Have you ever been lying in bed and heard a bump or bang that seemed completely out of place?

Maybe you’ve seen a shadow as it skits across your doorframe?

When asked, many people have at least one story of strange goings-on in their houses or other places they have spent the night. But are they supernatural or do they have an explanation?

On a Reddit thread, people were asked What’s the strangest/most unexplainable thing that’s happened in your house?

Here are 10 terrifying answers that will question every noise you hear at home from now on…


Our house dates back to 1819.

Our bedroom is on the top floor, with a staircase leading directly from the door into the room.

One night, I woke up because I heard my husband open and close the bedroom door and then slowly sneak back up the stairs – I assumed he’d gotten up to use the bathroom on the floor below and was moving carefully to avoid waking me up.

I turned around to tell him not to bother as I was awake anyway. The noise stopped.

Only… my husband was lying next to me, sound asleep.

TL; DR: even ghosts need to use the bathroom on occasion.


10 Unexplainable Things That Have Happened At Home (1)


Not my house, my apartment in college. When I was a sophomore I lived with a buddy of mine, Chris.

I never had many problems with the house, but my roommate and his girlfriend had stuff happen all the time. It started when we first moved in. Chris and his girlfriend wanted to paint Chris’s bedroom, once they finished painting the room, Chris took the paint roller and wrote on the wall “Chris rules”. Same paint, but brighter than the wall because it was still wet.

I was with him and his girlfriend when he did this, we all went downstairs, grabbed more beer and walked back upstairs. When we got back up there the name had a line through it and GARY was written above it. No one was in the house, and we all went in and out together, not possible to be any of us.

This started a long series of unexplained things, showers turning on, doors opening, the strange floor creaking noises as well as constantly hearing someone walk around on the floor above us (town home with two floors).

Then things got really weird. I was in my room late one night working on homework when I hearing yelling in the other room. (Chris’s girlfriend had stayed the night) Chris always kept a lot of pillows on his bed because “bitches love pillows” and at night he would put them at the foot of the bed. Well, this night Chris woke up with a pillow being held on his head. He got it off of his head and yells “What the F***” in a terrified voice which wakes up his girlfriend who does one of those screams where you don’t know whats going on but you are freaked out, scream.

I run into the room to see them both sitting up in bed at which point Chris starts yelling at her “why the hell would you do that?”. She has no idea what’s going on because she was fast asleep. We never were able to explain how a pillow wound up on Chris’s face, so we blamed Gary for everything that happened that year.
Needless to say, we moved out after our lease was up.



One time, my dad was coming home in the evening and saw a woman standing in the bedroom window. Assuming it was my mom, he called out to her when he got into the house. He didn’t get an answer, but that wasn’t really strange. He proceeded to the kitchen counter and played the messages on the answering machine.

One of the messages was from my mom, saying she was going to be home late – much later than him. When he checked the bedroom, all the window blinds were pulled down and nobody was around. I don’t believe in ghosts and neither does he, but he’s become a little bit less skeptical since that night.



Not my house…but somewhere I was sleeping. Hopefully, you’ll forgive the length (and the fact that I took liberties with the OP’s question).

We were travelling from western Kentucky to Florida for vacation. After a long day of driving, we ate waffles and other breakfast miscellanies at one of those all-night-breakfast places and were looking for somewhere to sleep for the night, but everywhere was full.

When we finally saw a hotel lacking a lit-up “No Vacancy” Sign, it was a Days Inn in Dothan Alabama. I needed to stretch my legs, and my Game Gear had died, so I went into the front office with my dad to get the room.

The woman, tired and barely contained by her hotel employee’s uniform, told us “We’re all booked up.” But her coworker said something like, “What about 229?” and she paused for a second, looked at me, and then at my dad and said, “Well yeah, I guess you could take 229. Would you like 229?”.

“Well yeah..why not? Sure”. And so began the strangest night I’ve ever experienced.

We settled in for bed almost instantly. My brother and I in one, my parents in the other. Something seemed off about the room, but we were too tired to care.

At around 2:30 in the morning I woke up to my mom screaming, and my dad sitting straight up in bed.

“There’s a man in the room! HEY, HEY. Who are you? What are you doing in here?”

We all woke up, and there was this dark figure of a large man in the room, standing over my parent’s bed. My brother dove for the lightswitch and the room came into this sudden, quiet focus.

I remember thinking later about what might be a more appropriate or effective thing to say when you’re encountered by a large dark figure standing at the foot of your bed. But at the moment, nothing was there. Just a shitty TV, a mini-fridge, and a mirror.

We all sat there for a moment trying to figure out what just happened. My dad said, “We’re leaving.” And we were back on the road as fast as we fell asleep.

Later on, my parents discussed it. My mother apparently only saw a man. My father also saw a man and a dog. I just remember seeing shapes. We scoured the internet to see if anything weird had happened in the hotel that year. I even tried calling the hotel years later, but it had since gone under new management. From time to time we always wonder what happened in that room.



