What are your experiences with unexplained phenomena?

Sometimes things happen that, try as we might, can’t be explained rationally. These can be events such as items moving on their own, huge losses of time, premonitions, or coincidences that seem to crazy to be real.

When these kind of events happen to us the feeling we get never quite leaves us. Often we begin to question if things played out exactly how we remembered or are our minds adding little things that make us think something supernatural is at play? Therefore,it can sometimes seem a bit of a blessing when someones else is there to experience these events too.

However, that’s not always the case. The human mind likes to categorise things. It likes explanations and when we can’t give them, we feel unsettled, almost as if we’ve lost control.

On a reddit thread, people were asked ‘What are some of YOUR first hand experiences with unexplained phenomena?‘. The following are 16 of the best answers.

Do you have any potential explanations for them?


My Déjà Vu: In the 9th grade I sat in my English class waiting for the lesson to begin. My teacher always liked to take 10 minutes at the beginning of class to just talk about everything and anything. So this one particular day he begins with the story of his friend that was supposed to be on a flight, but cancelled at the last minute when he had a dream of a plane crash. The small plane took off without him and later crashed. He then told us a story about a robbery that had occurred at his house a few years prior. He said he woke up in the middle of the night when he heard footsteps in the hallway. He picked up his baseball bat (named Sharlene) he kept beside his bed, and when the crook opened the bedroom door my teacher shattered his forearm with the baseball bat. After he was done telling us these stories he began his lecture but was immediately interrupted by a seagull smacking into the window of our classroom.

The next day I came to class and sat at my desk… my teacher began his 10 minute talk… he started with the story of his friend who had a dream of a plane crash. I put up my hand halfway through the story, realizing that I’ve heard this before and that the teacher must have forgotten he had told us already. But as I’m telling him that he told us this story my classmates looked at me and said “no, he didn’t”. So my teacher finishes his story, and then segways into his next story… about a robbery that occurred at his house a few years prior. This time I beat him to the punchline and say “You told us this yesterday! You break the guys arm with a baseball bat”. Again, my classmates look at me and one guy tells me to shut up. My teacher says “well yeah, I broke the guys arm with a baseball bat. Did I tell you already?”. I tell him he told us yesterday and that his baseball bat is named Sharlene. He’s baffled I know the name of his bat. But again everyone seems to deny he ever told us this. I can’t believe what is going on! I begin to laugh, thinking that I’m going crazy. So I say “No! Watch! A seagull is going to hit our window within the next 2 minutes!”. Of course nobody believes me and this punk tells me to lay off the crack pipe. The class settles down and my teacher starts his lesson. 5 seconds later a seagull hits the window.

TL;DR I predicted and announced the future

KoalaBearz (OP)


Once I was driving to work. Suddenly, I blurted out “Fond du Lac,” which I have subsequently found is a place in Wisconsin. This took me by surprise, because I am not prone to blurt out obscure place names to myself whilst driving.

That evening, I was driving home, doing 80 in the passing lane. I was passing a trailer truck, got half way up the trailer, and on the trailer right in the middle it said “Fond du Lac.” Which took me so much by surprise that I hit the brake to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. As I looked at the truck, something happened in lane 1, and the truck swerved hard over into my lane. BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY BRAKED I was able to avoid…narrowly…being run off the road or crushed…who knows, by the truck as it ran into my lane. Fond du Lac. True story. No witnesses.



My grandfather was a respected Buddhist monk in the southern region of the U.S. When he passed away, dozens upon dozens of monks from around the country came in to pay their respects and every non married male in my family became temporary monks for a week as a sign of respect. One evening, my uncle, a few of my cousins and myself were conversing with one of the “higher” ranked monks and he started talking to my uncle about his life. At first, we were all interested because he was telling my uncle information like the date when he was born, various locations of birthmarks on his body and so on, nothing too crazy, although it was hilarious for the rest of us.

But then the monk starts lecturing my uncle for the things he had been doing and my uncle didn’t really think much of it at first. Then the monk begins to tell the story of how my uncle, in his early twenties stole a car, describes how he flipped it into a ditch and then how my uncle had to lie to his wife about how he got a concussion. My uncle says he had never told anyone this story before. The monk proceeds to do this to all of us. We had never met this particular monk before and it was amazing that he was not only nailing exact birth dates. I was probably 16 or 17 so I didn’t have any crazy secrets like my uncle, but the monk did tell everyone exactly where I hid my money, which I thought at the time, was a spot no one would ever find.


