Have you ever woken to something strange? A noise that didn’t seem right, the sense of a presence?

If someone has experienced something out of the ordinary, this more often than not tends to happen at night. Is it the already spooky atmosphere that causes the mind to jump to conclusions. Does our tiredness make us perceive our reality in a different way? Are these simply experiences of sleep paralysis? Or are they events that can be explained rationally, but still scare the crap out of you and others, just as you’re waking up…

You may have your own conclusions as to why certain events happen, but it doesnt stop the fact that some events can terrify you to such an extent, just thinking about it sends chills running down your spine…

Redditors were asked ‘What’s the scariest thing that’s ever woken you up during the middle of the night?‘, here are the 10 scariest answers…

In The Army

Woke up to my dad covered in blood shaking me like a lunatic. Apparently he had a dream that he was in an army and was killing people he woke up went to the bathroom saw he was covered in blood (from a nosebleed) and thought he sleep walked murdered his family.

A Series of Events

After the tornado in Joplin, Missouri in 2011, we were left without power for several days. Our home was only slightly damaged, so we were able to stay there. My daughter had just turned 11 at the time and was sleeping on a pallet next to our bed because she didn’t want to sleep in her room by herself with no electricity. She had been in a bathroom of her aunt’s house during the tornado and that bathroom was literally(and I mean literally how it’s meant to be used) the only place in the house left “standing”.

Anyway, this was two night later. The three of us and our three dogs were all asleep in the room and I woke up to my daughter screaming that the house was on fire. Sure enough flames were coming from the master bathroom. Small flames, but flames. I got up and ran to the garage to get our fire extinguisher, but it was pitch black with no power. I had to go back in, get my phone and go back out to find it. By this time my wife and daughter had gathered up our two french bulldogs and gone outside but we couldn’t find the pit bull puppy my daughter had gotten from us for her birthday. We couldn’t find the cat either.

So I went back into the bathroom but the flames were too much already for our fire extinguisher so I decided it wasn’t worth it to die of smoke inhalation so I bailed. We called 911 about six times but emergency personnel was so spread thin with the tornado that it took about 20 minutes for anyone to get there. We sat in the road and watched our house burn. Total loss. My daughter was in the heart of the Joplin tornado and two days later watched her house burn.

The Cockroach

I woke up to a cockroach that had crawled into my ear. I shit you not. Excruciating pain, tried to flush it out with water, no luck. I had to lie there for 6 hours before mum took me to hospital while it moved around, scratched my eardrum and fluttered it’s wings (that sound is terrifying when it comes from IN your ear.

My ear was bruised from how hard I was pushing in an attempt to stop it moving. They first tried to blast it out with a high pressured little hose, which hurt like a bitch and didn’t work. So then they poured oil into my ear to drown it, then sucked the fucker out with a little vacuum.


Bright Lights

I stepped out of my bathroom to find my entire house lit up, 2 Emt’s and a sheriff’s deputy in my living room.

They proceeded to try to tell me to come sit down, stay calm, relax and let them help me.

I was like “WTF is going on, why are you in my house?”

Apparently I had suffered a grand mal seizure in my sleep, never having this happen before, My wife called 911.

I must have come out of the seizure, got up walked into the bathroom to take a piss and had no idea it even happened. While I was in the bathroom, they arrived, came in and my wife had turned all the lights on and I was oblivious to everything.

Weirdest feeling ever…would not do again.

Am I Dead?

I woke up to this loud beeping and a not-so-quiet whooshing sound. Imagine waking up hard to your alarm and its painfully loud—like that, but all I heard was whoooooooosh and that loud beeping, like it was inside my head. Pretty sure I’m dead at this point, until I opened my eyes and saw light. But then the light got painfully bright and then was gone, and then bright and then gone, like five times. Now I’m definitely dead.

I had what felt, and still feels like, about five or ten minutes of introspection where I decided how I felt about being dead. It was vaguely dissociative, where for some time I would feel like it was me talking about myself, but I was actually other people talking about me. I had some very real and clear realizations that the world was actually just my experience, like a dream, and that everyone I had known was only imagined; and that now that I was awake they were gone forever. “I” told myself “yeah, that was you and your world, but it’s gone now” in a very nonchalant way, like finishing a three page article.

Turns out I’d had a seizure and woke up in an ambulance to an oxygen mask, cardiac monitor, and some EMT checking my pupils. The whole ten minute conversation with myself happened in the second or two it took me to get my eyes all the way open. I was totally conscious in a few seconds, but had no memory of the hour or two leading up to the seizure.


I awoke once to a strange, high pitched trilling sound and bright lights beaming through my window. For a second I seriously thought I was about to be abducted by aliens. Then I realized it was a toad doing its mating call in the front yard and car parked on the street with the headlights on.