At my old house, we had two desks in the study on opposite walls, so I’d be sat at the computer with my back to the other desk, that had a TV on it.

If I was sat in there for a while, there’d be a noise that sounded exactly like someone tapping on the TV screen (like a fingernail on glass). If I ignored it, it’d keep happening. If I acknowledged it, it would stop. It never felt spooky or creepy. It never happened when anyone else was in the room, or if I worked on the other desk. Only when I had my back to it.



I feel crazy writing this, my parents insist there is a ghost at their house named “Jethro.” We recently moved across the country and stayed with them for a bit, and definitely noticed some odd incidents. Then we moved, and apparently the ghost followed us. It lives in my son’s room. His things get moved around at night (he is confined to a crib), he often talks to whatever is in there, doors get opened that weren’t previously in the room. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I can’t really explain what is happening.



I was awoken from a nightmare about a presence in my kitchen. Tried to shake the feeling, so I went to get a glass of water.

Of course, I felt like this thing was still in the kitchen but I didn’t want to show fear. So, I got a glass of water and drank it. I then placed the empty glass in the sink (feeling like this thing was hanging RIGHT over the sink.)

In brave contempt, I turned my back to leave the kitchen … and that’s when it happened. Something hit me in the back. I looked in the ground and the sink sponge was lying on the floor right behind me.

I defiantly placed it back in the sink and ran like a little girl.



Everyone in my family, with the exception of my father, has had a dream about a UFO landing in the field behind our house. My occurrence of the dream has always stuck in my mind because it was so lucid, plus the fact that at the end of I seemed to have no control over my decisions as me and my sisters entered the craft.



My grandparents bought an old piano from a supposedly old haunted boys school. Well since they have bad this piano they hear weird things in their big house at night. Doors open and close as if wind passed by but there was no wind. The same raven sits outside of their bedroom window and every week on a regular basis crashes into the back window. The weirdest was when they awoke to the piano had moved, not much but enough to notice. They got rid of the piano after five months, all these weird things stopped immediately.



Our house is pretty old, and it was formerly a pig slaughterhouse. When we renovated it when found six doors, no windows aside from the ones we have. It’s a small, one-floor house with an unfinished basement. I have grown up in the house, and I’ve had my share of weird-ass shit happen. Typically your normal ghosty business: items misplaced, strange noises, voices, doors opening, etc. Our basement was never the creepy part though, it was the hallway leading to my bedroom. I hate that fucking hallway. It’s a straight shot, teen feet deep from the kitchen, I suppose. Nothing to bat an eye at. But I’ve always been terrified of it.

I was probably twelve or thirteen, still in middle school. At the time I had a desktop computer that I was ALWAYS on. I spent hours on it, constantly. I was up until four on it, then got up at seven for school, etc. One night I noticed I kept hearing weird noises in my hallway. Like stomping, I guess, but not loud. My door handle jiggled a bit, but nothing too creepy ( for me, anywho ). I assumed it was my dad or something. After a while, I had to pee so I got up and opened the door, silence. Okay, cool. Whatever. I flipped on the hall light and went to the bathroom. After I was done I opened the door and looked into the kitchen. Our kitchen is really small with an island-table in the middle of it. Behind that, I saw a figure there. I thought maybe it was my mom crouched down picking something up, so without thinking I call out to her.

No answer. Now I’m a little on edge, so I say ‘Mom?’ again a little louder. The figure shifted and came into the light of our security light shining through the window. It wasn’t my mom. It was a figure on all fours. His elbows were bent backwards, and his legs look backwards too. He didn’t have hands, but feet. He didn’t have a face that I can remember, I just see it as a blur in my mind’s eye. I was terrified, but I was stuck. I couldn’t move. He moved towards me slowly and suddenly there was this noise to my left. Before I could turn to look at it I was pushed back into the bathroom and the door slammed shut. Instantly I heard my parents door open and I jumped out of the bathroom. Every single light was on in our house, including the basement and garage.

I’ve never been able to explain it. I’ve tried to pull it off as too much caffeine, not enough sleep. Could a power surge have turned on the lights? But… The flashlights were on too. That was the strange part. My dad, a huge skeptic, refuses to talk about it and blames it on me as a prank.

Another weird happening was just a month ago I was home from college and I had JUST gone to bed. I instantly heard some weird noises and I muted my TV. Suddenly my door slammed as something had lunged against it. I didn’t go outside at all that night, nor did I sleep. In the morning I found a huge scratch on it. We do have a dog, but I give you my word that that scratch was not there before that night. Our dog knows better than to do that. She has never jumped up on a door before.

PIC – Of the scratches that I took and sent to my friend the morning it happened. I talked to my mom about it, and she said she has no idea what could have done that. We tried to think of a time we might have scratched it while carrying the vacuum or something, but nothing came up. My mom has mentioned seeing some things, but not nearly what I have experienced. She thinks it’s just the old house playing tricks… But I don’t think that’s it at all.