Sometimes things happen that we find difficult to explain. A redditor asked the question Have you ever encountered something paranormal? and got a huge amount of responses. Here’s 10 of the best, don’t read them if you’re in the house on your own!

1. The Lamp

A few years ago one night at around 3AM my wife and I were sleeping and I feel myself slowly waking up from a really deep sleep. My eyes started lifting up and as soon as they focused on the lamp on my dresser it slid off and shattered on the floor. My wife and I quickly sat up and looked at each other horrified at the startling noise. We agreed we would clean it in the morning and went back to sleep. The next morning when we woke up the lamp was at the foot of the bed (about 5 feet from where it fell) completely intact and not broken at all. We are still trying to make sense of it.


2. The Girl in White

From 3 until 13 I lived in a nice home out near yosemite national park, nothing super spectacular about it, 4 bedrooms, a den, dining room, the norm. Just down a little dirt road and (if you’ve ever been around those parts you’ll know) miles away from civilization. My whole childhood I was visited by this girl in white, she never spoke, I would just wake up at night and see or feel her there.

I asked my dad and his response every time was ‘the men in our family can see ghosts.’ My rationale of this (I’m a skeptic, I remain that to this day but the story I’m telling made me question) was that we had some sort of mild schizophrenia running through our family. It didn’t bother me, she didn’t look like other people. There was something ‘off’ about her. After my father died my mother decided to sell the house and went through a realtor. We never once had contact with the buyers, only knew them by name. The buyers had a son who went to the same school as our old neighbors (dear friends of the family) and the son apparently came to school without sleep repeatedly, complaining that there was a girl who watched him at night and that he needed to get out.


3. The Sibling Experience

I am the eldest of 3 siblings and of course as we moved house to house I got the basement bedroom most times. I was fine with this being the eldest this let me have privacy. The last home I lived in with my family before I moved out on my own I spent 5 years in the basement bedroom.

Through those five years I experienced amazing night terrors and sleep paralysis on a very regular basis. There were a few incidents where I would wake up and the closet on the far side of the room would be open just a crack, and I’d stare at it knowing I had closed it, and it would creek open just a touch more, then after what would seem like hours slowly close and click shut (not a slam, not a regular door close, a very slow methodical one if that makes sense).

On 2 specific nights I woke up, not suddenly like something jarred me, but just kind of rolled over and at the foot of my bed saw a girl standing there. She looked very young, black hair, dark dress, and she did not move, didn’t make a sound, and I never could make out a face. Both times I reverted immediately back to being 5yrs old and hid my face under the sheets while my heart rate went full marathon pace. Eventually I would feel like it wasn’t there anymore and I’d peek out and it would be gone.

My parents are not believers in anything paranormal and I never told them anything thinking they would think I’m crazy. I chalked it up to night terrors and extraordinarily realistic dreams during paralysis. I moved out and far away, my next sibling in line got the coveted “adult room” in the basement and life went on.

I had a few christmas visits and other holiday runs and at one point I remember going into that room to get a chair and seeing the closet door nailed shut from the outside. I didn’t question it as I thought there’s no way it’s related to my experience. Not long after that on another return visit home I went and checked the door to that closet. The nails were gone but in place was a padlock and there was clearly bundles of sage/sweetgrass hanging above the closet and above the only exterior window in.

I worked up the nerve to ask my mom what’s the deal with the basement and she reluctantly told me that my brother had seen “things” come in and out of the closet and that he had a girl appear beside his bed and terrorize him on several occasions.

Now, no joke, I still haven’t told them what I saw because I don’t want them to have to move or be bothered with their basement over this, they are both retired, all kids have moved out, and they seem happy. They have also since gutted and renovated the whole basement, I’ve stayed there a few times now with my wife and nothing has happened.


4. The Nightwalker

The only one I have is when I was in 4th grade. When I was little, I would always sleep with my door open. I went through a faze where I would wake up between 3:00 /4:00 AM every night, and every single night I would hear footsteps walking up my stairs, around my living room, through my dining room, across my kitchen and down my hallway. They would always stop right before my doorway, then turn around and go back into the basement. But one night they didn’t stop, what I saw was a shadow of a little girl/boy (couldn’t tell) walk right in front of my doorway, look at me for a few seconds, then it walked away, back down the stairs.