The Visitor

I woke up with a girl standing next to my bed, staring at me.

At the same time I hear a horrifying screams; not from the girl but from somewhere far away.

It took around 10 seconds for my scared & sleepy brain to realise my daughter (toddler) had woken up to look for me & so had my baby son in his room.

Dream Within a Dream

Woke up from a dream about a man who climbs in windows and watches people sleep to see someone sitting on the chair next to the bed I was sleeping in. Then actually woke up.


Well, it was about 8 months ago about 2:40 am. I was sleeping in my bed when i heard a loud bang in my kitchen. Unaware of what it was I got up and wasn’t sure of anything. I get my gun from my safe and walk out. I than hear a huge rattle of pans and plates falling on the floor. I was really freaking out. My blood was pumping so hard and it was so bad I was starting to get a headache from it. I creep out of my hallway. Its pitch black, i look in the kitchen poking my head in. I see two strong glowing eyes staring at me. So fucking scary man it rustled my jimmies so hard. I booked it back in my room and popped open the window and hopped the fuck out cause I don’t got time to deal with that bull shit. I was fucking scared. I was on my phone about to dial 911 when I remembered… that I bought a fucking cat like a month ago and it ran away and came back that night. Needless to say I saved a nice pair of undies from being slaughtered by my fatal bowel movement of terror. I knew I shouldn’t have bought a fucking cat.

The wife

My wife, standing over me with a knife, whispering to herself that she needed to kill me.

That was a rough year.

Well, the wife and I had been married roughly two years at the time. About two months after we were married, she started having problems. Mood swings, anxiety, irritability, that sort of thing. But we were working opposite schedules at the time, so I was pretty irritable too.

Well, her anxiety got worse, and started a beautiful friendship with paranoia. Eventually, she wasn’t able to work anymore. She got to the point where she couldn’t even leave the house most days. She required more time and effort to care for. Things were pretty intense for a couple in their 20’s. We tried doctors, but weren’t getting much response from them. Mostly wait and see. She kept getting worse, and things got harder for us.

By this point, I’d been forced to quit my job so that I could keep an eye on her full time. I went to college, taking courses online so I could make sure she stayed safe. Student loans basically sustained us for a while.We moved in with her mom and sister, so that they could take turns watching over her.

So anyways, after a couple of major depressive spouts, some self-harm, and a suicide attempt or two to spice things up, the doctors decided they should be dosing her up. They tried putting her on a bunch of different medications. Some made her numb. Some made her heart race so badly we ended up in the er again. One of the medications ended up making her extremely violent.

She’d lash out at me, bite me, scream insults and such. A couple of times I had to physically restrain her to keep her from hurting me. And I was the only one in the house that she’d listen to even in the slightest when her brain was misfiring.

As you can imagine, I try to sleep when she sleeps. Usually I’m a really light sleeper, and I wake up whenever she makes an unusual noise or rolls over on the bed. But sometimes I have schoolwork due, and the only time to finish it is while she’s asleep. So eventually I get a decent amount of sleep lag, crawl into bed, and sleep heavily.

Then suddenly I’m awake. There’s something wrong. The wife isn’t in the bed next to me. I realize that there’s more light in the room than normal. The door is slightly ajar, and light is coming in from the hallway. She’s standing at the foot of the bed. She’s gotten a big kitchen knife from somewhere. We’d been locking up the sharp implements, so at the time I don’t know how she got it.

And she’s mumbling very quietly to herself. I strain my ears and she’s arguing with herself about the merits of killing me vs leaving me alive. They were nonsensical, but mostly ran along the lines of, “He stops me from doing what I want, hurting people, and killing myself.” Those were the cons. And, “There’s no one else I can talk to.”

And that was… pretty much the whole of her debate. So you can imagine how I’m feeling at this point. Scared, terrified, and exhausted. I’d been dealing with such a high stress level for so long that I’d started hallucinating that she’d called for me when she hadn’t. And I’m just at the point where I turn into a seventeen year old girl and I just. can’t. even.

So I look at her, and I tell her, “Take my life if you want. It’s yours already. I gave it to you when we got married.” And then I roll over and pretend to fall asleep. Of course, I’m straining my ears for any sound to warn me I might lose my spleen.

But after a moment, she crawls into bed, puts the knife under her pillow, and falls asleep.

Once she starts snoring, I carefully pull the knife from under her pillow and return it to one of the locked drawers in the kitchen. Then I take five minutes to shake like a leaf as the adrenaline wears off, and then another ten to cry silently on the couch. And then I crawled back into bed, and wrapped my arms around her, and fell asleep.

To this day, she still doesn’t remember it.