4/ 16

Let me first say I’m a skeptical atheist and my only conclusion is we must have made it up and our brains tricked us into making it a real memory, but it’s an extremely vivid memory my friend and I both have. We were about 9 or 10 years old and we were talking on the phone. It was a little after 7 at night, in the winter, and it was dark outside. While we’re talking, we both see out windows start to glow, like there’s a bright light outside. It starts dim, builds slowly, then suddenly gets blindingly white and disappears.

We live just one street away from each other, so we’re wondering what the hell we just saw. That’s when I look over at the clock and realize it’s 10:30. He said his clock matched mine. 3 hours seemed to pass in a few seconds, and the next day there was a circle burned into the grass of a field next to us about 15 yards in diameter. It freaked us out enough we never told anyone else about it, but to this day we both remember it exactly the same. And to reiterate, I don’t believe something paranormal happened, I just don’t know what did happen.



When I was about 14, me and about 6 friends were playing hide and seek at night with flashlights at our cabin in a very rural area of western new york. Approaching from the west we noticed a V shaped formation of yellow glowing discs, maybe 7 or 9, which silently glided above us continuing toward the east. When they were directly above, one of the friends with a flashlight started shining it upward toward them, and I freaked out thinking they were going to come down.

After they passed (it took maybe 20 to 30 seconds) we ran into the cabin to tell the adults, they just said it was probably an airplane…. I’ve seen thousands of airplanes at night and this wasn’t even remotely close to what an airplane looks like.



I was about 9 years old, and was at an open house with my mom, who was a real-estate agent. This was a huge house; 6,000 sq ft. Anyways, My mom was turning off all the lights upstairs while I waited for her in the kitchen. I went to grab a glass of water, drank it all, and put it on the counter. I then realized how silent it was in the house, I looked down at the glass, and saw it fly across the counter and shatter on the wall next to it. At this point I shat bricks, yelled MOMMY, and went running up the stairs and did not leave her side or ever stay in that house again after dark. Some people believe me, some people don’t. I don’t give a shit. I can still remember how “heavy” the silence felt, and that glass shattering made my mind kick into overdrive.



In 2003, both my wife and I saw what looked like blood or red kool aid on our bed sheets. My wife called me in from the other room. We both saw it, i jumped on the bed and was looking at it closely, it looked like wet ink or blood, i couldn’t tell what it was from….. literally seconds later the red stuff disappeared.

We both saw it so it wasn’t like my brain going haywire. There is powerful shit going on in this universe that we are so blindingly unaware about.



I worked in a pub in Brighton, UK. It’s an old church.

We had ghost hunters come in to make a video, they found nothing, the stories were always around, but no one saw anything.

Then i spoke to my boss about it, he said he sees ghosts frequently, he was one for bullshit so I didn’t believe him, but he said I had no chance of seeing them until I was in the pub, by myself regularly.

So fast forward 6 months, its summer and I’ve gone full time. Setting up the pub, and I see a ghost, a woman in Victorian clothing, strolling down the stairs. Couple of days later, I see a face looking down on me from the balcony.

It’s strange, but I didn’t even think of being afraid, my rationale being if they have to be comfortable with you being around before they show themselves then they can’t be so bad.



Deja Reve (already dreamed) all the time, hearing what people I’m talking to are about to say or are thinking at the time, and two big ones:

  1. My first American house. It was big, built in the late 19th century, and was home to something like six questionable deaths and a sacrificed cat in the dining room. Seriously, a sacrificed cat.

1a- In my bedroom, we placed a ceramic crucifix on the wall. Two minutes later, it was broken against the opposite wall and pieces were embedded in the ceiling.

1b- When you left something on a counter, you had to tape it down with duct tape. Otherwise you would come back to find that it had decided to move to one of the walk-in closets.

1c- We’d find white cat hair in the dining room all the time. We had no white cats. Once, a large red stain was on the northern wall for upwards of a day.

1d- A dresser from the basement that screamed when we burnt it.

1e- A lad, who himself was unexplainable in his gifts, took my mother aside and told her that it would be best if I moved in with my father, as somehow I was born with a much stronger electrical presence than most (Sub-story: After I lost my virginity, we blew out two or three electrical sockets by touch), and in some way I was acting like a portal and magnet for whatever or whomever was in that house.

1f- Cold spots, dropping upwards of 20c, would linger at random for minutes at a time, during which they had an EMP effect where all electronics within the area would die out. I lost a ton of Super Nintendo saves due to this.

1g- One night I woke up in one of the basement’s rooms, scared to death because I had dreamed that I was swimming in a pool of blood. The next day, a painter that we had hired to redo the first two floors attempted to kill himself in the room.