5. The Poltergeist

So I get home from my job as a server at midnight. One of my roommates was in the navy and was deployed at the time and the other one was at his girlfriends house. I cook myself dinner, and as I’m cooking my dog starts growling and barking towards the middle of the room at nothing. This is especially weird because she never, ever barks. She was a rescue and I bought her as a sense of security when I’m home alone (I’m a female) and I could never get her to bark at anyone.

I dismiss her barking as odd but I finish cooking and eat. I start to clean and turn the sink on because it takes forever to get hot, but right when I turned around the sink turned off on its own. Again, I think it’s odd, but I don’t really think it’s worth freaking out over. The hair on the back of my dog is standing up straight, but no one is home and it’s midnight so I figure I’d just tough it out, even though I was beginning to get a little spooked.

After cleaning, I go in the bathroom and sit on the sink to pluck my eyebrows. My bathroom was small, with the sink immediately to your right as you enter, with the toilet next to it, bathtub at the end, and toilet paper dispenser directly across the toilet (it was a really narrow room so you could reach the TP while sitting on the toilet). So the way I was sitting, the toilet paper dispenser was behind me. After 2-3 minutes I hear a weird noise behind me, so I turn around and I shit you not, the whole roll of toilet paper was unraveling fast as fuck, like someone was pulling it.

I nope’d the fuck out of that bathroom. The door was closed and it had no windows, so it couldn’t have been a breeze. I put a leash on my dog and ran out of that apartment faster than Usain Bolt. By the time this happened it was already around 2 am. None of my friends were awake so I spent the night sitting outside of the door to my apartment. When I went back in the next morning, the whole roll of toilet paper was on the ground, and the roll was probably 3/4 full. I’m talking about a good 5-10 meters of toilet paper. After that day I never had an odd experience quite like that one ever again, but one of my roommates did mention that a few times he’d come home and find every door and cabinet in the place open, when he’d specifically remembered closing them and leaving them that way when he left (this was when I was on vacation out of state and our other roommate was still deployed).


6. The Young Man

We moved in to a house and everything was really quite the first 6 months or so. The neighbors told us that the people who lived there before had moved after their teenage son died in a motorcycle accident. Then after that first 6 months my dad died, not in the house, after that, stuff started to happen. I would have friends sleepover and one night my friend woke me up because she said there was a young guy standing in my bathroom.

So I went and checked and nothing was there. Over the next few years just about any friends that stayed over night had said they saw the tall blonde young guy walking around the house. We did have a few other things happen like a wine glass was on the counter and it broke. No one was touching it, it just shattered on the counter. Another time during the winter we had the heater on and my room was always the warmest in the house and it was ice cold as you walked across my bedroom to the bathroom that was connected.

The creepiest thing was when my boyfriend was sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night and he said he woke up to a young guy pushing him off onto the floor. He said the guy didn’t say anything, but my boyfriend at the time knew that he had to leave and he did. He wouldn’t stay at my place after that.


7. The Stalker

I’m not usually one that believes in the paranormal but this made me question everything.

My girlfriend had always told me her house was haunted. I’d always here creeks and stuff upstairs and the occasional “foot step” but I always played it off as normal house noises until one night in August of this year.

We were downstairs watching tv like usual, about to go to bed when we both got a very weird feeling almost simultaneously. She gave me a weird look and I didn’t think anything of it so we went to bed. After a few minutes of her on Twitter and me on reddit we put our phones down and rollover to go to sleep. Then we both heard the words “goodnight” in a child’s voice. Doesn’t seem to strange, right? Well considering there weren’t children in the house we both looked at each other like “why would you say goodnight like that?” Then we realized neither of us had said it and we left her room fairly quickly.

We went downstairs to lay on the couch and watch a little tv and come to our senses and figure out where those words could have come from. Then we got both got that someone’s watching you feeling. Not like, “oh, that dude over there has been staring at me” but a “something will not take their eyes off me no matter what I do feeling.” So we decided it best to leave the house. We went to walk out the front door, but right as we were about to open it, we heard the child’s voice again. This time it came from the balcony right above us in the entryway. Clear as day a child said “mommy and daddy. We looked at eachother, I may or may not have screamed, and we ran to my car and decided to drive to the one place that was open in our shitty small oregon town. Walmart.

