F out of there now. I saw it looking back at me in my mirror as I left.

This happened five years ago and I still have not been back.



When I was in my 20’s. Some friends and I spent a lot of time at a friends farm. We had a camp spot along the side of a trail that went through the woods and looped around.

One night I filled my blazer with friends and we drove the few miles to a swimming hole for a swim. On the way back to the camp spot, I was driving a little crazy and enjoying bouncing everyone around the truck. We were having fun and I had no intention of stopping at the camp and every intention of continuing on out bumpy adventure. As we got to the camp, my friend in the backseat grabbed me, bear hugged me, pulled me back in to my seat and shouted “stop!”. I slammed on the breaks and everyone came flying forward laughing hysterically. I was no off to the right of the trail facing a small mound. I put in reverse and made a bit of a 3 point turn to park towards my tent. Everyone got out laughing and heading for a fresh beer.

A few minutes passed when my friend who grabbed me was off by the trail yelling at the ground. On the ground, an inch in front my tire tracks and covered in splattered mud, my friend mike laid passed out on the trail. I immediately started freaking out and yelling at him explaining if not for our friend making me slam on the breaks, he would have been dead at my hands. It was at this time that my back seat friend looked at me like I was nuts and explained he never grabbed me or saw him in the road. I spent the next few hours trying to get anyone in the car to admit to grabbing me and nobody had any clue what I was talking about.

What happened is that something grabbed my entire torso and yelled at me with such an urgency that I slammed on the brakes as hard as possible. What I took for a drunk friend being funny and asking me to stop for fresh beers seems to have been some supernatural force sparing the life of a friend. I wish I could say it felt like the hand of god, but I never considered it to be anything but a drunk friend until it was over.



I’m at my friend’s apartment one night playing GTA San Andreas, I see a hunched-back old lady through the bedroom door walking in the hallway as she goes to another room. I just think to myself “oh, it’s probably just his grandma” and go back to playing. Moments later, we hear a loud bang in that room the “Grandma” walked into, the banging continues like everything is being thrown around. my friend’s face goes all pale and he starts freaking out, getting his baseball bat and standing guard and I remember telling him to calm down because his grandma might’ve fallen over, he freaks out more and says that we were the only ones in the apartment plus both his grandmas passed away before he was born then I start freaking out. After awhile, we go into that room to see that everything was tipped over and on the floor, the whole room looked like it was wrecked as if someone went in, broke shit, threw stuff and left No one was in the room.



I don’t believe in the paranormal or ghosts. But twice in my life I saw something that I don’t have explanations for;

I was in second grade and we were driving to the store, I was in the passenger seat and I saw a little boy chasing something into the street out of the corner of my eye, so I yelled, “NO! Don’t hit him!” and my mom freaked out, swerved and slammed on the brakes. There was no one on the street anywhere.

I was a freshman in high school and had my room in the basement. One night I woke up for no reason. So I looked around, sort of groggy and I saw a strange shape under the stairs; it looked like a man crouched. As I stared at it, trying to figure out what it was, the shape stood up. I have never encountered terror so paralyzing. It was under the stairs and I felt trapped in the room with it. As I tried to figure out what to do next the streetlight outside (the only available light in the room) went out. When my eyes adjusted the shape was gone.



I have a few stories. Some of the best ones all happened in the same house, around the same time.

When I was a teenager, we moved into an old Victorian era house in Missouri. It was gorgeous, and I was very excited to move in. The place was not outwardly creepy at all, just charming.

One night I was staying up late watching TV, wide awake since I was a night owl at the time, just kicking back. From where I was sitting in the living room, I had a clear view of our entryway, which led to a staircase to the second story. The entryway was lit.

Suddenly, I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn, and there in the entryway I see a blond woman in a powder blue Victorian style dress. She is walking, and doesn’t acknowledge my presence. She walked out of our kitchen, into the entryway, and then up the stairs. I had my eyes on her the whole time, and she looked completely real, if that makes any sense. She didn’t look like a ghost, but a live person.

I just stared for a moment, then turned back to the TV. I have no idea why, but I wasn’t at all scared. In fact, I felt eerily calm. Shortly afterwards I went upstairs to go to bed, and of course she was nowhere to be seen.

Another time, I woke up a little late in the morning and walked downstairs. My dad is an early riser, so he had already been up and made coffee. I could smell it in the air. I went past the kitchen without looking in and sat down in the living room. From the kitchen, I hear my dad call out: “Well, what are you doing?” in a playful voice.

“Nothing much, just waking up.” I replied. There is silence after this, but my dad isn’t the best conversationalist, so I think little of it. I got up to go see if he was cooking breakfast, and found the kitchen empty. At this point I think may have been my brother speaking to me, so I poke my head up the stairs and ask my brother if he had said anything to me. A reply in the negative came back down the stairs at me, he had been silently playing video games the whole time.

Then my dad walked in the front door with a dozen donuts, wishing me a good morning.

Edit: I should mention, my brother had heard this voice from his room. He also thought it was my dad until I asked him if he had said something.

And finally:

I was at a family friend’s house. We were there comforting her because her mother had died. I was young, around 13 or 14, and this was before we moved to Missouri. I didn’t really know what to say, so I was standing awkwardly off to the side without much to do. The family friend, let’s call her Heather, asks me to go fetch something out of her bedroom for her. I go do so, eager to finally help her in some way. Her bedroom had a sliding glass door which looked out on a beautiful backyard, full of rose bushes her (now deceased) mother had lovingly cultivated. As I’m grabbing the widget she needed off of her dresser, I look up and see an old woman in a nightgown with long, gray hair walking outside in the garden. She walked from one end of my view to the other, then disappeared on the other side of the window. I rushed back out and told my mom and Heather what I had seen. Heather burst into tears and hysterics, and I was totally shocked. Once she had calmed down a bit, she explained her distress by telling me that I had just described her mother. I had never met the woman.