1h- One night I woke up in the kitchen with the phone in my hand. I asked who was on the other end, and the 9-11 operator said to hold tight and that the fire department was on their way. Someone had torched the basement, which was far below the kitchen so you couldn’t smell smoke.

1i- This one is particularly disturbing for me. I woke up on the stairs to the basement and for the next month or so had a strong affinity for the name, “Maria”. Every time I said “Maria”, a cold spot would appear. I used it to clear the couch whenever I wanted to watch tv.

Odd house.

2: I can’t find a good link about this, but I was in Denver/Kokomo, Indiana during the 16 April, 2008 UFO sightings. A triangle in the sky was moving south, orange balls everywhere, and apparently there was a crash on the northern end of Kokomo. All functions of the Kokomo emergency responders came out to it, but were sent away with an NDA by the feds. Here’s a poorly worded blog post I found on it..

3: This is google’s theme for today when I went to search for information on the Kokomo Incident.



The day of 9/11 I was sleeping in my bed. I didn’t have class that day because our middle school (I was in 7th grade) was brand new and still needed some final walkthroughs.

So at about 9:00 (after the first building was hit) my sister wakes me up to tell me the twin towers were hit. I wake up pissed because I had already seen the towers hit…in my dream, though at the time I didn’t think I dreamt it. I went back to sleep.

When I finally wake up at about 10:30, my family is surrounded around the living room TV. I’m watching all this unfold and I realize, “oh crap, I dreamt this last night.”


I dreamt about 9/11 the night before.



A few years back… It was around 3.30 am, and I woke up because of a horrendous noise outside my bedroom door (which leads straight to a patio, ie: more or less to the open). The noise could be described like this: Imagine the largest array of speakers you can think of. Now imagine some pretty deep synthesizer bass sound played through all of them. It was approximately like that, although that sound was freakier. Also, it was kind of oscillating at a very slow pace, approx 4 or 5 seconds.

At first, when it woke me up, I was in a semi-dreamlike state, but when I realised that it was real, and one of the loudest things I had heard, I bolted up and sat upright in my bed, listening. It seemed to be on for ages. I was relieved that I couldn’t see into the patio, as, if there would have been something present, I would have probably shit myself, and if there wouldn’t, I would still shit myself, totally baffled as to the whereabouts.

However, I was still kinda scared without seeing anything. On top of that, a light starting shining into my room, through the covered window. As if someone had come up the driveway. Except there was no car and my house is isolated in that the only car that would come up that driveway would be that of our family and not just random cars driving by. I slapped myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

After about 10 minutes, I realised that it was slowly getting further away (as the sound pitch got higher), and after another 5 it was gone. (maybe it was less, I didn’t count). It took me a while to get back to sleep. Thank god that I wasn’t fully aware of what had happened, as I think I probably wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep then.

I know it was real, as the first thing I did when waking up, was smack my alarm clock to (by help of the backlight) see what time it was, ie: approx 3.30 am.

What also freaked me out, was that the next morning while playing ping pong with my (younger) bro, he said that the door to the computer/living room was open, and I KNEW that I had closed it as the last person leaving it the night before.



When I was a 3rd year at college I joined the local University paper. I was given my first assignment to write about new local businesses around campus. I got the number of a local council member to get a quote from. When I call, the council member is busy so I leave a message. After lunch I call the council member again, because he hasn’t returned my call. When I get a hold of him he claims to have already talked to an Adam Manfredi (my name) from the university paper. I am confused as I have not talked to him yet. I hang up and check around the office to see if anyone had called the council member to help me on my story, but no one has. I call him back an apologize tell him that there must have been some miscommunication and ask to interview him. I get some quotes from him and he gives me the number of another city official to call. I call this one and he to has already talked to an Adam Manfredi from my school’s paper.

At this point I am convinced that the staff is playing a practical joke on me but after repeated inquiries everyone is as confused as me. I call the city official back get some quotes and he says that the person who called before asked very similar questions.

At this point I am feeling I am going a bit crazy (it happens) and just play the thing off as if it was just a misunderstanding.

So yeah could have been a very elaborate practical joke, involving the city council member and other city hall staff and the staff of the paper, but the whole thing just really put me in a strange mood and various parts of it I have never been able to fully explain (the fact that the council member would have had to been in on it and the other city official and why if it was a joke someone would admit to it in the end for laughs and a few other details). This of course doesn’t mean there isn’t a logical explanation just yeah something that has always stuck out in my memory.



Let me first start by saying that I am a very rational person. This is not a story I tell everyday.

I am of cambodian descent. My uncle is a… “shaman”. I don’t know the right word for that but, he chases and talks to ghost. It wasn’t his job since he cannot make profit from it (long story). But I assisted one of his things.