The problem was, as soon as we got in the car, we knew something had come with us. And it was pissed at us for leaving. The second we got into my Honda there was nothing but the feeling of hate instilled into both of us for no reason whatsoever. Whatever it was filled that car with hate.

It’s now about 4 am and I have to be at work in 5 hours so we decide to go back to her house and try to get some sleep and see what happens. We walk into the front door and nothing but quiet. We walk up the stairs, turn right, and suddenly it sounds like a dog is growling from her upstairs bathroom. It takes me a second though because I grew up with dogs and all I could think was that it was just mine in there being weird. 5 seconds later I realize I’m at her house and no dog has ever set paw in there. Something was fucking growling at me and I had no idea what.

At this point I’m fucking pissed at whatever is happening because I’m tired and need to sleep for work. So I come up with this brilliant plan of talking to shit to whatever causing all these problems. The only thing that sticks out at this point is me yelling, “if you’re so pissed, so something about!” Right after that I feel something pull my shirt. I turn around thinking my girlfriend is playing a very unfunny joke on me, but no. She was still downstairs. Something pulled my shirt.

After that I decided it was time to leave for the night. At 6 am, we get in my car and drive to my moms house. That car ride was much less hate filled and all the bad feelings were gone for awhile. I went to work while my girlfriend slept at my mom’s place and when I got off we went back to her house to check things. Everything seemed fine except for the one picture of us she had hanging on her wall was knocked to the ground like something out of a fucking horror movie. But she was to exhausted to care about my safety at that point and I was so tired I was willing to let whatever was there kill just so I could get some rest.

2 weeks later we moved out and haven’t had any problems since. I never believed in the paranormal at all until this happened. I still question it. My brain thinks there has to be a logical explanation to all of it, and I’m sure there is, but I know she believes, and a piece of me believes that there’s something else in that house.


8. The Little Boy

I shared this story before in a similar thread. One night when I was 10, I was asleep in bed and was woken up by my bedroom door opening then someone sitting on my bed. I felt the graze on my leg and the bed sink as they sat.

Thinking it was my mom having something to tell me, I open my eyes only to see a pale, eyeless (just black empty sockets) boy who seemed to be my age sitting at the foot of my bed with his legs crossed “staring” at me, or facing my direction since he had no eyes. He then reached his hand toward me and he was holding what looked like a little black box. I was freaked out, but as I reached to grab it, he hesitantly pulled back. I reached out further for it and said “give it”. As I did so, I blinked, and by the time I reopened my eyes, he was gone, the spot of the bed where was sitting lifted back into place but the imprint of someone sitting there was still present.

I told my mom in the morning and she was slightly freaked but assured me I was just dreaming Fast forward 5 years. I had my girlfriend over to do homework. After homework she took a nap while she waited for her parents to pick her up. When they arrived, I tried waking her to let her know. I nudged her, and she opened her eyes so sudden already looking in the direction of the corner of the room where the wall meets the ceiling, lifting her finger and pointed. And as fast as she woke, she fell asleep again. I attempted to wake her again. She came to full consciousness, and I asked her what the hell that was about and explained what she just did. She said, “oh I thought I was dreaming, but up on the wall I saw a little boy with no eyes just there in a ‘Spider-man’ pose staring at me” That’s when I freaked out and told her the story, for the first time, of when I saw what I guessed was the same kid.

Fast forward another 5 years, still with the same girlfriend, and by this time we had a 2 year old daughter. We were living in my old bedroom at my parents house. My daughter would wake up at the same time every night and start talking. For a while we thought it was a normal baby thing, until I noticed it was almost the same conversation every night. I playfully asked her one night who she was talking to every night. She responded, “a little boy, he talks to me, he’s nice. He’s lost and looking for his mommy” I told my mom what happened the next morning and before I got to tell her what I thought, she said “I remember when that happened to you, then your girlfriend, I have no idea what that is” By then, neither my girlfriend or I have seen the “little boy” after our first encounter, but my daughter continued her nightly conversations until we got our own place later that year.