Basically, he took an egg, melted some wax on the big side of the egg, and glued small candle on it.

He then proceeded to put the small side of the egg on the ground… told something in sanskrit, and released it. The egg was holding still, standing, with a candle on its head burning.

He proceeded to ask his questions, it was about a relative that just died. I didn’t very listen as I was looking at the egg. As soon as he finished, he said “as soon as the candle is finished, the spirit will go away. in the meantime, don’t touch it”.

So I stayed there with my brother, looked at it. As soon as the candle finished, the egg rolled down.

I was 12 years old at the time. I still can’t understand it. It’s not something I tell people everyday by fear that they will think I am a fool.



I went to an old university, one rife with ghost stories, part of it was a former women’s insane asylum; you could still go see one of the shock tubs in the basement of one of the dorms. Classic scary story stuff. I never paid much attention to it until I was visiting a friend at night in his dorm room with another friend. We were sitting around talking when all of a sudden, his door opens and shuts. We assumed it was a draft or something even though it’s a heavy door and doesn’t even stay open if you let it go. So we shove on it, make sure it’s latched. The dude whose room it is tells us that happens a lot.

A few minutes later, the door opens and shuts again. We all jump. It keeps doing this for a few minutes. I’m about to piss myself, so we all run out of the room and go to the bathroom. My friend and I had to go up a floor to the girls’ bathroom. When we came back, the room’s owner wasn’t back yet, so we stood in the hall, staring at the door. Nothing happened, so we start to relax. Then, as we watch, the knob turns, the door opens and slams shut. We jumped about a mile. Throughout the year he had things like the door and his shades flying up for no reason. I wish I had a logical explanation, but I don’t.



I was renting an apartment with a guy I’ll call Fat Pete. On this particular weeknight night I was upstairs in my bedroom with the door shut and about to fall asleep, but I kept hearing rustling in the kitchen downstairs. Drawers and cabinet doors seemed to be obsessively opening and closing. This went on for about 10 minutes and I was beginning to get frustrated because I was trying to get to sleep and I figured Fat Pete was on another drinking binge and now looking for food, or cooking. I didn’t want to go downstairs and confront him because he was a big fat jerk and I all I wanted to do was get to sleep.

A drawer would open, I could hear the knives and forks jostled about, then the drawer would shut. Same thing with the cabinet doors, open-shut-open-shut. When you live in a place for awhile you get to know sounds pretty well and I was certain this is what was happening. Just about the time I decided I couldn’t take it any more I began to get out of bed but heard him shout to his girlfriend (who was staying with him that night,) “They’re here!” and he bounded out of his room and down the stairs.

He had called the police because he and his girlfriend heard the noises too. They had peeked out their door, saw my door was shut and the lights downstairs were off and decided it must be an intruder.

He grabbed his keys, ran to the door and unlocked it. Two cops burst in and fanned through our small apartment. There was one back door (bolted shut with a key, as was the front door) and no signs on forced entry. In fact, being a drafty apartment I had temporarily sealed all the windows for the winter with a kind of shrink-wrap plastic film that is made taught and transparent when you hit it with a warm hair dryer; there was no way someone could have gotten in those windows without leaving obvious evidence.

The police searched the place and found no one. There was no possible way anyone could have gotten in or out with the key-bolted doors and sealed windows. The police found no evidence of entry, either. I heard the noises independently of him and his girlfriend. So what the hell was it



A few stories (sorry, it’s turned into a big TL;DR…)

1) I was out with a buddy, around the time Family Guy first premiered, and on the drive home we were talking about it, how we didn’t like it as much as the Simpsons, but that it had potential, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I drop my buddy off at his house, head home, a very short drive away. I wake my wife up from a deep sleep; she says she had a dream that I was out with this buddy, and we were talking about the Family Guy, and how it was good, and showed potential, but we didn’t like it as much as the Simpsons. There were other things she recalled in the conversation, pretty much verbatim. Neither of us had a cell phone on us, we were in a car, and I got home so fast there’s no way he could have called her to relay it. It sent shivers down my spine.

On a couple of other occasions she did pretty much the same thing, knowing exactly what was going on when she wasn’t there. Only about three times total, but it was very freaky when it happened.

2) Another oddity: when I first moved to Toronto to work for IBM, I met a fellow on the plane and we started chatting. He was also going to house hunt for moving to work for IBM. No big coincidence there. But then one thing after another kept showing up as a parallel. Driving around Toronto independently, we kept showing up at the same places at the same time (again, not totally unsurprising, looking at the same “for rent” ads). We ended up independently renting the apartments above/below each other.

We got to know each other a bit. Both our fathers worked in forestry; both our mothers worked in hospitals. We both had wives working in the financial sector. He had a cat named Mokey, we had a cat named Mookie. WTF. Just wandering around Toronto, he and his wife, I and my wife, would frequently stumble across each other. (Not in itself bizarre, but with the frequency it happened, combined with the other stuff, kinda seemed odd.)

Over the next ten years or so, I moved away to another province; on about three occasions, we ended up on the same plane, running into each other at the same conferences, etc.. At that point, we just kind of laughed it off as “no big surprise there” it was becoming so commonplace.

Looking at some university old grad photos, about ten years later, I noticed he was fairly prominent in the background of a few photos of me and my few family members. (Not quite photo-bombing, but prominent enough in the background of a small group photo that it seemed strange, especially given the other coincidences. We were in completely different disciplines, too; Commerce vs. Engineering.)

Again, nothing specific that is that surprising, but an incredibly number of similarities that makes one scratch his head.

3) I’ve also experienced seeing a huge triangle that blacked out the sky, moving slowing, with lights at each corner. This seriously freaked me out. I heard many reports of the same the next day, in the direction it was headed. I guess the “black triangle” thing isn’t that unusual, and probably had to do with military stuff. But damn, it seemed huge to me, and totally silent.

4) Other than that, the creepiest thing I experienced was when I was young, being afraid of the dark, and my sister let me sleep in her bed with her (shut up you pedobear folks, it wasn’t like that). In the morning light as the sun was just rising, I remember seeing her door open by itself, her dresser drawers open and close by themselves, and then the bedroom door close again. It was very disturbing at the time, but I never said anything about it, and had kind of written it off as a bad dream or something.

Ten years later or so, talking with my sister about strange phenomenon, she described the exact same experience, which we had never discussed between us before. Another spine-tingling moment. Maybe it didn’t actually happen, but the independent shared recollection is an interesting mystery nonetheless…

5) More recently, my girlfriend (not the ex-wife mentioned above) was staying over one night, and in the morning she told me she had a dream that her mother had died, and came to her in her sleep to say good bye. You know where this is going… The call came a bit later that morning, and her mom had suddenly passed away during the night. She hadn’t been in ill health or anything.

6) Night after having our kitty put down for severe illness, my wife and I are laying in bed, all windows closed, and the bedroom door creaks open all the way like it used to every night when kitty would push it open and come in. No breeze, no open windows, quite a new house. The door just opened by itself. Never did it before, and didn’t do it since, just that one night after we had kitty put to sleep.

7) Bought an old house (possibly a good chunk of 100 years, no one can really tell us), bought surprisingly/incredibly cheap. During halloween, we heard a couple of kids on the street saying “I’m not going to that house!”, which creeped us out a bit. I knew the former owner was someone’s elderly parent/parents, but I never got into details of why the house went on the market.

It was in good shape, and a great deal ($19,000 Cdn).

Winter evening, Girlfriend downstairs taking a shower, I’m upstairs in the bedroom working. After her shower, she comes up asking why I was banging violently on the bathroom door while she was in the shower. Ummm, I didn’t, and I didn’t hear anything (and it’s a small house). Maybe chalk this one up to the cats or a “water hammer” in the pipes (never had that happen, though that we’ve noticed). She swears it was me banging on the door. I know I never went downstairs, nor did I hear anything.

One of my kids, during a weekend visit, left a large career manual from school here (listed every career possible, salary ranges, etc.) Big book. I knew she’d want it back next time she was over so I carefully set it on an end table in the corner. Next morning it was on my coffee table, open to a page part way through. No one else was home. Maybe some bizarre wind, maybe the cat was learning to read, maybe I sleepwalk/read, or maybe the spirits think I have a future in the oil/gas industry. (I’ve actually subsequently taken on a contract closely tied to the oil/gas industry.)

8) Okay, one more… I was resigning from a fairly long term job (7 years, long for me), where I worked remotely most of it. I flew up to meet with my boss, and resign, and such. My wife and I were joking beforehand, that I should pull a “Jerry McGuire” and give a big rambling tirade on the way out. I’d never do that, I loved the company I worked for, but it was a funny thought (and the movie was popular at the time).

On the drive back to the airport, I go to give her a call to jokingly tell her I did the Jerry MaGuire thing. Apparently I misdialed, and I get an answering machine: “You have reached the residence of Gerald McGuire, blah, blah, blah.” WTF… Looking it up in 411 after I got home, there was indeed a Gerald McGuire whose phone number was the same as ours, with two digits transposed. Bizarre coincidence.