9. The Time Lapse

So this was several years ago, when I was a total deadbeat and lived with my then-girlfriend’s parents. They had a tri-level house, with the basement that contained our living space and my girlfriend and I’s bedroom. Upstairs, was the living space for everyone else, the dining room, and kitchen. The third level had the master bedroom, and two additional bedrooms for my girlfriend’s sisters.

I was home alone one night, with her parents off with friends, my girlfriend at a friend’s, and her sisters were at an all night church thing. I elected to stay home and play WoW all night. Where my computer and desk sat, right above my head, was an AC vent. Often, I could hear her sister playing in her room from that vent. I was leveling my Paladin or something when I heard laughing and giggling coming from the vent. Nobody was supposed to be home, so my heart picked up. I glanced at the clock on my computer, and it read 1:36 AM. I remember this all very distinctly.

I went to go investigate and headed upstairs. The way the landings sits is at the top of those stairs, you can turn left and either go upstairs or go into the kitchen. I climbed the second set of stairs and opened the first door on the left which was her young sister’s room, which is directly above the basement.

Inside, I used the light of my phone to illuminate as best I could. I saw a small figure, what I assumed was a small girl wrapped in a white sheet in the center of the room. Cue pants shitting. This figure, this young girl, stops playing with the dolls and slowly looks at me.

It let out the most ear shattering scream you can imagine. My skin crawls just thinking about it and my chest tightens just remembering it.

I wish I could tell you what transpired, but I remember waking up at the bottom of the landing, right next to the door of the kitchen. I stumbled into the kitchen to get a drink of water and contemplate what the fuck just happened. I glanced at the clock on the microwave.

The clock read 4:46 AM.

We never found the sheet the next day, but the dolls the figure was playing with were sitting in the middle of the room, away from the toy chest which they were inside of that afternoon when she cleaned her room which is across the room.


10. The Figure on the Road

“Okay, this may take a bit of doing so bear with me.

Army base, Soest, West Germany (as was). A still, dark, autumn evening, must have been warm because it was the kind of temperature you don’t notice. Me (13) and a mate (15) just dossing around before I had to go in.

Behind the flats where we live was a green area with a play area. Only one street light so it was very dark compared to our street and the well lit main route through the camp, which was about 80-100 metres away from where walking.

No traffic, nothing. It was never busy and this was on a weekend evening so literally, no traffic and no one out and about as far as we could tell. Which suited two teenagers just fine, thanks. Bear with me, this is important.

So, we’re heading between our respective blocks of flats and into the darkened park area.

And we stop dead.

On the main road, moving right to left was a figure. Vaguely person shaped, but undulating and waving like cloth under water, it glided along the middle of the road.

Based on what it obscured behind it as it moved, I’d estimate it to be between 8-10 foot. But at the very least it was larger than average man size. This shape, this thing, was not walking, there was none of the slight up and down motion of walking. It just glided, smoothly, at a fast walking pace I’d guess.

And it was black.

Not someone-wearing-black-clothes black. It was a hole cut into the night. No reflections, no shadows or shades. Just blackness.

It seemed like a lifetime as I soaked this detail up. In reality it couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 seconds.

I whispered, breathed, “Do you see that?”

My friend, in a whisper, replied.


And the fucking thing changed direction.

Towards us.

The last image I have, before we broke and ran, was of it rising up as it came over the kerb. This is what makes it real for me. This is something that had mass, that obeyed at least something of the physical world.

It moved from the brightly lit road into the same darkness in which we stood.

We broke and ran for our lives.

Back onto our street and into my mate’s block. The fucker then bolted back to his own home, leaving me wondering how the hell I was going to get to my block.

After a while, the fear of the repercussions from my dad for being late in overrode my fear of what might be out there, in the night. So I ran, eyes straight ahead, the ten or so metres to my own front door.

I was in too much trouble for being late to ever say anything when I got home.

Sometimes, when I’m walking and the night is warm and still and quiet, I think about it and I wonder what I’d do if I ever saw it again. Run away? Or face it down and maybe solve a 30 year old mystery?

Honestly, I just don’t know. ”